Hoa Pili (Close Friend) - Recap

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The episode begins with Ryan quietly entering his boat “Allie” with a gun in his hand. He walks into a room and finds his wife having sex with his best friend. He brings them on to the deck and is about to pull the trigger on his friend. At that moment there is an explosion at a distance and they are shocked. Next, at home, Steve is trying to give Kamekona some flying lessons through a flight simulator. Catherine arrives wearing a bikini and Kamekona is distracted. He ends up crashing his helicopter. Steve gets a call and he leaves.

He arrives at the crime scene and Danny tells him that this is the third boat that has been torched this month and all of them belonged to ‘Ohau Shark Tours’. Steve knows that there have been a lot of protests against the shark tours because the people feel that they are causing environmental safety issues. Kono tells them that the first two arsons happened when the boats were docked and this one happened in the middle of the sea. Kono also tells him that the boat was abandoned. Craig

Brant, one of the owners, arrives complaining that this is his third boat that has been torched. Kono asks him who took his boat out last night. He tells her that it was docked and no one took it. She tells him that his boat was floating three miles off shore and there was no one on board. Craig thinks that his brother Jason must have taken the boat with the cage. Kono tells him that they did not find any cage on the boat. He wants them to look for his brother. The team sails into the ocean and Danny detects the location where the cage is anchored. They pull out the cage and find a dead body inside. Max does a preliminary examination and tells them that Jason was murdered and then put inside the cage. The COD appears to be blunt force trauma, but he cannot be sure until he finishes the autopsy.

Steve and Danny are driving back and Danny tells Steve that he doesn’t support the idea of Steve teaching Kamekona to fly. He is paranoid about Kamekona flying the helicopter over the city his daughter lives in. at the HQ, Kono tells them that the CSU found high velocity blood splatter on the boat’s ceiling. She also tells them that a partially burned bang stick was found on the boat. She explains that a bang stick is a fire arm used to capture sharks. She says that the CSU found a discharge shot on the bang stick and she feels that Jason used it to defend himself from the attacker. Kono says that CSU found no matches on the blood and, no gunshot victims admitted in the nearby hospitals. Fong tells Ho that there is fresh paint transfer on Craig’s boat and Ho feels that it could belong to the perp’s boat.

Fong tracks down the paint and finds there are only three boats that have that paint and one of them was docked at the same place as Craig’s boat. Steve and Danny go to check the ‘Carlyle’. They talk to the owners of the boat and they tell him that they saw that some guy was beating up Jason and they went to help. The ocean was choppy and their boat waived a couple of times and that is how the paint got transferred. They tell them that some guy from the surf club beat up Jason. Steve doesn’t believe them and he tries to defend the club members. He tells Danny that he knows those guys and they are not killers. They used to be violent towards people who invade their territory, but they would never kill.

Steve and Danny arrive to meet Kawika, a member of the club. They find that Kawika’s place has been torched. Steve tells him about the torched boat and also that all witnesses are pointing towards him and his boys. Kawika decides to help them and he questions his boys. One of them, Levi, admits that he beat up Jason. He shows them a damaged surf board and tells them that it belonged to his nephew. He says that the sharks attacked his nephew and he blames it on the shark tours. He feels that the shark tours are responsible for the sharks coming so close to the shore and this makes it very dangerous for the surfers and swimmers. He wanted to teach Jason a lesson.

Next, Steve interrogates Craig. His fingerprints were found on a gas can found next to Kawika’s torched house. Craig says that he was only trying to get back at Kawika. Craig tells them that he made sure that no one was inside the house. He was only trying to “do something” about his brother’s death. Steve tells him that the club’s alibi checked out and they didn’t kill Jason. Later, Kono and Fong tell Ho that a pet food dispenser was used to trigger the fire. They demonstrate how the arsonist used the device. Kono tells Ho that this same technique was used to torch a construction site two years ago. There was a suspect, Jimmy Amana, but they couldn’t link him to the crime. Jimmy had motive because he believed that the building was being built on a sacred land. Fong adds that the locals worship the sharks.

Kono and Ho arrest Jimmy. The FBI arrives and tells them that Jimmy is their CI and that gave him a pass on the arsons. Ho tells them about the torched boat and Jimmy admits that he torched some boats, but he did not kill anyone. Jimmy’s alibi checks out. Kono tells Ho that there was no pet dispenser used to torch Craig’s third boat. At the lab, Max has a shark on his table and he tells Steve and Danny that he found a severed arm in the fish’s stomach. The arm has buck shots from a bang stick. The DNA also matches the blood found at the crime scene. Max states that the victim was alive when his arm was bit. He also adds that he found no cases reported and feels that it would be very difficult for someone to survive that amount of blood loss.

Ho tells them that the arm belongs to Hal Lewis and he is also the owner of Carlyle. Steve and Danny spoke to his partners earlier this morning, Jay Lappert and Bruce Kaneshiro. Ho also tells them that the story they told them is a “fish tale”. So, Steve thinks that the three of them confront Jason, Hal gets shot and the other two kill Jason and put him in the cage. Their motive was to save their livelihood by shutting down the shark tours. Next, they go to the suspects’ house and find Bruce’s dead body and Jay is missing. Later, they find that Jay’s boat is missing and also that Jay spent 30k on diving equipment. It looks like he was doing very well for a fisherman.

Kono shows them a diving map with a location marked in red. It is the same spot where they found the cage. Steve thinks that the three fishermen were up to something and Jason stumbled up on it and that got him killed. Ho arrives with a drum that says “oyster sauce”. They check the drum and pull out a pharmaceutical grade ecstasy. That explains what the fishermen were after. Ho calls Fong to check the logo on the pill and find a match.

Later, Fong tells them that the logo belongs to a drug cartel that the DEA has been tracking for months. They were on to two courier guys and they must have dumped the courier in the ocean. Steve thinks that the fishermen must have seen it and tried retrieving it. Jason must have accidentally crashed in on the party and they must have killed him. They figure out that Jay has the remaining ecstasy. Steve gets a call saying that they found Carlyle. The team goes to the docks to arrest Jay, but the guys from the cartel are there as well. They are there to kill Jay because he stole their “stuff”. A fight ensues. They manage to arrest Jay.

Jay tells them that a shark bit off Hal’s hand and he couldn’t rush him to the hospital since he knew that they would be caught. So they left him there to bleed to death. He then says that Bruce was feeling terrible about what they did and he wanted to go to the cops and so he killed Bruce as well. Case Closed. Next, we see that Kamekona has got his flying license and he gives Steve, Danny and Max a tour of the magical island. The episode ends.