Na Ki'i (Dolls) - Recap

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The episode begins with Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman chasing a guy and his team is following them in their car. They finally manage to catch him and Duane pins him to a blue car he is about to arrest him when body falls on the roof of that car from the building. Everyone is shocked. Steve and Doris are out rafting and they have a good time. Doris then tells him that she is having lunch with Catherine. She brings up the topic of Steve hiring a PI to keep tabs on her. Steve tells her that he has some trust issues and Doris tells him to get over it. His phone rings and he leaves for the crime scene. We then see that someone (face not shown) is clicking Doris’s pictures.

Steve arrives at the crime scene. He is pleased to see Duane and his team and after a brief conversation, Steve goes over to Max to check on the dead body that fell on the car. Max tells them that the wounds on the dead body suggest that the woman was pushed. Also, there are healing contusion marks on the body, suggesting that someone used her as a punching bag. Max tells them that homicide cannot be ruled out completely until a full autopsy is performed.

Ho tells Steve that there are two ticket stubs in her pockets, but there was too much blood and therefore they had to send it to Fong. Kono tells them that the victim’s name is Dana and she is a kindergarten teacher. According to her landlord, Dana was a quiet and nice girl. She had a boyfriend, John Hanson and it seems that they broke up last week and the break up wasn’t pretty. Kono also shows them Dana’s cell phone which shows that Dana received 9 calls from Hanson last night.

Steve and Danny go to talk to Hanson. He tells them that he did not lay a finger on Dana. He also wanted to know why she had those bruises and Dana used to tell him that she was clumsy. Hanson tells them that Dana kept secrets and that was one of the reasons for the break up. He also tells them that last night he was at a bar and had a little too much to drink and ended up dialing her number. He says that they were supposed to have dinner, but she said that she was busy.

Steve and Danny go to meet Max. Max tells them that there was a particular kind of poison found in her system. He says that since he did not find any contents in her stomach, he suspects that Dana was injecting it. He then finds two marks on her back, which is the site of injection. They infer that Dana could not have injected herself on her back. Max is certain that this cannot be a suicide. Ho calls the duo and tells them that Hanson’s alibi checked out. He also tells them that one of her co-teachers was supposed to have dinner with Dana, but Dana told her that she had made plans with her boyfriend and that they were getting back together.

Kono arrives and tells them that Fong processed the ticket stubs and it was to a recreation center. It was time stamped for 6.45 pm. So, whatever happened to Dana had started there. They then go to the center and learn that Dana led a secret life as well. She was a Derby girl. That explains the bruises. Ho talks to Silk Slayer and she tells him that she didn’t even know that Dana was her real name. They called her Dicey. Danny talks to Crimson Tide. The girls are pretty sure that if Dicey was murdered, it wasn’t by one of the Derby girls.

Steve talks to the coach. He tells her that Dicey was the soul of the team and that they haven’t found anyone to replace her. Steve has an idea and he wants Cat to go in as a replacement for Dana. Cat does not want to do it. She tells them that’s she does not know anything about roller derby. Steve tells her that she is an ice skater and she will be able to manage it. On seeing that she is left with no options, she agrees. Cat goes in to compete for Dana’s position, but ends up getting the second place. Steve is upset because he wanted her to be in the team. He then asks her the name of the girl who beat Cat out. Cat wants to know why and Steve leaves.

Doris enters the house and she sees a man wearing a mask trying to steal a black box kept hidden inside a wall. She fights him, but the man bangs her head hard against the wall and runs off with the box. Cat, under the name Alice, is called to join the team. The coach tells her that the girl, who was actually chosen, got arrested for four unpaid parking tickets. Cat realizes that this was Steve’s doing. Cat/Alice goes to the locker room and tries to talk to Crimson Tide. Crimson tells her that Dicey always had her back. After the practice, Cat sees Crimson, arguing with a man. Crimson tells her to stay away from that guy. Cat quietly shoots a video of Crimson talking to that guy once again and sends the video to the team.

At the HQ, Ho tells Steve that the man is Ted Landry and he was a bookie in the Derby circles. Apparently, most of the cash was coming in for the Diamond Girls to win; thanks to Dicey. They decide to talk to Ted. On seeing them, Ted tries to run, but they manage to arrest him. During the interrogation, Ted tells them that he has an alibi. He was at another match. Danny tells him that Dicey’s death could put a lot of money in his pockets and that is a good enough motive. He tells them that he did offer her 5k to deliberately lose the competition, but she turned down the offer. He says that he had nothing to do with her murder.

At the practice, Cat gets hurt pretty badly. Crimson tells her that she needs to be careful of Sugar Sticks. She tells Cat that Sugar Sticks and Dicey were always in each other’s faces and once Sugar Sticks did hurt Dicey badly. Dicey was almost about to press charges, but then she did not. Cat thinks there is more between Sugar Sticks and Dicey than just roller derby. At the HQ, they find out that Sugar Sticks is actually a doctor and her name is Sharon Morgan. She had enrolled her son in Dana’s school.

They then go to the pediatric center to visit Morgan. Morgan tells them that she had nothing to do with the murder. She tells them that the coach put Dicey on a pedestal and that did not sit well with her teammates. Dicey was planning to jump ship at the end of the tournament. Steve calls Cat and tells her to find out the real names of Dicey’s teammates. Steve gets a call from the hospital. He goes to meet Doris and learns what happened. He then asks his mother to come and stay with him for some days. She agrees.

He then goes to the place where Doris was staying and concludes that this was no ordinary burglary. He infers that the guy knew Doris very well. Cat arrives and tells Steve about a covert operative, Mangosta, who came after Doris a while back. Cat did not tell Steve about him because Doris made her promise to do so. Steve is angry and asks Cat to leave. Cat then goes into Coach Eric’s office and copies the data from his computer. Crimson arrives and Cat tells her that she was looking for knee braces. Crimson tells her that they are in the locker room and Cat leaves. Eric sees Crimson, standing outside his office and closing the door. He sees that someone accessed his computer and obviously suspects Crimson.

At the competition, Eric talks to a girl from the opposite team and points out to Crimson. Later, we see that the girl tries manages to send Crimson to the bench. At the HQ, Ho shows the team the pictures from Eric’s hard drive. They were semi naked pictures of the girls from his team. They looked drugged and so this explains the drugs in Dicey’s system. Ho then tells them that the coach’s real name is Larry Banks and he is an ex-con from Seattle. He was arrested for pornography. His MO was drugging girls and taking their pictures. At the game, Crimson wants to go back in and Eric tells her that she cannot unless she takes the shot of the drug. Crimson agrees and goes into his office. Cat notices that Crimson is missing.

Eric is in his office waiting for Crimson and he punches her hard on her face and knocks her out. He then ties her to a chair and is about to inject her. He then asks her what she did with the data on his computer. Crimson has no idea what he is talking about, he then asks her whether Dicey told her about the photographs because Dicey had threatened him that she was going to go to the cops and so he killed her. He is about to inject the drug when Cat arrives and shoots him. Steve and Danny too arrive at the scene. Crimson thanks Cat for saving her. Case closed.

At home, Steve confronts his mother and she is forced to tell him that the box contained all the redacted files during the years of her covert ops. It had names in it. Steve is angry that this has endangered all their lives. Later, Steve meets Cat and she says that she is sorry. They kiss and make up. Doris makes a call through some secured lines. The voice on the other side is surprised to hear from her. He asks her if she is safe and she says, “Not for long”. The episode ends.