Imi Loko Ka 'Uhane (Seek Within One's Soul) - Recap

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The episode begins with the excerpts (clippings) from Savannah Walker’s show, where the host Savannah Walker arrives at a crime scene with the Five O team. Steve does not allow the crew to get close to the scene. The camera zooms in on a dead body. Next, at the public screening, Savannah Walker tells her audience that she got permission from the Governor to hang out with the elite task force, Five O and also go behind the scenes for a ride along. She says that this is going to be unlike her other shows and that it going to be scary, graphic, unscripted and unedited. The crowd applauds and the crew plays the tape.

The show begins with Savannah taking a tour of the Five O HQ and introducing the team. She tries to as Steve some questions, but he tells her that he is not too comfortable with all this. Danny and Kono also avoid the cameras. Ho politely answers Walker’s question. Steve arrives and tells Ho that they need to go. There is a case. Savannah decides to go along with the. Steve asks Savannah if her crew has signed a safety waiver. Ho asks the host if she spoke to her insurance agent. Savannah is slightly rattled, but decides to go with the team. It appears that the crew is having a tough time keeping up with the team. They arrive at the crime scene (the first scene).

Steve doesn’t let then cross the yellow tape. Savannah asks her crew to zoom in the camera and increase the booster levels, so that they can hear the team. It seems that the victim was mutilated with an axe or a cleaver. It is really gruesome. The team is unable to identify whether the victim is a male or a female. Max arrives and Savannah learns that he is a big fan of her show. Savannah asks him for a favor and hides a camera in his shirt. Max examines the victim and tells the team that the victim is a Caucasian male. Steve notices the camera and returns it to Savannah. He does not appreciate all this. At that moment, another officer walks out and Savannah asks him about the victim.

The cop answers her question and tries to leave, but Savannah stops him to ask few more questions. Steve identifies the officer as Wo Fat. The team tries to chase him, but he manages to get away. At the HQ, Ho tells the crew about Wo Fat and how he killed Steve’s father and his (Ho’s) wife, Malia. Kono tells the crew how they use security cameras to find evidence, but in this case, they used the crew’s camera recording to get a better look at Wo Fat. The team goes through the recording which shows Wo Fat standing over the dead body.

They figure out that since Wo Fat is dressed as a cop, he arrived at the scene after the murder. So, they wonder that if Wo Fat is not the killer, why he is so interested in their John Doe. In the morgue, Max tells Steve, Danny and the camera that he hasn’t been able to identify the victim. He states that the victim’s hands were removed to avoid fingerprints. The cause of death is a shotgun wound to the head. Max also points out to the victim’s arm, where the skin was smoothly removed, in order to get rid of some identifying mark. He has sent the shotgun pellets to Fong. Savannah interviews Fong and he tells her that he has found anything on the shotgun.

Later, Kono tells Danny and Steve that this was the MO of a Russian mob that works out of Kansas City. One of their guys, Dmitri Morkov, flew into the city two days ago. Steve, Danny and the crew go to the hotel where Dmitri is hiding. They find some surveillance photos in the room. Steve manages to grab Dmitri, but at the HQ, he tells Steve that he did not kill the victim. Ho arrives and tells Steve that he is not their guy and also his alibi checked out. The guy in the surveillance photos is Roger Carson. The team goes to Carson’s apartment. Ho points out that there are signs of forced entry. The team breaks open the door and enters the apartment.

They see that someone tossed the place and it looks as if that person was searching for something. Kono calls and tells them that Carson checked into a motel with a woman, 36 hours ago. Steve, Danny and the crew go to the motel. There they meet Carson’s girlfriend, Kammie Leeds. Steve does not allow the camera crew to enter the room. Later, Steve tells Savannah, three days ago, Carson and Kammie arrived at Carson’s apartment and found that it was tossed. Carson checked her into this motel and then disappeared. She also told him that Carson had a tattoo on his arm, the place from where the skin was removed. Steve and Danny go to a tattoo artist.

The tattoo artist tells them that Carson had come for some custom tattoo; it was a picture of a goddess. He says that Carson was all cagey about the tattoo and did not allow him to take a picture. He says that, this morning, another cop came asking for the transparent paper they use to trace the picture on the skin. Steve shows Wo Fat’s picture to the artist and the artist tells him that he is the same cop who took the transparent paper. Steve notices the security camera in the parlor and asks the artist for the footage. At the HQ, they go through the footage and see the image on the transparent paper. They figure out that the image of the goddess is actually a map. It is the map of a valley.

Kono tells Steve that it is a vast area and it is difficult to figure out where the killer is actually headed. Steve decides to take Catherine’s help, wherein he asks her to get some satellite images of the valley. At the HQ, Secret Service Agent Kershaw calls Steve. He tells Steve that he wants to talk about their ongoing investigation. He wants this conversation to be confidential. Steve tells the crew to leave the room and shut down their cameras. Savannah tells her audience that Steve later told her about the call.

He said that their victim’s real name was Gary Ray Percy and he worked at the bureau of engraving and printing. Percy was a loyal employee up until the time he decided to use a 3D printer to make a replica of the US $100 engraving plate. At the HQ, the team thinks that the intruder must have been looking for the plate in Percy’s apartment. Kershaw told the team that there was a leak in the department and probably that is how Wo Fat and the Russian mob got on to it. Ho states that the killer had inside information because he knew the plates weren’t at Percy’s apartment and he also knew about the tattoo. Steve thinks that only Kammie knew about the tattoo. They interrogate Kammie.

Kammie tells them that Carson/Percy was paranoid after their place was ransacked, but he did not want to go to the cops. She says that she told her brother, Anthony Leeds about what happened. She admits that her brother has a shotgun. The team figures out that when Tony heard the story, he realized that Percy was hiding something valuable. He took Percy with him, threatened him with the shotgun and Percy told him everything. He killed Percy and made it look like a mob hit. Catherine arrives with a satellite image of two trees in a clearing that looks exactly like the tattoo. That could be the place where the plates are hidden and Tony is headed in that direction. The only thing is that Tony doesn’t know Wo Fat is also looking for the plates.

Next, the Five O team arrives at the spot only to find that the plates have already been taken. They find Tony’s dead body lying nearby. They also see Wo Fat getting away in his helicopter. The team fires at the chopper and the chopper crashes at a distance. They go to check on Wo Fat, but Wo Fat has escaped. While trying to secure the perimeter, Ho gets shot, but his vest saves him. All of them open fire in the direction where the shot came from. They find Wo Fat, who is in a very bad shape.

Later, the paramedics bring Wo Fat to the hospital. Steve tightens the security. Case Closed. The show ends. Savannah salutes the Five O team and signs off. Later, at the hospital, Steve checks on Wo Fat. He is still unconscious. The episode ends.