Olelo Pa'a (The Promise) - Recap

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The episode begins on the border of North and South Korea. An exchange takes place, where Steve exchanges two convicts with North Korea, in return for the remains of someone whose identity is not yet disclosed. Cut to December 2000, where Steve is undergoing training at the Naval Special Warfare Center in California. Their instructor, Joe White, picks on Freddie Hart, and tells him that he does not have what it takes to be a Navy Seal. Freddie tells Joe that he is determined to serve his country. It is clearly visible that he is finding it difficult to cope with the rigorous training.

At night, Steve wakes up and finds that Freddie is not in bed. He immediately gets out of his bed and leaves to find Freddie. Freddie is about to ring the shiny, brass bell when Steve stops him. Steve tells Freddie about a conversation he had with Freddie’s father. Steve tells Freddie that his father told him that the proudest moment in his life was when Freddie joined the Navy Seal. This motivated Freddie and since that night Freddie was one of the best among them. In the present, Steve narrates this incident to Catherine. We learn that the remains belong to Freddie Hart and after three years of negotiation, they managed to get Freddie’s body. Catherine tells Steve that the flight is about to take off.

Steve wants to spend a moment with his dead friend. He takes a look at the remains and tells Catherine that this is not Freddie. He tells Catherine that he is not going back home. Catherine tells Steve that it has been a few years and the body is decomposed, so there is a possibility that he could be wrong. Steve is positive that the remains they are looking at are not Freddie’s. Cut to September 2010, in the Iraqi Green zone, Joe calls Steve to the HQ for a brief. They show him a photograph and Steve immediately recognizes the guys, Anton and Victor, the arms dealers. The Commander tells Steve that a Far East terrorist organization called the ‘Dark Sun’, run by Han Ji Woon, is cracking some kind of a deal with the brothers and Victor is sending his brother, Anton, to finalize the deal. The deal is taking place at a training camp in North Korea and they want Steve to stop the deal and capture Anton.

The commander tells Steve that this operation does not exist. This means that if Steve is caught or killed, he will be on his own. There will be no acknowledgement or negotiations. Steve agrees. Joe does not want Steve to go alone and tells him to take a team member along with him. Steve decides to take Freddie. On the flight, Freddie tells Steve that he married Kelly on the weekend. He also tattooed Kelly’s name on his right hand. Freddie tells Steve that they got married because they were having a baby. Steve is happy for his friend. Freddie tells Steve that he knows that there is something going on between him and Catherine. He says that Catherine is the real deal and he should not mess it up. They jump off the plane into the North Korean territory. In the present, Steve points out to Catherine that there is no tattoo on the remains and that is how he knows that this is not Freddie.

Catherine tells him that they should go through proper channels. Steve tells her that it would take a long time and Freddie’s family has been waiting for three years for Freddie’s body. Catherine decides to go with Steve on his mission and she does not take no for an answer. Steve calls Joe and tells him that he wants to extend his time window by 24 hours. He also asks Joe if he could talk to their contact a for grey intel, transform party favors. Joe tells him that his contact still works at the DMC. Steve calls the Five O team and tells them that he needs to take care of something. The team realizes that Steve is up to something. Steve goes to a bar and meets Frank. He tells Frank that he wants his help with an errand.

He tells Frank that the errand involves picking up a friend across the border; he has been waiting a long time to come home. He gladly agrees. He drops them to a spot and tells them that the trail will take them to North Korea. Frank warns them of the dangers they could encounter on the way. He wishes them luck and leaves. Steve and Catherine reach North Korea. They watch a terrorist camp from a distance. A car arrives and a guy steps out of the car. Steve remembers that he is the same guy who shot Freddie. Steve tells Catherine that they have to grab him. They manage to grab the guy, and he takes them to the spot where Freddie was buried. Steve is aghast on seeing his friend’s remains. Freddie’s bones were broken and his eyes were removed from the sockets. The man tells Steve that Han Ji Woon gave them the orders.

Steve wants to know where they can find Ji Woon. He tells Steve that Ji Woon is at the camp. Steve ties up the man’s hands and feet and places a grenade under him. If he moves, he dies. Steve and Catherine try to get to the camp. They take down a couple of terrorists. A gun fight ensues and Steve realizes that they won’t be able to fight so many of them. They surrender and they are taken to the camp. Ji Woon remembers Steve and knows that Steve has come for some personal vendetta. Steve tells Ji Woon that he knows that Freddie was already dead when his men found Freddie. He wants to know why he desecrated his body. Ji Woon tells him that he should have gone home with what he gave him. Ji Woon orders his men to take the Americans and kill them. In the woods, two men try to pick up the guy and the grenade goes off.

Steve and Catherine take advantage of the distraction and another gun fight ensues. Ji Woon is killed in the gun fight, and Steve and Catherine manage to escape. On the flight back, Steve tells Catherine how Freddie gave up his life for the operation. Despite being shot, Freddie covered for Steve and helped him escape with Anton. Catherine tells Steve that he did whatever he could for Freddie and he completed the mission. Cut to the flashback, Steve is on his way back with Anton, and Anton tells him that they know everything about him. Steve receives a call from his father. Anton already knew that Steve would receive a call from his father.

Steve tells Catherine that his father sounded scared and he instantly knew that something was wrong. Next, Steve and Catherine land in Hawaii with Freddie’s body. At the funeral, Freddie’s father thanks Steve for bringing their son back home. Steve tells Freddie’s daughter that her father loved her a lot. Ho, Kono and Danny are present at the funeral. They are proud of Steve. The episode ends.