Aloha. Malama Pono (Farewell and Take Care) (Season Finale) - Recap

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The episode begins with the cops chasing Steve, Danny and Kono. Steve takes Kono’s phone and throws it out of the window. He then hands Kono a burner phone and tells her to stay safe. He assures her that once they set things straight, they will come and get her. Kono agrees and quickly runs away. The cops finally get Steve and Danny. Sgt. Lukela asks Steve where Kono is. Steve tells him that he doesn’t know. Lukela tells Steve that Kono was seeing getting in their car. Lukela tells Steve that Kono is wanted for Victor’s murder. Danny tells Lukela that clearly Michael used Kono’s gun to kill Victor and set her up.

Steve tells Lukela that they need some time to deliver the real killer. Steve gets a call. They arrive at the Reef Airport, their latest crime scene. Ho tells them that an unidentified plane landed at the site, with dead bodies in it. The plane is not even registered with the FAA. It only has a tail number. Max tells his team that there are five dead bodies, out of which, three were killed with short force trauma, they were stabbed or their throats were slit, and two of them were shot. Steve looks around and concludes that the person, who killed them, also landed the plane. Ho tells them that the killer took the victims’ guns and wallets. The victims have empty holsters. Steve thinks that the flight is a rendition flight.

He says that the victims were government agents and the killer was a rendition suspect; somebody resourceful enough to kill five agents and also land a flight. This could be a National security threat. Katherine calls Steve and tells him that the company the plane is registered to is a CIA front company and the Feds use it to transport ghost detainees to black sites for interrogation. She currently has no information on the prisoner they are renditioning. At the HQ, the CIA Chief asks Steve as to why is Katherine enquiring about their flight. Steve tells him that the flight landed in Hawaii with five dead bodies in it. The Chief is shocked. He tells Steve that the flight was carrying a high value target. Steve tells the Chief that CIA needs to come clean with them if they want Five O to find the killer.

The Chief tells Steve that the man who escaped is Rafael Salgado. Salgado was caught brokering an arms deal. The CIA suspects that Salgado has information on an upcoming attack on American soil and it is going down soon. The Chief tells Steve that he is sending a task force, but for now he wants Five O to catch Salgado, alive. Kono arrives at one of Adam’s houses. She tells him that Michael used her gun to kill Victor and put it back in her holster. She asks Adam if he knew about it. Adam tells her that he should be the one questioning her because she used his phone to spy on him. He tells Kono that he needs to be discreet about his movements because if his father’s allies find out that he is weak, then they will kill him.

At the HQ, Ho tells Steve that one of the agent’s phones was used to make a call right after the plane landed. It could be a possible suspect location. They arrive at the house and find a woman. They ask her where Salgado is. She tells them that his name is Pedro and he is her son’s father. She also tells them that she hasn’t seen him in years. Steve tells her about the calls Salgado made. She tells them that those calls were just hang ups. They then learn that Salgado has kidnapped his son. Ho tells them that they have no more leads on Salgado. They know that Salgado would need help, but the question is who he would go to. Steve says that there is someone who could give them some answers. He goes to the high security prison to meet Wo Fat.

Steve tells Wo Fat that if he doesn’t help him, he would discontinue his pain medications. Wo Fat gives him a name, Mr. Casey, who runs a security company and he makes most of his money ‘off the books’, through arms trafficking, chemical weapons, identity papers etc. He also tells Steve that Casey works for the NLM. On his way out, Steve learns from the security guard that Doris had also visited the facility the previous day. Elsewhere, Adam brings Kono to a place that is used by the Yakuzas. He tells her that if she needs proof that Michael killed Victor, she would find it here. Kono finds a pair of gloves with dirt and blood on it. Michael arrives and Kono quickly hides. Michael is surprised to see Adam.

Adam tells him that he needs a gun because the cops are asking him questions about the murders. He says that even Kono doesn’t trust him. Michael gives him a gun and tells him that it is clean. Adam leaves, and after a while, Kono manages to escape from the warehouse and gets into Adam’s car. Later, Kono meets Fong and gives him the gloves. She tells him to run it for DNA. At the HQ, Steve interrogates Casey. Casey decides to co-operate. Steve tells Danny the make and model of the car Salgado is driving. He also tells Danny to take Katherine’s help. Doris arrives and Steve tells her to wait in his office. Steve asks Doris why she went to see Wo Fat.

He knows that she was carrying a voice scrambling device and her back was to the camera. Doris lies and Steve loses it. He wants to know why she let Wo Fat escape that night when he was at the house. Doris is about to tell him the truth when Danny arrives and tells Steve that they have got a lead on Salgado’s car. On his way out, Steve tells Doris that this conversation is ‘to be continued’. The team manages to get hold of Salgado. Steve and Danny interrogate Salgado and learn that he did not kidnap his son. In fact, NLM, who is planning an attack on San Francisco, kidnapped his son. He says that he was here only to protect him. Steve asks him for the target location. Salgado tells him that he will divulge that information only if Five O rescues his son.

He tells Steve that he was on his way to meet the NLM when they caught him. The deal was his life in exchange for his son’s. Steve, Danny and Ho decide to take Salgado to the meeting spot without informing the cops or the CIA guys. Alongside, Fong calls Kono and tells her that the gloves have two sets of DNA, Victor’s and Michael’s. This means that she can walk free. Kono tells him to get the evidence to Steve and hangs up. Michael pays Fong a visit in his lab. At the meeting spot, the team and the NLM get into a gunfight. Salgado is shot. The team manages to rescue the son. They rush Salgado to the ER. Ho is surprised to see Max at the ER.

Max tells them that somebody broke into the crime lab and stabbed Fong. Salgado tells Steve the target location and dies. At the safe house, Michael pays Kono and Adam a visit. He tells Adam that he will kill Kono and take over the business. He tells Adam that he will be on his own. Adam tries to stop Michael and they get into a fight. Michael gets shot. Adam is in tears. Later, it is seen in the news that the attack on San Francisco was averted. The team reunites the mother and son. Next, Ho arrives at the safe house and tells Adam to leave. He tells Adam that Michael’s guys might try to kill him. Later, it is seen that the team along with Adam and Doris, are on the docks. Doris and Adam are about to leave for Shanghai, where Doris would help Adam disappear for a while.

Kono decides to go with Adam. She bids her team goodbye. Doris tells Steve that they will continue with their conversation when they next meet. Adam, Kono and Doris leave. At the HQ, Ho calls Leilani and asks her out. Danny arrives home and finds Gabby waiting for him. Steve goes to meet Wo Fat in prison. Wo Fat had asked Steve to meet him. Wo Fat knows that Steve wants to know why his mother came to meet him. Wo Fat tells Steve that he will give him all answers if he helps him get out of the prison.

At that moment, Steve hears an explosion & shooting on the other side of the metal door. The explosion is followed by gun shots. Wo Fat tells Steve that he is the only one who can protect him from “THEM”. Steve wants to know who “Them” is. The metal door is being cut open. To be continued.