Ho'opio (To Take Captive) - Recap

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The episode begins in a room, where a girl is listening to music. She takes out her diary to write when she hears a noise at the door. She puts back the diary and gets up to go towards the door, but she is unable to reach it because her ankle is chained to the table. A small girl is brought into the room. She is terrified and tells the older girl that she wants her mommy. The older girl tells her that she knows exactly how it feels. At the beach, Catherine, Steve and Danny are enjoying a sumo wrestling match. Kono arrives at the beach and Ho notices that she is disturbed.

On asking, Kono tells Ho that Adam has been avoiding her. She hasn’t heard from him for days. She also feels that Adam is trying to hide something from her. Ho tells her that she should give Adam a chance to explain before she assumes the worst. Steve gets a call about their latest case. The team arrives at the crime scene. The victim is the same older girl, who was chained to the table. The officer tells the team that there was no id found on the victim. Steve notices that the girl isn’t wearing any shoes and there are scratches on her body. At the HQ, Kono tells Steve and Danny that according to Max, the girl was restrained for years because there is calcification on her ankle bone.

There are no signs of sexual abuse, but there is a foreign hair on the body. Ho arrives and tells the team that the victim’s name is Amanda Morris and she was on the missing persons list. He tells them that Amanda went missing 10 years ago. She was kidnapped when she was seven years old. They talk to Amanda’s parents and learn that Amanda was abducted from a water park. Kono calls Ho and tells him that Amanda’s case file is pretty thin and there are no leads. On her way back, she stops at Adam’s house. She is going through his things when she hears someone walk into the house. She goes to check and finds two armed men, aiming their gun at her. On learning that she is Adam’s girlfriend, they stand down. They ask her if Adam went to meet Sato.

Kono doesn’t know what he is talking about. They tell him to inform Adam that his brother Michael, is looking for him. At the HQ, Steve and Danny wonder why Amanda was kidnapped. There are no signs of abuse, no ransom demands and she wasn’t even being trafficked. The most compelling question is why the kidnapper chose to kill her after ten years. Ho arrives and tells them that the foreign hair found on Amanda’s body came from Ella Bishop, a six year old, who went missing from her home yesterday afternoon. They figure out that both girls were kidnapped by the same person. Steve and Danny go to Ella Bishop’s house. There they meet Tip Gilbert and his team, who also want to help find the girl. Steve and Danny thank them for their support. They then talk to Joyce and Don Bishop.

Danny assures them that they will find Ella. On their way to the HQ, Ho calls them and tells them that they got a lead on the van that dumped Amanda and kidnapped Ella. The van was reported stolen 48 hours ago. Danny sends the vehicle description to Tip. Tip and his crew spot the vehicle, and they inform Danny and Steve. They manage to grab the guy, Lloyd Grimes. Lloyd tells them that he had nothing to do with Ella’s kidnapping. Ho arrives and tells Steve that Lloyd has been stealing from a lot of houses in Ella’s neighborhood. He was casing the area and that is why his van was spotted in front of Ella’s house.

Next, Kono goes to meet Catherine and tells her that she wants some intel on a guy named Sato, who is related to the Yakuzas. She wants Catherine to do this off the books and not discuss this with anyone. At the HQ, Ho goes through the security camera footage in front of an ATM that is situated close to Ella’s house. He spots a blue sedan crossing the intersection six times in twenty minutes. Kono runs the plates and sees that the vehicle is registered to Helen Cantera. They magnify the image on the recording, and see that it is Cantera who was driving the sedan and she is wearing an HPD uniform. Kono goes through the HPD database and there is no Helen Cantera listed. They go to Cantera’s house and find the sedan, but it has been painted red.

They see some movement in the house. They go inside, but before they could arrest Cantera, she shoots herself. They find various costumes and 40k in cash in the cupboard. They figure out that Cantera was kidnapping for someone else. It is then seen that Ella is chained to the table, just like Amanda. A woman walks into the room with some sandwiches for Ella. She tells her that her parents met with an accident and that she will not be able to see them ever again. Outside, a man watches the news about Cantera’s death and her involvement in the kidnapping case.

At the HQ, Kono tells Steve that Amanda went missing immediately after Cantera moved to the island. At that moment, Catherine calls Kono. Kono goes into her office to take the call. Catherine tells her that Sato is a Yakuza boss and two days ago, the surveillance team spotted Adam meeting the Yakuza head. Catherine tells her that if Adam is doing business with Sato, she needs to inform Steve. Ho tells Kono to come to the ops. Ho makes them listen to the last message on Catera’s phone. It is a man’s voice telling Cantera that “it” is done and that he wants her to bring the cash to him. Ho tells the team that the number belongs to David Parson, who works in the vital records division at the Hawaii Department of Health.

Ho tells them that over the years, Parsons created 21 fake ids for Cantera’s victims. The last false identity was created for Ella, and she was put in the system under Lisa Beckett. Kono states that the parents listed on the certificate are Ray and Terry Beckett, who is actually a married couple living on the island. That’s not all. They have been collecting welfare benefits under the name of an older daughter, Jessica Beckett. Jessica is the false identity for Amanda. Ho tells them that the benefits run out when Amanda turns 18, in November. That is why they got rid of Amanda. The team goes to the house, but they don’t find Ella. Ray refuses to talk. Steve tells Terry about Amanda’s death and she is shocked. It appears that she wasn’t aware that Ray killed Amanda/Jessica.

She tells Steve that after Ray heard about Cantera’s death, he took her away to some safe place, but she doesn’t know where. Danny asks Ray as to where he took Ella. Ray doesn’t say anything. Danny loses his cool and beats him up. Later, he discloses the location. The team finds Ella and reunites her with her parents. They also hand over Amanda’s diary to her parents. Case closed. The episode ends.