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Message Posted On Sunday, December 12th 2010 at 11:11 am
Episode discussion for: 01x11 | Palekaiko (Paradise) (Dec 06, 2010)

The episode opens with two Polynesian dudes hunting for feral pig with bows when they stumble on a young woman in a dirty nightie begging for help. (Que the intro)

McGarrett & Kelly come back from Spear fishing and start talking about Steve's dad. Steve asks for help with a toolbox his father left him and Chin discovers that the number on blank postcard is an old filing system. They then get a page about the girl that the hunters found.

They meet up with Kona at the hospital and the victim has no memory of what happened beyond going to sleep and walking up in the woods. Danny cuts the interview short and explains to Steve that he's seen enough victims to know when to back off. The mother in law shows up and accuses "Erika" of being responsible for her son being missing.

We find out from her that the couple got married very quickly, that the groom had money and that they didn't have a pre-nuptial agreement. The suspicion seems to be on Erika but the mother in law seems paranoid and overprotective. They interview her about calls from her cell to another hotel. She replies that her husband must have used her phone as he didn't have his.

Chin and Kona check out the hotel room and discover that the room was gassed with acetone so they wouldn't wake up. A gas line to the adjoining room leads them there. Meanwhile, Steve and Danny investigate the source of the phone number called from Erika's phone. After a brief discussion about police procedure, Steve busts in the door to find an empty room. Soon though the occupant arrive and after an ambush, they discover he is a PI hired by the mother in law to spy on them.

In the room adjoining the honeymoon suite Kona finds Jake's body. The two teams exchange info. They find out from the investigator that he had been discovered by Jake and backed off two days ago. He also believed that the couple were really in love. Steve goes to announce to Erika that her husband is dead. Danny and he exchange stories about announcing death and how hard it is. They then get into an argument about the music.

At the medical examiner's lab, Dr. Max (Hiro from Heroes) reveals that the pattern fits a series of crimes that happened over in french Polynesia. They discover that they have a Serial killer. The females are all the same type. The killer seems to be traveling on cruise lines. The then find the victims car. They find that it fits Erika's story and the theory of the serial killer.

Back at HQ, Kona discovers a man that appears in 3 of the PI's pictures and that this is likely the killer. Back near the car they find a cabin that must have been used to hold Erika. They find a vial of morphine that they eventually trace to a cruise ship Eternity that is now heading to Kauai. They find the name of the killer, Bradford, and Danny and Steve head for the cruise ship.

They head for his cabin but find it empty. They get help from the crew to search for him. His luggage reveals his trophies of his kills and his research on his victims. They get a call on the radio as one of the crew found Bradford. The crew member gets ambushed and knocked out and the killer escapes by jumping off the ship. Danny & Steve figure out who his next victim will be. On the drive there they get background info on the killer.

A couple having a massage get a call from the killer who is trying to isolate the woman. Steve & Danny are still 10 minutes out as the killer knocks out the husband and chloroforms the wife and drags her to their car. Danny spots him just as he's driving off and they give chase in the narrow streets. After too many close calls, and Danny threatening to puke, they get to a dead end leading to a cliff. The killer drags the woman to the edge. The guys do some arguing to distract the killer and Steve shoots him in the shoulder. The killer jumps off the cliff as the guys watch.

Steve encourages Dianne to reconcile with her daughter in law and Chin tells Steve that the case number reveals that his mother's death was actually a homicide.

Comments: This was one of the best episode I've seen from this series and I think this will last a while if they keep making this type of episodes.
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Message Posted On Friday, December 17th 2010 at 7:13 pm
You should post this as a "Recap" for this episode.