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Message Posted On Saturday, October 26th 2013 at 10:54 am
Episode discussion for: 04x05 | Kupu'eu (Fallen Hero) (Oct 25, 2013)

Bad Continuity: Steve and Catherine are outside the bathroom door of Jason Kroll. He shoots at them after they say who they are. Steve states: "He's armed." Cath. replies: "You think!" Well Steve reaches the door knob and turns it, the DOOR HAS NO HOLES! It opens and we see Jason Kroll on the floor. We look up and see the 3 bullet holes back in the door. How can they fly by Cath and Steve from that angle if Kroll is on the floor? Did he fall after shooting? And why were they not in door when Steve opened it????

No word on Fong, still!!?? Max tell us what's up? Maybe he don't have Kono to play off from but he could still do his job. Or let us know he is in recovery?

Not much of Danny today. He had been with Gracie. But the drive in the old Toyota Landcruiser with Joe White was fun. Danny complining about the ride. Joe commenting, "Is that what you and Steve do? Bicker in the car like and old married couple??" Hilarious! Joe wanting Danno to tell Steve to back off on Doris's where abouts was funny too. Danny saying he will tell Steve, and he will say ok and go do whatever he wants. Danny did ok Joe finding out what is up with Doris. But we see Joe breaks into Steve's garage and goes to the neglected Champ Box and listens to the tape player. Then pulling the battery compartment cover off finds a list of numbers. No one found that before? Steve, Mary or whoever took the contents, then mailed them back to Steve? Joe talked to Sam about the off shore account numbers. I didn't get the whole story since my son was telling me something same time it was on. But Joe told Steve that Doris was off the radar for awhile. Must be reason Doris hasn't been helping Kono and Adam. But when the Joe stint comes back to bite him, Danny can say he oked it. Maybe not all that Joe did, but at least his inquiring about Doris.

Adam giving himself up was a strange thing to do. Yes he thinks he is protecting Kono, but does he really think she will just go home??? Will we see her try to save him alone,with Hong Kong PD, or Steve and 5-0 come to her rescue?

Billy and Catherine on surveilance of a cheating husband, John Cutler with Abby Maxwell. Then a man comes and shoots Cutler. Billy and Cath. shoot back, both hit. Sure they didn't know shooter(Jason Kroll)was a hired killer, but they didn't take cover very well as they returned fire. With the training they had, especially Billy he should have used much more cover. Must be to that Cath. called 911 or hospital ahead of time. She drove in and they had a gurney out and ready for Billy. HPD at least wasn't there to interview her? I do know she fainted from her own injury but? But Steve was there and I was surprised Billy was gone. Guess that ends the speculation that him and Cath. would be a "thing" again. Danny and Steve can rest. Cute Steve laying on the bed by her as they woke. But Catherine removing her IV etc, to go to the crime scene?? Then Steve didn't believe her? H. on CSI:Miami, or Jim Brass on CSI would have. CSU, spray that floor with luminal, and you can tell wall was repainted. To me it would have been better to have Chin/Danno and HPD check it out or something and call Steve that nothing was found. Then Cath. goes all out to check it on her own.

When they first talked to Abby Maxwell about her services, then Andrew Burns did act funny. He hired Kroll to convince Abby to give up the service. The wife, Sandra, didn't make me think she was behind it. The clean up crew owner Lee Brenner, had me thinking it was him, but mostly because he(actor) has played bad guys before.