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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 10/Apr/1992 Changing Places
03 01x03 24/Apr/1992 Rumours
04 01x04 01/May/1992 Playing with Fire
05 01x05 08/May/1992 Nowt But a Prank
06 01x06 15/May/1992 Old, New, Borrowed and Blue
08 01x08 29/May/1992 Outsiders
09 01x09 05/Jun/1992 Primal Instinct

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
11 02x01 18/Apr/1993 Secrets
12 02x02 25/Apr/1993 End of the Line
13 02x03 02/May/1993 Manhunt
15 02x05 16/May/1993 Over the Hill
16 02x06 23/May/1993 Bang to Rights
17 02x07 30/May/1993 A Talent for Deception
19 02x09 13/Jun/1993 Wall of Silence
20 02x10 20/Jun/1993 Missing

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
21 03x01 03/Oct/1993 Speed Kills
22 03x02 10/Oct/1993 Riders of the Storm
23 03x03 17/Oct/1993 Dead Ringer
24 03x04 24/Oct/1993 Going Home
25 03x05 31/Oct/1993 A Chilly Reception
27 03x07 14/Nov/1993 Father's Day
28 03x08 21/Nov/1993 Endangered Species
30 03x10 05/Dec/1993 Bringing It All Back Home

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
31 04x01 04/Sep/1994 Wild Thing
32 04x02 11/Sep/1994 Witch Hunt
35 04x05 02/Oct/1994 Love Child
36 04x06 09/Oct/1994 Nice Girls Don't
37 04x07 16/Oct/1994 Trouble in Mind
38 04x08 23/Oct/1994 Fair Game
39 04x09 30/Oct/1994 Red Herring
40 04x10 06/Nov/1994 Arms and the Man
41 04x11 13/Nov/1994 Treading Carefully
42 04x12 20/Nov/1994 Bad Blood
43 04x13 27/Nov/1994 Assault and Battery
44 04x14 06/Dec/1994 Lost and Found
45 04x15 13/Dec/1994 A Bird in the Hand

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
47 05x01 03/Sep/1995 Wishing Well
50 05x04 24/Sep/1995 Domestic
51 05x05 01/Oct/1995 Vacant Possession
52 05x06 08/Oct/1995 We're All Allies Really
53 05x07 15/Oct/1995 Sophie's Choice
54 05x08 22/Oct/1995 Gone Tomorrow
55 05x09 29/Oct/1995 Toss Up
56 05x10 05/Nov/1995 It's All in the Game
57 05x11 12/Nov/1995 Vigilante
60 05x14 03/Dec/1995 Sitting Off the Dock of the Bay
61 05x15 10/Dec/1995 Blood Sports

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
62 06x01 01/Sep/1996 Kids
63 06x02 08/Sep/1996 Old Colonials
64 06x03 15/Sep/1996 Forget Me Not
65 06x04 22/Sep/1996 A Long Shot
66 06x05 29/Sep/1996 Something of Value
67 06x06 06/Oct/1996 Frail Mortality
68 06x07 13/Oct/1996 Snapped
72 06x11 10/Nov/1996 Who Needs Enemies?
73 06x12 17/Nov/1996 Thanks to Alfred
74 06x13 01/Dec/1996 Obsessions
75 06x14 08/Dec/1996 The Best Laid Plans

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
79 07x01 31/Aug/1997 Bad Apple
80 07x02 07/Sep/1997 Pig in the Middle
81 07x03 14/Sep/1997 Small Beer
83 07x05 28/Sep/1997 Leaving Home
84 07x06 05/Oct/1997 Fool for Love
86 07x08 19/Oct/1997 Friendly Fire
87 07x09 26/Oct/1997 Sons and Lovers
89 07x11 09/Nov/1997 What the Butler Saw
90 07x12 16/Nov/1997 Affairs of the Heart
91 07x13 23/Nov/1997 Peace and Quiet
92 07x14 30/Nov/1997 Substitute
93 07x15 07/Dec/1997 In on the Act
94 07x16 21/Dec/1997 The Queen's Message
95 07x17 04/Jan/1998 Brainstorm
96 07x18 11/Jan/1998 Bad Penny
97 07x19 18/Jan/1998 Appearances
101 07x23 15/Feb/1998 Heroes and Villains
102 07x24 22/Feb/1998 Love Me Do

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
103 08x01 06/Sep/1998 Snake in the Grass
104 08x02 13/Sep/1998 Fall Out
106 08x04 27/Sep/1998 Past Crimes
107 08x05 04/Oct/1998 Spellbound
108 08x06 11/Oct/1998 Baby Love
109 08x07 18/Oct/1998 Give a Dog a Bad Name
110 08x08 25/Oct/1998 Hello, Goodbye
112 08x10 08/Nov/1998 Easy Rider
114 08x12 22/Nov/1998 Shadows and Substances
115 08x13 29/Nov/1998 Forbidden Fruit
116 08x14 06/Dec/1998 Where There's a Will
117 08x15 13/Dec/1998 Taking Sides
118 08x16 24/Dec/1998 Echoes of the Past
119 08x17 10/Jan/1999 Twist of Fate
120 08x18 17/Jan/1999 The Angry Brigade
121 08x19 24/Jan/1999 Fire and Ashes
122 08x20 31/Jan/1999 All in the Mind
123 08x21 07/Feb/1999 Friends Like You
124 08x22 14/Feb/1999 Old Ties
126 08x24 28/Feb/1999 Testament

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
129 09x03 10/Oct/1999 Intuition
130 09x04 17/Oct/1999 Puppet on a String
133 09x07 07/Nov/1999 Always a Copper
134 09x08 14/Nov/1999 Negative Vibes
135 09x09 21/Nov/1999 Kindness of Strangers
136 09x10 28/Nov/1999 Hollywood or Bust
137 09x11 05/Dec/1999 Flesh and Blood
138 09x12 12/Dec/1999 No Surrender
139 09x13 19/Dec/1999 Stag at Bay
140 09x14 26/Dec/1999 Full Circle
142 09x16 09/Jan/2000 Weight of Evidence
143 09x17 16/Jan/2000 For Art's Sake
144 09x18 23/Jan/2000 A Shot in the Dark
145 09x19 30/Jan/2000 The Good Doctor
147 09x21 13/Feb/2000 Desperate Measures
148 09x22 20/Feb/2000 With This Ring
150 09x24 05/Mar/2000 The Son-In-Law

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
152 10x02 29/Oct/2000 Smile For the Camera
153 10x03 05/Nov/2000 Dog Collar
154 10x04 12/Nov/2000 Gabriel's Last Stand
155 10x05 19/Nov/2000 War Stories
156 10x06 26/Nov/2000 The Fool on the Hill
157 10x07 03/Dec/2000 The Traveller
159 10x09 17/Dec/2000 Fallen Heroes
160 10x10 24/Dec/2000 Cold Turkey
161 10x11 07/Jan/2001 Sylvia's Mother
162 10x12 14/Jan/2001 Safe House
163 10x13 21/Jan/2001 Blind Justice
164 10x14 28/Jan/2001 Home Truths
165 10x15 04/Feb/2001 Not So Special
166 10x16 11/Feb/2001 The Long Weekend
167 10x17 18/Feb/2001 Who's Who?
169 10x19 04/Mar/2001 Killing Me Softly
171 10x21 18/Mar/2001 Truth Games
172 10x22 25/Mar/2001 Consequences
173 10x23 01/Apr/2001 The Buxton Defence
174 10x24 08/Apr/2001 Still Water

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
175 11x01 28/Oct/2001 Sweet Sixteen
176 11x02 04/Nov/2001 She's Leaving Home
177 11x03 11/Nov/2001 Russian Roulette
178 11x04 18/Nov/2001 Legacies
179 11x05 25/Nov/2001 Home Sweet Home
180 11x06 02/Dec/2001 Old Masters
181 11x07 09/Dec/2001 The Rivals
182 11x08 16/Dec/2001 Home to Roost
183 11x09 23/Dec/2001 Uninvited Guests
185 11x11 06/Jan/2002 A Gentleman's Sport
186 11x12 13/Jan/2002 Closing the Book
187 11x13 20/Jan/2002 The Leopard's Spots
189 11x15 03/Feb/2002 The Great Ming Mystery
190 11x16 10/Feb/2002 Second Chances
191 11x17 17/Feb/2002 Sympathy for the Devil
192 11x18 24/Feb/2002 Coming of Age
193 11x19 03/Mar/2002 Love Hurts
198 11x24 14/Apr/2002 Love's Sweet Dream

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
199 12x01 06/Oct/2002 Skeletons & Cupboards
200 12x02 13/Oct/2002 A Girl's Best Friend
201 12x03 20/Oct/2002 A Dog's Life
202 12x04 03/Nov/2002 Where There's Muck
203 12x05 10/Nov/2002 Harmony
204 12x06 17/Nov/2002 No Man's Land
206 12x08 01/Dec/2002 Growing Apart
207 12x09 08/Dec/2002 Many Splendoured Thing
208 12x10 15/Dec/2002 Horses for Courses
209 12x11 22/Dec/2002 Sins of the Fathers
210 12x12 29/Dec/2002 Bread and Circuses
211 12x13 05/Jan/2003 For Whom the Bell Tolls
212 12x14 12/Jan/2003 Out of the Blue
213 12x15 09/Mar/2003 The High Life
214 12x16 16/Mar/2003 Hung for a Sheep
216 12x18 30/Mar/2003 Missing in Action
217 12x19 06/Apr/2003 Caped Crusaders
218 12x20 13/Apr/2003 Moving Target
219 12x21 20/Apr/2003 Lily of the Valley
222 12x24 11/May/2003 Absent Friends

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
224 13x01 07/Sep/2003 Speed
225 13x02 14/Sep/2003 Dog Days
226 13x03 21/Sep/2003 Mother's Little Helpers
227 13x04 05/Oct/2003 Fool for Love
228 13x05 12/Oct/2003 A Family Affair
229 13x06 19/Oct/2003 The Holiday's Over
230 13x07 26/Oct/2003 Waifs and Strays
231 13x08 02/Nov/2003 Brought to Book
232 13x09 09/Nov/2003 State of Mind
234 13x11 29/Feb/2004 Mountains and Molehills
237 13x14 21/Mar/2004 Scent of a Kill
238 13x15 28/Mar/2004 Daniel
240 13x17 11/Apr/2004 No Hard Feelings
241 13x18 18/Apr/2004 Difficult Times
242 13x19 25/Apr/2004 Nowhere Man
244 13x21 09/May/2004 Strangers on a Train
245 13x22 16/May/2004 A Call to Arms
246 13x23 23/May/2004 Muck and Brass
247 13x24 30/May/2004 Double Trouble
248 13x25 06/Jun/2004 Little Angel

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
250 14x02 12/Sep/2004 Secrets and Lies
253 14x05 03/Oct/2004 Hunter's Moon
254 14x06 10/Oct/2004 Wrecked
255 14x07 17/Oct/2004 Say It with Flowers
256 14x08 31/Oct/2004 Precious Stones
257 14x09 07/Nov/2004 Buried Secrets
258 14x10 14/Nov/2004 Stormy Weather
259 14x11 21/Nov/2004 Who's Sorry Now?
260 14x12 28/Nov/2004 In Sickness and in Health
261 14x13 26/Dec/2004 In the Bleak Midwinter
262 14x14 13/Mar/2005 Blast from the Past
264 14x16 27/Mar/2005 Golf Papa One Zero
265 14x17 03/Apr/2005 The Long View
266 14x18 10/Apr/2005 A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
267 14x19 17/Apr/2005 Friends and Relations
268 14x20 24/Apr/2005 Off the Rails
269 14x21 01/May/2005 Rustlers and Hustlers
270 14x22 08/May/2005 Duty of Care
272 14x24 22/May/2005 Every Dog His Day
273 14x25 29/May/2005 Services Rendered

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
275 15x01 11/Sep/2005 A Fresh Start
276 15x02 02/Oct/2005 The Devil You Know
277 15x03 09/Oct/2005 Miller's Tale
278 15x04 16/Oct/2005 Mastermind
280 15x06 30/Oct/2005 The End of the Road
281 15x07 06/Nov/2005 Picture This
282 15x08 13/Nov/2005 The Good Samaritan
283 15x09 20/Nov/2005 Blood Brothers
284 15x10 27/Nov/2005 Burden of Proof
285 15x11 04/Dec/2005 O Guilty Man!
286 15x12 18/Dec/2005 Auld Acquaintance
287 15x13 01/Jan/2006 Living with the Past
288 15x14 08/Jan/2006 Risky Business
289 15x15 15/Jan/2006 Hostage to Fortune
290 15x16 22/Jan/2006 Judgement Day
291 15x17 23/Apr/2006 Get Back
292 15x18 30/Apr/2006 Runners and Riders
293 15x19 07/May/2006 Great Expectations
294 15x20 14/May/2006 Kith and Kin
295 15x21 21/May/2006 Wine and Roses
296 15x22 28/May/2006 This Happy Breed
298 15x24 18/Jun/2006 The Dying of the Light
300 15x26 02/Jul/2006 Accidents Happen

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
301 16x01 29/Oct/2006 C'est La Vie
302 16x02 05/Nov/2006 Old Scores
304 16x04 19/Nov/2006 Please, Please Me
305 16x05 26/Nov/2006 Memoirs Of A Fighting Man
306 16x06 03/Dec/2006 Pretty Woman
307 16x07 10/Dec/2006 Stumped
308 16x08 17/Dec/2006 Little White Lies
309 16x09 24/Dec/2006 Hearts And Flowers
311 16x11 31/Dec/2006 Dead Men Do Tell Tales
312 16x12 07/Jan/2007 Vendetta
313 16x13 06/May/2007 Sleeping Dogs
315 16x15 20/May/2007 Seeds Of Destruction
317 16x17 03/Jun/2007 Out Of Africa
318 16x18 24/Jun/2007 The Dreams That You Dream
319 16x19 01/Jul/2007 Mind Games
320 16x20 08/Jul/2007 The Medium Is The Message
322 16x22 22/Jul/2007 Troubled Waters
324 16x24 05/Aug/2007 Laying The Ghost

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
325 17x01 11/Nov/2007 Stop Gap
326 17x02 18/Nov/2007 Heirs Apparent
327 17x03 25/Nov/2007 Night Mail
328 17x04 02/Dec/2007 Love Story
329 17x05 16/Dec/2007 Another Sleepy, Dusty, Delta Day
330 17x06 23/Dec/2007 Touch and Go
331 17x07 30/Dec/2007 Buring The Past
332 17x08 06/Jan/2008 Only Make Believe
334 17x10 23/Mar/2008 Changing Roles
335 17x11 30/Mar/2008 A Brush with the Law
336 17x12 06/Apr/2008 The Heart of a Man
337 17x13 18/May/2008 Out Of The Long, Dark Night
338 17x14 25/May/2008 Take Three Girls
340 17x16 27/Jul/2008 Danse Macabre
341 17x17 03/Aug/2008 Missing Persons
342 17x18 10/Aug/2008 Taking Stock
343 17x19 17/Aug/2008 The Big Chill
344 17x20 24/Aug/2008 Bully Boys
345 17x21 31/Aug/2008 It Came from Outer Space
346 17x22 14/Sep/2008 You Never Can Tell
348 17x24 28/Sep/2008 Oscar's Birthday

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
350 18x02 19/Oct/2008 England Expects
351 18x03 26/Oct/2008 Mother of Invention
352 18x04 02/Nov/2008 Living Off the Land
353 18x05 09/Nov/2008 Guilty Secrets
354 18x06 16/Nov/2008 Strike Up the Band
355 18x07 19/Apr/2009 Return Crossing
356 18x08 26/Apr/2009 Looking For Isabella
357 18x09 03/May/2009 The Hospital Job
358 18x10 10/May/2009 Ups and Downs
359 18x11 17/May/2009 Thursday's Children
360 18x12 24/May/2009 The Middle of Somewhere
361 18x13 31/May/2009 School of Hard Knocks
362 18x14 07/Jun/2009 The Runaways
363 18x15 14/Jun/2009 Cashing In
365 18x17 25/Jul/2010 The War of the Roses
366 18x18 01/Aug/2010 Ties That Bind
367 18x19 08/Aug/2010 Deadlier Than the Male
368 18x20 15/Aug/2010 Jobs for the Boys
370 18x22 29/Aug/2010 The Open Door

Episode Air Date Episode Name
S04 - #1 25/Dec/1994 A Winter's Tale
S06 - #2 29/Dec/1996 Charity Begins at Home

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Type: Scripted
Genres: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Sundays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: April 10, 1992
Ended: September 12, 2010
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