The Game - Recap

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Cullen and Elam find Jimmy Two-Squalls, a trapper and hunter, to take them through Indian territory. While Jimmy seems to be crazy, he agrees to help them in exchange for Cullen's mule and the pack it's wearing. Jimmy's two wives chase him out of the house as he leaves with Cullen and Elam. Cullen says that Elam is there to ensure no one is killed. They feel safe going through Red Bear's territory because Jimmy is his son-in-law.

Durant arrives back at Hell on Wheels. Sean and Mickey greet him at the railstation and think it's suspicious that he arrives when Cullen is out of town. Durant tries to check into the largest room at the hotel, but it is already booked by Louise Ellison, the newspaper reporter.

Eva allows Declan Toole into her house to visit his niece. She says that Elam wouldn't want him there long but Declan says Elam doesn't deserve the child. He offers her a fresh start if she will only come to New York with him. Eva gets upset and asks Declan to leave.

Jimmy leads Cullen and Elam to Red Bear's camp. He warns them not to touch their guns and tells the Indians that they are there to trade. The Indians pull them from their horses and tie them together. Jimmy manages to get Red Bear to free them. He agrees to let Cullen have the trees he wants, only if he can beat Red Bear's team at stickball. Cullen and Elam are given Little Raven, a captive from another tribe, to help even the teams. They are quickly beaten and Red Bear's team kills Little Raven. Jimmy mentions that lose or quit they will die so they must continue to play. The two men are just being beat up by the Indians, so they decide they must kill the opposing team using their sticks.

The Swede helps the Dutsons to find bird nests. The young boy, Ezra, tells the Swede that the family is heading to Fort Smith so that the father, Joseph, can be bishop, the most powerful man in the fort.

At the whorehouse, Mickey kicks out a sick woman. He doesn't want her dying in his place so he gives her money to go to Omaha. Eva tells her about a doctor she should see that will take care of her. Later, Eva runs into Durant, who shows her the newspaper article about her. She tells him that Declan Toole is in town and wants her baby. She doesn't think she is a good woman but Durant remembers her holding his hand as he was dying. She asks what she should do and he gives her stock in his company, Credit Mobilia.

Over at the Indian camp, the stickball game has turned into an all-out fight. Red Bear's son is in the match and he sings his death song after Cullen knocks him down. Jimmy tells Cullen to give him an honorable death but Cullen allows him to live. The chief says this act of mercy shames him, his son, and the tribe. Cullen and Elam are tied to logs and Jimmy says they will be burned alive.

Durant visits Sean in his office. Sean tells Durant that Cullen hasn't really done anything wrong. Durant is very interested in the Mormon boy that Cullen had hanged and asks Sean about it. While talking Durant snoops around the office.

While travelling in the Dutsons' carriage, the Swede tells Joseph about a vision he had of Heaven. Joseph says he will be honored to baptize the Swede, who says the honor will be all his.

Elam tells Cullen that he regrets that he didn't marry Eva and Cullen apologizes for getting them in this mess. They are let down from their burning stakes by two Indians. They find out that Jimmy secured their freedom by agreeing to marry Red Bear's daughter, Buffalo Face. Cullen is allowed to take all the timber he wants and is given his horse back. Jimmy Two-Squalls says he should now change his name to Jimmy Three-Squalls.

Mickey warns Sean that if he gets into any trouble with Durant, he won't be there to help him this time. He points out that they are a long way from Boston.

Durant greets Cullen as he returns to camp. He asks if there was any trouble with securing the lumber and a bruised and bloody Cullen responds that there wasn't any trouble at all.

The next day, Durant meets with Louise to dish dirt on Cullen. He has a list that names the men from the 13th Ohio infantry that Cullen has killed.

In the church, Cullen tells Ruth that he prayed to God while being burned at the stake, but he wasn't answered. Ruth asks how he knows God didn't answer but he attributes his salvation to Jimmy and Buffalo Face. She points out that maybe God has a sense of humor too.

Back at Elam's tent, Eva asks him to read the newspaper article about her. She is surprised that the article actually paints her in a positive light. However Elam is upset that he is mentioned just as a freeman lover. He accuses Eva of wanting to run away with Declan. She confesses that she wants to run away but it's Elam who she wants to go with. She worries that something bad will happen to her and the baby if they don't leave soon.

Louise tells Cullen she has some information on him and asks what the 13th Ohio infantry division means to him. He refuses to talk about it and says it's not railroad news. Their conversation is cut short by Eva's screams. Her baby has been taken from her tent. Cullen finds a hole cut in the back of their tent and points it out to Elam, who runs off looking for his daughter.