Searchers - Recap

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Elam sees the man that he suspects stole his baby and chases after him. Cullen and Elam catch the man but he was just holding a chicken under his coat. Elam thinks Declan Toole took his baby. He confronts Declan, who says that he didn't take the baby. Elam points his gun at Declan. Eva steps in front of Declan and says it isn't worth it, the baby is gone.

Cullen holds a meeting; they need to find the baby before they move the town further down the tracks. He wants to move the next day but they need to find the baby first. Half of the men want to move on without the child while the other half wants to find Elam's baby. An argument breaks out about who the father is and Eva has to yell to break it up. She thinks the Indians took her baby and there is nothing she can do now. Durant promises more than two months wages for the person who finds the baby. Elam thanks him and everyone heads out to search for the baby.

Back at their home, Eva tells Elam that their child was taken because she is cursed. However, Elam doesn't believe that and promises to get their baby back.

Cullen mentions to Sean how suspicious it is that Durant shows up right before the baby went missing and offers a reward to further slow the railroad's progress. He asks Sean if he happens to know anything about that and Sean tells Cullen about Durant leaving the camp. Cullen meets Durant on his way out of the camp. Mickey calls Cullen away, allowing Sean to tell Durant that Cullen is on to them.

Mickey brings Cullen to a man who had some horses stolen. Elam leaves to follow the men south in the hopes that they are also the kidnappers. Cullen will have to move the camp without him.

The Swede attends the baptism of Ezra Dutson.

Elam searches a trail for the thieves. Cullen approaches and offers to help him search. He finds that they most likely took a trail that leads to Denver. Elam worries that he will lose her forever if they make it to Denver but Cullen says she won't even make it that far without her mother's milk.

Eva refuses to open her door to Declan. The freemen see him there and capture him. Psalms questions him about the baby but he says he is also looking for her.

Cullen and Elam find an abandoned hut with a bloodstained blanket inside. Elam says the blanket belongs to his baby. Cullen thinks it may not be best if he finds out what happened. Elam says he feels the same way that made Cullen hunt down the men who killed his family.

Ruth finds Eva in the middle of a river. Eva says her baby is better off without her and Ruth knows nothing of a mother's love. Ruth was intimate with Joseph and became pregnant. She prayed every night for the baby to be taken away and eventually nature took its course and she lost the baby. Even though she wanted to lose the baby, God never spurned her. She reassures Eva that the Lord will forgive her if she lets him forgive. Ruth holds Eva as she cries in the river.

Psalms gives water to Declan, who is still held captive by the freemen. Declan says that he doesn't know where the baby is so Psalms must either kill him or free him. Psalms doesn't believe him.

Cullen and Elam see a man run from the sight of them. Elam catches up and starts to punch him. The man leads them to his wife; she sits nearby holding the baby. Elam aims his gun at the man and Cullen says killing him won't make him feel any better. Cullen allows the man to live and gives him a gun. If Indians attack, he suggests leaving a bullet for his wife and himself.

Mickey asks Sean if he will move the train without Cullen. He suggests that Sean hopes Cullen won't come back so that Durant can take over.

Elam is happy to have his baby girl back. Cullen makes a makeshift bottle out of a glove for her. Elam says that while the baby is white, it is his and he is the only one who will be the father. Cullen thinks it will cause him trouble and he would be better off not loving it. It's too late though, Elam already loves her.

Back in Hell on Wheels, everyone welcomes Elam and his baby back. He promises Eva that nothing will come between them and their baby.

Psalms realizes that Declan was not responsible for the kidnapping so he frees Declan.

The Swede reads to Ezra from the Bible while elsewhere the town of Hell on Wheels moves down the tracks. He predicts the damnation and woe of those living along the railroad.