Beale St. After Dark - Recap

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The scene opens with Marti and the rest of the squad working out. Savannah gets Marti and takes her into a room and shows off her dress. She tells that she has a date with Dan and Marti jokes and says that Dan is a player and that Savannah is a relationship girl and not just a date girl. Marti destroys Savannah’s confidence more by telling her that she is not the type of girl Dan likes. Savannah asks if she loves Dan and she tells that she and Dan are only buds. She tells Savannah that she needs to be on the lookout while on the date. Coach Lodge tells that the University is cutting their funding regardless that they made Qualifiers and are giving it to the Volleyball team because they consider that a sport and not cheering. Marti thinks it is over and Coach Lodge tells that they qualified, but have no chance to continue unless they come up with $10,000. She also tells that there is one more way. She shows a video of a cheer squad and tells that in order to get a free ride to Nationals; they have to do a video that shows them at their best. Alice tells that Coach Lodge thinks it is a long shot because she doesn’t want to put Marti out on video. Marti tells that she has to go to a seminar and congratulates Alice for keeping her claws.

Marti arrives at the seminar and the Professor tells that she is late and asks when a lawyer is late to a case. She tells that they are held in contempt and fined. Morgan chimes in that the jury is also not going to take you serious as a lawyer. Professor Parish tells that he has a case for them to work on and he is looking for two dedicated students to rise to the challenge and take a test to see if they can handle the case. He tells that law firms look at people who have different types of activities outside of class. He stresses that if anyone, hinting to Marti, is not up to it, then don’t even bother to try. Meanwhile in the practice room, a determined Alice to show that she can be a flier can’t do it because of the weakness of her wrist. Another cheerleader calls her on it and tells that she is only doing it for Lewis. Alice visits Jake, the football player, and asks for some drugs to help her get healed quicker and to have her fool the doctors. He tells that he will give it to her and for her to meet him later tonight to go over the “details”. Back in the seminar, Marti tells in her interview for the test, that she is qualified and will show that she can do it and be able to get the spot on his law team. However, Professor Parish tells that Marti is already balancing classes and cheerleading and that she won’t be able to handle it. She tells that she will cut out eating and showering to make time for the case. He agrees and give her a case to work on. When she leaves, he tells her not to stop showering.

Later that night, Coach Lodge bumps into Coach Raymond and wonders why he is by her door. He tells that he loves the little meetings that they are having and she wants to know why he is interested in hanging around her new boyfriend. Coach Raymond tells Coach Lodge that she has not even told Derek about them when she was younger. She tells him that Derek shouldn’t have to know about their past together and tells that she is with Derek now. Coach Raymond tells that Coach Lodge is simply keeping her options open. She assures that she is not. At the house, Savannah tells Marti to call Dan and tell him that she is sick for their date. She asks why and Savannah tells it is because of the things that Marti said. Marti tells that she was only joking and that she is going to be great. She tells that she has a block with the research and so she will do anything to help her feel more comfortable. The next scene shows Savannah walking into a bar and Dan is there waiting patiently. He says hello and she shows that she brought Marti and Lewis along for the date as well.

Dan talks with Marti about the whole group date and Marti tells that Savannah is used to it and she feels comfortable about it. Dan tells that he is alright with it. Marti and Lewis are playing pool and Dan and Savannah are talking. Marti hears the conversation and tells that Savannah is so much more fun than she is showing and Lewis tells the waitress to give Savannahs a Hurricane and to have them keep on coming. Meanwhile, at another bar, Derek is there and Coach Raymond enters and offers to buy him a drink and he accepts. Back with Dan and Savannah, she is drunk from the Hurricane and she is starting to tell things that Marti told her in confidence and Marti tells that they are going to go out for a walk. Derek gets home from drinking with Coach Raymond and he tells that he pushed for the position to be the head doctor for the football team too and he is waiting for the right moment to do it. Coach Lodge tells that she and Coach Raymond had an affair and that is why Coach Raymond left Lancer to begin with. He tells that he feels like an idiot. He asks if Coach Raymond still has feelings for her. Coach Lodge tells that she is not interested. She tells that she was embarrassed of the affair. He tells that he is going to watch Sportcenter for a while and leaves.

Outside the bar in the parking lot, Marti and Lewis join in on the dancing that is going on and there are flips and twists and everything is going good. Lewis sees Alice with Jake and sees him slip the drugs that she asked for into her bag. He walks after them. In the bar, Lewis confronts them and they argue. Dan and Savannah enter and Lewis starts fighting Jake. Dan jumps in to help Lewis and Lewis knocks Jake against the wall. Savanna runs to get Marti and tells that she needs help. Marti sees Lewis and Dan getting put into the police car. Savannah asks what they can do and Marti doesn’t know. In the jail, Dan tells that they are not going to get arraigned until Monday so they are going to have to sit there for a while. Lewis thanks Dan for helping and Dan asks why Lewis changed from being a Football player to a cheerleader. Lewis tells that it was for personal reasons. Coach Raymond enters the jail and gets his football players out and leaves Lewis and Dan inside. Jake makes comments and tells everyone in the cellblock that Lewis is a cheerleader. Coach Raymond tells that is enough and they leave. Meanwhile, Marti gets an idea to be able to get Lewis and Dan out of jail before it goes on paper and they loosing their scholarships.

She and Savannah go to the home of Julian Parish, her law professor. Since he is a lawyer, she asks if she can help out some friends of hers. He agrees to help. He walks into the jail and tells that the officer has two clients of his. He tells that he is going to have a lawsuit if he doesn’t let them go. He tells that the officer allows the football players to go but not the other two. He lets them out. Outside the station, Savannah is happy that Dan helped out Lewis and he tells that he wanted to fight anyways. Savannah tells that he shouldn’t joke. She jumps up and kisses him quickly. Then they kiss again for a longer time. At the gym, Derek is working out and is sore from sleeping on the couch. Coach Lodge tells that she didn’t make him sleep there. He tells that he was thinking whether or not they made a mistake moving in together. He asks about the affair she had with Coach Raymond and she tells that it started with a bottle of wine and that she had the affair for a year and then broke it off after meeting his wife. But it was too late and she ruined his life. Cost him his job, wife, and respect. Derek tells that it wasn’t her fault, but Coach Raymond’s.

At the restaurant, Wanda talks to Marti about school and she tells that she has a law assignment that is hard. She tells that there is another person working on the same thing. It is Morgan from class. Her mom calls him a hottie and Marti tells her never to use that word. She walks over to Morgan and he is secretive of the work he is doing. She catches on that Professor Parish gave him the same assignment as her. They figure out that the case is not real and that it is a failure test to see how they handle failure. Marti tells that she doesn’t fail and asks if he wants to help her kick some butt. He agrees. They start to make the fake case into a true case and make a case file for it. They show up the next morning with the file and shows it to Professor Parish. He tells that they didn’t do what every proper student would have done and he tells that he doesn’t like proper. He gives it to Marti and Morgan. Lewis walks in on Alice and tells that she needs to stop and not take the drugs. She asks if she cares about her and he says that he does. She is happy and she still walks over and takes the pills.