The Match Game - Recap

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The scene opens with the Hellcats watching a video of Jemma Linkletter from WTS University and that is until she was paralyzed. This is the cheerleading group that beat the Hellcats. They don’t like it at all, but they have a chance to get to sectionals. They have to come up with 5,000 to get to go. Lewis suggests that they have a Date Auction because the football team does it and it always scores in a lot of money. The cheerleaders all agree on it. Marty asks if she is going to the copying place and Savannah tells that she is. Savannah sees Marty texting like crazy and wonders who she is texting. Marty keeps her secret from Savannah and deletes the message. She thinks Morgan is the guy, but Marty tells that Morgan can be trouble for her because she is trying to prove that Travis from last episode is innocent. Later, Marty is in her room packing her guitar and tells if she is going to the prison and she tells that she is bringing a guitar to Travis.

Louis tells tha the wants an opinion on his date that he picked for the Date Auction. He wants to give a private training session followed by a massage. They agree that it is good and Savannah tells that she is going to have a picnic date. Alice tells that Jake, her boyfriend, is going to bid highest and they are going to the hotel for drinks. Alice tells Savannah if she wants her boyfriend to bid on her, she is going to have to offer more then just a picnic. Dan gives Alice a hard time and Savannah and him go to another room where Savannah tells that he doesn’t have to bid too much on her and that his family has a wedding to prepare for his brother. Dan laughs at the fact that his brother is getting married and tells that his brother has always had the plan to get married whereas he wants to see where life takes him. Savannah doesn’t like to hear that. Meanwhile, Lewis and Marty are getting busy in the Hellcats practice room and Coach Lodge comes in. Feared that they got caught, they freeze, but all is clear. Lewis is tired of sneaking around and Marty tells that it is fun and interesting. They leave before they are caught.

The Hellcats arrive at their Date Auction and things get kicked off nicely. Lewis goes on a date with a man, Alice has Jake pay $300, Mary gets a date with Morgan, and Savannah goes on a date with Noah, her ex-boyfriend. She is not happy at all that her mother has meddled in with the date auction. They are $842 short and suddenly a man comes out and gives the amount to Coach Lodge and says that an anonymous bidder would like to go on a date with Coach Lodge. Thinking it is Coach Raymond, the man refuses to say. At the bar, Coach Lodge talks to Derek and tells that Coach Raymond is out of town and so it couldn’t be him. Derek tells that she shouldn’t worry about it and that she is doing it for the Hellcats. Wanda tells Coach Lodge that if she doesn’t touch it, it doesn’t count.

Savannah visits her mother and tells that she is grateful for the donation to the Hellcats and asks why she put Noah up to the Date Auction. She tells that she wants her to be happy with someone with security. Savannah tells that she misses not being in the family and that she doesn’t want to have her old life brought up again. Her mom tells that she needs to be nice to Noah. Marty is on the phone and Lewis walks in. He closes the door and they kiss. Alice walks in and tells that Savannah needs her. Marty tells that the relationship is still early and she wants to know if their relationship is real or not before they let everyone know. She tells that she will get back to him on it. Savannah asks about the dress she should wear and tells that she is going to scare Noah away. Marty tells that Savannah is doing a bad thing if she wants to ever get back with her parents. Noah arrives at the door and Marty tells that she can stall him if she wants to change and she tells that she is fine.

Savannah goes on the date with Noah and starts to play the bad girl and he seems alright with it. Meanwhile, Marty goes on the date with Morgan and she tells that she knows that he brought her there to talk about Travis and Morgan tells that he wants to help her out. Marty tells that she doesn’t know anything. He tells that he will help her and laughs because he wrote a bad check to the cheerleaders and Marty tells that the drinks are on him and leaves.
At the cinema, Savannah drinks Tequila and Noah tells that it is all an act and Noah tells that she is a horrible actress. She admits that she pretended to act the way she did because she wanted to get back at her mom for not excepting her new life.

Coach Lodge is jogging and she jogs through the park where she is supposed to meet her mystery date. Turns out to be Derek and she tells that she thought it was Coach Raymond and so she ran until she was stinky. Back at the cinema, the movie ends and Noah tells that he can offer her stability and security of marriage, kids, and a new life with him. She is speechless. The next day, Marty gets taken to a neighborhood with Morgan and he found the house of Jane Lumos and she answers the door. However, when they talk about Travis, she has nothing to tell them and she closes the door. Marty gets back inside the bedroom and meets Savannah and she tells that Noah wants to get back together. She tells that everything is secure with Noah and with Dan, it is not. Marty tells that her and Lewis are together and she doesn’t know if she is 100% on board with flaunting their relationship. Savannah tells her that Marty is scared of love and Savannah tells that she is scared of the unknown and that is Dan. Marty tells that they shouldn’t be scared.

Savannah goes up to her mom and tells that she is happy with her life and tells that there are no walls. Her mom admits that she misses Savannah too. Marty walks up to Lewis and kisses him. She tells everyone that Lewis and her are dating and Alice tells that Lewis is not relationship material and Marty tells that she is not either. Savannah goes up to Dan and kisses him. She tells that she wants to point the truck down the road and see where it takes them. He lifts her up and puts her in the seat and drives off.