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Think Twice Before You Go - Recap

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The scene opens with the cheerleaders getting ready to go to Louisville and Savannah is packing. However, Marti tells that they don’t leave for two days. Frankie comes in and tells that the Barbecue Festival is going on. Savannah tells that they are not going. Marti asks what is going on and Savannah tells that Dan broke up with her. Marti tells that she needs to give Dan some time. Marti goes up to Dan at the welding yard and calls him an idiot. She tells that he needs to call and make things right. Dan tells that he doesn’t want to and tells that it is all about Marti all the time. He tells that he wants to be with Marti. He tells that they work and he can’t settle for just being friends. He gives her an ultimatum and wants the truth. She tells that she is not where Dan wants her to be. He walks away.

She goes to Wanda and tells that Dan walked away from her and Wanda tells that she is happy for him that he did. She tells Marti that Dan has been Marti’s boyfriend even if she didn’t know it except without the benefits. She tries to get Marti to see what is in front of her and tells that Dan might not be there for long. At practice, Marti is distracted and Lewis sees it. She tells that she didn’t sleep well. Lewis tells that Marti talks a lot in her sleep and he smiles. Vanessa and Bill Marsh come in and Bill tells that the “Hellcats” get to partake in a tradition to flirt with the Boosters at a charity event to raise more money. Marti doesn’t think it is a good idea until she sees that a furniture store that Bobby Overton owns. Marti tells Morgan that she is going to Overton’s store as one of cheerleaders and tells that she is going to get their laptops back. Jake meets with Alice at the bar and tells that he has an opportunity to go pro. She tells that he should go for it and have fun.

The day of the event arrives and at Overton’s store, Marti tells that she will do Alice’s and Frankie’s laundry for a week if they can distract Overton so that she can get into his office. They agree and Marti slides into his office without anyone knowing. She scrambles around and finds Morgan’s laptop. Overton sees that he needs to go to his office and Alice tries to distract him further, but she doesn’t succeed. Inside, Marti opens the window and jumps out. Alice and Frankie go outside and Overton looks out the window and sees them walking away. Marti walks away with the laptop. She sits down with Morgan and he tells that the only thing that Overton was looking at was the file about the three strikes law that Julian is working on. She tells that she needs to still find her laptop. Meanwhile, Jake goes into Bill’s office and tells that he is thinking of going pro. However, Bill doesn’t like that. He tells that Lancer needs Jake. He still tells that he is ready to declare for the draft. Bill shows Jake a video that gets him scared and thinks about rethinking his options.

Savannah tries to leave a message for Dan and Marti comes in and tries to cheer her up. She draws a smiley face on Savannah’s arm. They go out to the barbecue and have a lot of fun. Wanda comes up and asks if she has heard for Dan. She tells her to drop it. The announcer tells that they are having a dance contest and Marti tells that the $500 cash prize will buy her a new laptop. Savannah goes up to Charlotte and asks if she told their mother about the baby yet, she tells her not to pressure her. The DJ comes up and Savannah and Charlotte sign up too for the dance. “Nasty Kathy” comes up and tells that they are going to beat her on the dance floor. Charlotte tells Savannah that she hates “Nasty Kathy” and Savannah tells that they don’t hate. The dancing begins and the winner at the end is Savannah. The DJ introduces himself as Lou and asks to buy Savannah a drink. She tells that she has to talk to her friend first. She walks up to Marti and gives her the $500 for a new laptop and tells that Lou asks to buy her a drink. Marti tells her to go for it. Marti sees that Lou is touching where he shouldn’t be.

Everyone is dancing and Savannah is drinking too much and Marti tells that she needs to take it easy. Marti and Lewis dance and he tells that it feels right. “Nasty Kathy” goes up to Alice and gives her a web address with some information that she needs to see. Alice tells that she doesn’t care and crumbles up the piece of paper and throws it. However, she walks away and unwraps it and sees the site. Marti sees that Savannah is missing. In a truck, Savannah and Lou are kissing and he tries to take it to the next level, but Savannah doesn’t want to. He locks the doors and tries to have sex with her. Marti runs up to the truck and gets Lou to get roll down the window. She tells Savannah to cover her eyes and she sprays Lou with Mace and Savannah and her run off.

She and Marti sit down and Savannah wants to know why Dan left her and Marti tells that it is because of her. The rest of the squad walks up and Savannah demands to know what Dan would have a thing for her. Marti confesses that she and Dan were together “physically” a week ago. She is upset and tells her to shut-up and to find another place to stay at Cheertown to stay. She tries to go up to Lewis, but he wants nothing to do with her. Meanwhile, Bobby Overton goes to Bill’s office and asks what he knows of Marti. He tells Bill that she is still investigating the Travis Guthrie case. Marti goes to Dan’s welding yard work and the foreman tells that Dan quit the welding yard. On the bus to Louisville, Alice looks at the website that “Nasty Kathy” gave her and it is the video of Savannah helping the Cyclones to get to Sectionals. Marti gets on the bus and everyone ignores her. Vanessa comes on and tells that everyone needs to get serious. Marti tries to call Dan up and he ignores the call. She leaves a message and tells that she needs him. The bus drives off to Louisville to Sectionals and Dan drives off towards New Orleans.