Papa, Oh Papa - Recap

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The scene opens with everyone getting their luggage and a sad Marti gets her bag. The clothes spill everywhere and Lewis helps her. She asks if they are ok and he tells that they are only there to do Sectionals and that they need to be professional. Meanwhile back in Memphis, Morgan comes in and tells that he is going to get lucky tonight with a girl named Antigani who has daddy issues. He wants to leave Marti’s guitar with Wanda because he was supposed to go and see Travis. Wanda agrees to take it down to him. As Morgan leaves, Wanda yells out that he shouldn’t forget to use protection and Antigani tells him to keep walking. At sectionals the “Hellcats” look at another squad practice. It is their turn and Marti is over enthusiastic and the others are not. Vanessa comes in and tells them to leave all personal drama at the door. They start their routine and Marti does a good job despite the drama.

Alice goes out of the practice room and her dad and fiancé of her father’s is there. He introduces her to Alice as Kelly, to which replies with “This Year’s Model”. She tells that everything is fine. Lewis comes up and Alice’s dad introduces him to Kelly as Alice’s boyfriend. They go along with it and Alice’s dad tells that he can’t wait to see her in Sectionals. They leave and Lewis asks why Alice never told her dad about them breaking up and that the fact that she is not flying anymore. Alice tells that she doesn’t want to disappoint anyone. Wanda meets with Travis in the prison and has brought cookies. He asks if they are homemade and Wanda admits that she stole them from work. He tells that people get put in prison for stealing. Wanda asks why Travis is in prison and he tells that it was his third stike and that two of those he committed, but not the third. Wanda tells that she likes bad boys.

At dinner, Alice and Lewis are with Alice’s dad and Kelly and Alice’s dad tells Lewis that he should be co-coaching with Red instead of logging tape. Lewis tells that he likes where he is at and Alice’s dad makes a rude comment to Alice about the fact that Lewis isn’t ambitious enough. Kelly sees it and Alice tells that is what she is getting into. After dinner asks what she is going to do about Sectionals and the fact that she is not flying. She tells that she is. The next day, Alice goes up to Savannah and tells that she might as well learn the flying routine so that just in case she has to do it. Lewis is her base and she nails it. Frankie asks why Alice isn’t flying. Savannah tells that she is right because Alice has more experience. Savannah replaces her and tells Marti to work on the floor routine. Alice walks over to Frankie and gives her a leather jacket for doing that. They practice and Marti is upset and she runs out the room. Vanessa sees this and asks what is going on. Savannah tells that Alice has more experience. Vanessa checks on Marti and she tells about the drama between her and Savannah. Vanessa tells that Marti needs to fight for her spot.

They walk back in and Marti challenges Alice to a cheer off. Alice messes up by not grabbing her foot. Marti gets her spot back as flier. Later, Alice goes to Savannah’s room and shows the video that “Nasty Kathy” gave her. She tells that Savannah is going to give up her spot as Captain flier or she will show the team. To protect the team, Savannah agrees. She calls the team in and tells that she hurt her ankle during practice. She tells that Alice is going to lead the team. Marti hangs around and tells Savannah that she is sorry and Savannah limping, tells that she was hurt. Savannah grabs a pillow and hits Marti. The pillow fight continues with Marti and Savannah having fun. Marti tells that she made a mistake and doesn’t want to lose her best friend. They make up and Marti realizes that Savannah was just jumping on her hurt ankle. Savannah comes clean.

Alice reserves seats for her dad and Kelly and Savannah fakes the injury further. Marti decides to give up her spot and allows Savannah to fly. They hug and Alice sees that they are buddies again and is not happy. They “Hellcats” come out and their routine is flawless. After their routine, they win Sectionals. Savannah calls for Marti and tells her to join the team in the celebration. Marti goes up to Lewis and tells that she is really sorry. He forgives her. Alice goes to the stands and sees Kelly there, but her dad is gone. Kelly tells that Alice’s brother’s football game went into overtime. They walk outside and Kelly tells that Alice’s dad loves her and that he will always pick football because it is just that. However, he will bring her flowers and say that he is sorry.

The team gets packed up in the bus and Alice comes out of her room. Her dad and Kelly pull up and he has flowers for her. She tells that she and Lewis broke up months ago and tells that Kelly is a keeper. Her dad says that he’s sorry and asks if they can talk about it. She tells him to come to Memphis and watch them practice. She gets on the bus and Lewis asks if she is alright. She tells that she is. Savannah comes on the bus and sees Marti in the back. She comes up and sits next to her and they play UNO together.