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Remember When - Recap

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The scene opens with Marti talking to the police. It was Wanda’s idea for Marti to call them. She tells that she didn’t get a look at the men who ran after her. They leave and Marti tells that she is thankful for Wanda watching out, but tells that she doesn’t want to get anyone else involved in her affairs. She hides the DVD under the cash register. She tells that she loves her mom and tells that she will be fine. Meanwhile, Jake walks up to Alice and tells that she needs to get the DVD back and tells that it will ruin Football and the Hellcats. She tells that she was just not showing up where Jake is, but now she is going to be avoiding him all together.

Marti is in the dorm and Alice comes up to her and tells that she is going to ruin a lot of lives if that DVD gets into Julian’s hands. Marti tells Alice to stop rattling her and Alice tells that she is just getting started. Marti decides to go for a jog to clear her head and she sits down and calls Dan. He tells that he is in New Orleans and that he shouldn’t have picked up the phone when Marti tells that she needs him. He tells that he will see her at his brother’s wedding and hangs up. Suddenly, Marti hears a twig break. She looks around and suddenly there is a bag over her head. Moments later, her head is uncovered and it is the Hellcats. Initiation time and Savannah tells that they never had the chance to initiate Marti into the Hellcats Family. It was Alice’s memory that told that Marti has not been officially initiated. Alice gives Marti her dress that she will be wearing tonight.

They take Marti to the Hellcats trophy case and give her the “spirit stick”. Savannah tells that she can’t drop it because it is a bad omen. Alice rubs it in that once you are initiated into the Hellcats, you are family and would do anything to make sure that the Hellcats are not hurt in any way. Vanessa tells that Alice wasn’t always a Hellcat. They flashback to when Alice joined the Hellcats and Alice is getting wheeled into the hospital for alcohol poisoning because her father missed a Parent Meeting. Vanessa walks into the room and tells that she is a good cheerleader. Alice tells that she is going for Economics and that she can’t do childish things. Vanessa shows that she has a portfolio of Alice’s achievements and Vanessa tells her to be a Hellcat. She agrees. They go inside and Savannah sees that Marti is not smiling. Marti tells her to drop it when Savannah asks about it.

Inside, Lewis tells how he became a Hellcat cheerleader. The scene flashbacks to when Lewis was a football player and Alice was his girlfriend. Jake comes in and tells that the team is hitting Lewis so hard because Lewis is not on the take. Jake tells that there is nothing wrong about what they are doing. Lewis tells that he will be alright. Alice suggests that Lewis join the squad and forget about football. He jokes, but eventually agrees to try out. Marti asks Alice why she broke up with Jake and Alice tells that Jake gave her an ultimatum to pick Marti or him. She tells that she stuck with Marti because she is a Hellcat. Meanwhile, Jake is in Marti’s room looking for the DVD. He turns things around and cannot find anything. Back at the party, Savannah tells her story on how she joined the Hellcats and the scene flashbacks to when Charlotte and Savannah were thinking of dying their hair and leaving Memphis Christian. Charlotte gets cold feet, but Savannah goes for it. She auditions for the Hellcats under an alias and wishes Lewis luck. At the try-outs, Savannah is doing good, but has Lewis as a partner. She pauses and coaches Lewis for a moment and Lewis becomes good. Alice recognizes Savannah right away.

They talk to her outside and she admits that she left so that she could show her family that she is dedicated. They like the fact that the Captain of Memphis Christian is there on their side. She is in. Meanwhile, Jake meets with Bill Marsh and Overton. Jake is freaking out and Overton asks Bill if they have any friends in prison. Bill has someone they can call. Marti is looking at the trophy case and Vanessa shares when she becomes coach of the Hellcats. The scene flashes back to Vanessa as a singing cheerleader. She runs into Heidi, an old Hellcats teammate. She is a fashion designer and Vanessa tells that she is between schools. They reminisce and Vanessa tells that Heidi has done so much with her life and Vanessa has not. She tells that when the right time and right place comes, she needs to follow her bliss. Vanessa shows up to the Hellcats coaching interview and meets Derek. He tells that if she gets the coaching position, they are going to be working together. Marti tells Vanessa that she is glad she came back.

At the prison, Travis is taking the laundry cart and asks the guards to open the gate. They walk away. Two inmates walk up to Travis and tell him that he needs new lawyers. They start beating him up with metal bars and break his hand. At the grand finale of the initiations, they lead Marti to the “suicide drop” and tell that the squad will be there to catch her. Alice tells Marti not to drop if she doesn’t mean it. She takes a moment and then falls. The squad catches her and she is officially a Hellcat. Later at the dorm, Marti tells that Alice wins and that she can’t ruin the Hellcats. Suddenly Marti gets a call and tells that she is on her way. She tells Savannah that she needs a ride now. They arrive at the hospital and walk into a bandaged Travis. His hand is broken and face is beaten up. He tells that he doesn’t want her to represent him because he doesn’t want her to get hurt. Savannah demands to know what is going on now.

They get back to the Hellcats and have a house meeting. They tell what happened and Savannah asks if they have Marti’s back. Lewis is the first to stand up and tells that they are going out big. All the Hellcats stand including Alice. She tells that they need to bring them down. They all say “Hellcats” and the episode ends.