13 Chefs Compete - Recap

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With last week’s elimination of Chino last week, Natalie, Carrie, Will, Gina, Krupa, Monterrey, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Paul, Tommy, Jennifer, Jamie, and Elise are left in the competition to become the Head Chef at New York’s “BLT Steak”. Both teams are upset from the last performance and are very vocal as to who is to blame. Elise tells her team that they all want her to go home, but says that she is going to fight to stay in the competition. The Blue Team tells that there was no communication with one another. The new day comes and they come out to find a chemistry lab in the dining room. Chef Ramsey invites Ben Roche and Homaro Cantu from Moto Restaurant to join him on the judging side and they show their talent of mixing science and cooking together. They show their skill when they use a sound generator and liquid nitrogen to make a soufflé.

Today the chefs are going to have to go back to basics and prove that they can cook meet by using just fire and water. The Red Team and Blue Team get to work and start cooking their dishes. With only 45 minutes to do it, they finish just in time. Jennifer and Jonathan come up and Jonathan’s doesn’t look good, but it tastes good. However, Red Team gets the point for the presentation and taste. Monterrey and Elizabeth bring up their dishes and neither one gets the point. Ramsey asks to taste Carrie’s dish, the one that the red team declined on, and says that it is more delicious than Elizabeth’s. Jamie and Will compete against each other and it is Will who gets the point for the team. With the score tied, Gina goes up against Jonathan’s dish and Gina’s dish gets the Red Team the point. Elise and Paul go up against one another and Elise’s lobster is called dry whereas Paul’s is delicious. Paul ties it up again for the Blue Team. With one dish left, Natalie and Krupa have the veal to impress them with. Natalie’s is horrible and Krupa’s is delicious. However, Ramsey realizes that Krupa’s dish is not veal. Blue Team wins the challenge based on that and the fact that the dish that was good, wasn’t entered.

The winning team gets to go to a Spa while the losing team has to scrub the Hot Tub and the fountain outside. They also have to prep both kitchens for dinner service. They are not happy at all. Elise blames Krupa without even mentioning her mistake that she made with the lobster. Krupa takes the blame for mixing up the veal and not recognizing it. Meanwhile, the Blue Team arrives at the Spa and they are welcomed with a dip into the hot tub. Tommy is out of his element and says that it is great to pretend to be rich. Back at Hell’s Kitchen, the Red Team is cleaning the Hot Tub and Gina says that she can’t believe that there is another dinner service right away. Outside, Elise is still upset about losing the challenge and still doesn’t take responsibility of what she did to the team. The Blue Team continues their Spa Day with a waxing of the eyebrows and has a good time. The Red Team is prepping the kitchen for tonight’s dinner service when the Blue Team comes in. As it gets closer to dinner service, both teams are ready to tackle the night and be on top of their game.

Hell’s Kitchen opens up and there is a side table added to the mix. Jennifer and Natalie are the two members of the Blue and Red Teams that are going to have the chance to run it while the rest of the team members have to make do in the kitchen. The teams try to start off with a bang and Blue Team succeeds on it. However, Krupa messes up with the Risotto. Ramsey calls it soup and tells her to start over. The next time around, Krupa nails the Risotto. Jennifer is sweating out in the dinning room and Ramsey tells her to wipe her face. On the Blue Team, Jonathan has problems with remembering the menu and Paul helps out and takes over the Garnish. Ramsey tells him not to take over. On the Red side, Gina doesn’t communicate and rushes out too much and causes Krupa’s appetizer to not be ready. Monterrey messes up with the Beef Wellington and Krupa is still messing up with the Lobster Spaghetti. After that, Krupa gets kicked out of the kitchen.

After Krupa gets kicked out, the Red Team puts it together and finishes up their appetizers. On the blue side, Tommy isn’t communicating to Monterrey about the dishes that need to go out. The blue dinner is getting frustrated. On the entres, the Red Team looks to Gina and Elise and they fail to communicate and Elise doesn’t have her side ready for her. Tommy is ready with his Cod and makes Monterrey burn his Wellington for waiting so long. Ramsey is not happy at all and Monterrey and Tommy get kicked out. Back on the Red Team, Elise and Gina get kicked out of the kitchen for not communicating with one another. In the back room, Elise tells that it wasn’t her fault to be kicked out and says that no one was telling her anything. The teams finish their dinner service with no further issues.

However after the dinner service, Ramsey says that there is no winning team tonight and tells them to pick their two that they want to send home. The Blue Team talks and says that Monterrey and Tommy are the ones who are going home. On the Red Team, they decide that Krupa and Elise are best to go home. Of course Elise says that it is not her fault and that she is the best on the team. The teams get to Ramsey and the Blue say Monterrey and Tommy while the Red Team pick Elise and Krupa. They step forward and Elise says that she has a lot to give and says that Gina is the weakest. Krupa says that Gina is the weakest as well. Tommy says that he made a mistake and will work harder and Monterrey says that he is not the worse cook on the team. Ramsey decides that Gina is to be eliminated from Hell’s Kitchen. Ramsey tells everyone that they need to get their act together and tells them that he hasn’t given up on them yet.