7 Chefs Compete - Recap

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Hell’s Kitchen picks back up with Chef Ramsay telling the Chefs that Elise needs to take her jacket off. He tells everyone to take off their jackets and tells that Hell’s Kitchen is now closed because none of them have the drive that he is looking for. He tells them all that they are going to go to New York and see BLT Steak first hand to show what they are going to be winning. Relieved, the Chefs get their bags packed and go to New York and meet up with Raheem Vaziralli of Foods of New York Tours. They start off by eating a little bit of Italian food in the morning. After the pizza, they try Chinese food and have Pecking Duck. Then they move on to French and then followed by Greek. They finish off with Mexican, Jamaican, and Indian food.

They go to BLT Steak and meet the owner Jina Yurgosky. They take a tour of the place and they get inspired. They meet Cliff Crooks, and Paul asks what they need to know working in a New York Kitchen. He tells that they need to realize that they are going to be getting a lot of orders in a row and that they are going to have to step up and make sure that everything is getting pushed out on time. They go back and meet Ramsay. He says that they are going to play a slot machine to get 5 ingredients to make a cuisine that they are going to win. Natalie is up first and has to make Jamaican. Jennifer gets to make Greek. Will gets to make Italian. Elizabeth gets to make Mexican. Tommy gets to cook Indian. Elise gets to cook Chinese. Paul gets to cook French. They get into the kitchen and start to make their dishes that they have been assigned and show that they have what it takes to make a difference. They get done and Ramsay says that they are going to pick the winning team with a “King of the Hill” type of contest and if the dish is great, they take the chair.

Tommy comes up with his cuisine of Indian with Chicken as the protein. Ramsay says that it is delicious. Elizabeth comes up with her cuisine of Mexican with New York Strip as the protein. Ramsay says that it is really good and gets the chair. Natalie comes up with her cuisine of Jamaican with Pork as the protein. Ramsay says that it is not good because it is too spicy. Paul tries to get the chair with his cuisine of French with Filet as the protein. He does it and takes the chair. Elise comes up with her cuisine of Chinese with Ahi Tuna as her protein and says that it is perfect. Will comes up with his cuisine of Italian with Scallops as the protein. Ramsay says that it is delicious and dethrones Elise. Jennifer is the last dish with her cuisine of Greek with Salmon as the protein. Ramsay says that it is really good. The winner is the Red Team. They get to go to the beach and Ramsay tells that they are going to love it. Blue Team is going to prep both kitchens.

The Red Team get to Venice beach and James is there “Zorbing”. He explains that they have to get in a plastic ball and hold onto straps and have people push them. They have fun going around. Meanwhile, Tommy is confused and the other team members are getting tired of his idiot attitude. The Red Team comes back from their day at the beach and brag about it. Tommy says that he prepped the Wellingtons, but she is going to have to score them. She agrees and scores them herself. Hell’s Kitchen is open and tonight they have another full house and they have to move to impress. Right away, Natalie messes up on the scallops. Meanwhile the Red Team is getting their act together and pushing out the appetizers all except for Elizabeth who is clearly frazzled by the pressure that they are put under. Tommy messes up with the onion rings on the Blue Team and Ramsay is not happy. Elizabeth continues to be frazzled and Ramsay takes her to the side and gives her a pep talk. She says that she is alright now.

After Elizabeth calms down, Elise tries to impress with the Wellingtons, but Ramsay says that they are falling apart. She tells that it was Tommy’s fault for scoring the first patch of Wellingtons. However, after going to Tommy, the story that Elise is telling is not true and Ramsay sees this. He tells her that she has no one but herself to blame. Meanwhile, the fish from several tables come back on the Blue side and Natalie is brought up on the fish. Natalie admits that she doesn’t know what she is doing and Ramsay says that she nailed that on the head. Back on the Red Team, Elizabeth tells that her Bass is not ready and that she needs time. Elise cuts her New York Strip and puts it in the oven. The meat comes back overcooked and dry and Elizabeth’s Bass is raw. Both Elizabeth and Elise are kicked out. They finish off dinner service on the Red with Ramsey, Scott and MaryAnn and Jennifer. Ramsay tells that no one is the clear winner again.

Both teams go to their areas and talk about who should go up. Jennifer has the ultimate choice with the Red Team and she says that she is going to have to think about it. The Blue Team talk and Natalie says that is obvious and she starts crying. The rest of the team console her and tell that Elise needs to go. The Chefs come up to the Blue Team chooses Natalie. The Red Team picks Elise. They go up to Ramsey and he asks why they should be in Hell’s Kitchen. Natalie says that she has worked hard and that she could be what BLT is looking for. Elise tells that she doesn’t want to go home and she says that she will throw herself out of there herself if she is not perfect at next dinner service. Natalie goes home and Ramsay says that she is a good Chef, but not for BLT Steak. Ramsay says that he needs to see the level of inspiration.