6 Chefs Compete - Recap

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With Natalie out of the competition, only Jennifer, Elizabeth, Elise, Will, Paul, and Tommy are up for the Top 5 spots. The chefs go back to their rooms and Elise says that she is so grateful of the chance to be there still. The next day, Elizabeth says that she is not going to panic anymore and the other members of her team laugh. They go out to Chef Ramsay and he says that each team is going to have to make 3 dishes. One member is to make a 30 minute, a 20 minute dish and a 10 minute dish. Jennifer and Tommy start with their 30 minute dishes and they move in with no problem. Elizabeth and Paul start with their 20 minutes dishes and Elizabeth is a little scatter-brained. Elise and Will start with their 10 minute dishes and they rush to complete it. With three minutes left, Jennifer’s lamb is raw. She is worried that it is not going to be ready.

Jennifer and Tommy go against each other and Jennifer tells that hers is the worst dish that she made, but the lamb is cooked perfectly and the Red Team wins the point. Paul and Elizabeth go against each other and Paul’s dish gets the point for the Blue Team in a tight close race. It all comes down to Elise and Will. It is the Blue team that wins the challenge. Elise cries and Ramsay tells her to stop it. The Blue Team is told that they are going on a shopping spree. He says that the Red Team is going to get the dinning room ready for a Black Tie Charity Event and the teams are going to serve a six-course dinner. Elise is still crying and Ramsay tells her to stop it. The Blue Team goes outside and gets into a limo to take them to Rodeo Drive to go shopping. They have champagne inside the limo and have a blast. Meanwhile, the Red Team is not having fun moving tables around to get ready. Elise and Elizabeth don’t pull their load in Jennifer’s eyes and it upsets her.

Back at the clothing shop, the guys get to their rewards and have fun shopping for clothes that they don’t know of. Later, the Red Team start on their redecorating and Elise tries to take charge again to try to show that she can lead. They prepare the room without any problems. The Blue Team gets back and gives the Red Team a handkerchief so that they have something to cry in when they kick their butts tonight. The teams prepare for the dinner service coming and Elise tries to step up and boss the team around of what they are doing. After a long argument, they settle their menus. On the Blue Team, they are organized from the start. Ramsay takes the chefs to the side and tells them that they have a duty to do and he is going to be looking at who could be a good leader and get the 5 coveted black jackets. The chefs are excited and are ready to kick off the night right away.

Dinner service begins and it is full throttle for the Red Team. Tonight, the Red Team is cooking for the American Cancer Society and the Blue Team is cooking for donators for the American Humane Association. Elizabeth is in a stressful from the first moment and she tries to manage her team, but is not leading them at all. Whereas on the Blue Team, they are getting everything right until Tommy messes up on the salad. However, they redeem it and get them pushed out there. The teams start the second courses and it is Elise to take charge. She takes charge in the only way that she knows and gets the Risotto out with no issues. However, the Blue Team have a little snag and Will helps Tommy get his Risotto out. The third dish goes out and Jennifer tries to have her team help her and they show that they are not helping. The red team are not doing good at all as a team. The Blue Team manage to get the course out with no problems at all.

The fourth dish is the chicken and Elizabeth, since she cooked it too soon, has to have all the Red Team courses to be brought back early so that they can eat the chicken. However, they get it out with no mistakes, but it is clear that Elizabeth is frazzled. The Blue Team gets their chicken out with no issues. The fifth dish is the Wellingtons and Elise and Tommy are in charge. Tommy manages to get his act together and get them out with no issues. Elise tries to get her dish out, but Ramsay says that the potatoes need salt. Elise thinks that Jennifer is sabotaging her too. Ramsay is almost tired of it. The last course goes out and it is up to Jennifer and Will are racing. However, Jennifer’s apples are raw all thanks to Elise. Both teams finish their service and report to Ramsay.

They go up to Ramsay and Jennifer and Elise go at each other and Elise says that she doesn’t deserve the treatment she gets for it. Ramsay tells the Blue Team that they are safe, but the Red has something to worry about. The chefs go back to their kitchen and Jennifer says that Elise is full of it and she doesn’t want to worry about it. Elise says that she is upset and she doesn’t deserve to go home tonight. The chefs come over and Will, Paul and Tommy get their black jackets. Jennifer, Elise and Elizabeth come up and Elise and Jennifer go at each other’s throats. Ramsay asks why each should be there. Elizabeth says that she can show what she has to do. Jennifer says that she would love to go head to head and Elise says that she wants to be that great leader. Ramsey gives a black jacket to Jennifer and Elise get black jackets and Elizabeth is sent home.