5 Chefs Compete - Recap

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The Final Five gets another chance in the kitchen and Elise, Will, Tommy, Paul and Jennifer are ready to show that they deserve that second chance. They go to the lobby and Paul teases Jennifer for confessing her love for him. The next day, the chefs wake up to go into the kitchen to meet with Chef Ramsay. He says that he has an important task for them today. He says that he wishes that fish would fall from the sky. At the moment, an Alaskan Salmon falls from the ceiling and scares everyone. He says that they are going to have to cook the Salmon and turn it into an expensive dish. The chef with the most expensive dish wins. They race and they’re all in the game to show that they have the best talent. The chefs serve their dishes and Ramsay calls in Justin Wyborn of Nobu, Donato Poto of Providence and Chris Denton of Mr. Chow come in to help judge the dishes with Ramsay.

Will comes up first and they tell that it is a little too salty and rate it at $28.67 per plate. Elise comes up with hers and they say that the pasta with the fish was weird and says that they can’t taste the Salmon. She gets a price of $24.33 per dish. Tommy comes up with his, but the managers tell that the fish is a little dry. They give it $25.33 per plate. Paul comes up and they compliment the fish and tell him that it is cooked perfectly. They rate it at $29.67 per plate. Jennifer comes up last and they tell that the fish is excellently cooked despite the look of the plate. However, she doesn’t make it past Paul when she gets a price of $28.33 per plate. Paul wins the challenge and joins Ramsay on a helicopter ride. Paul chooses Tommy to go with him. The other chefs have to prep the kitchen.

Paul and Tommy meet up with Ramsay and are amazed that they are going to be going up on a rooftop of a skyscraper in Los Angeles. Tommy tells that he is scared of heights and Paul loves every second of it. They get to the rooftop and toast. Meanwhile, Will and Jennifer have the Alaskan Salmon and Elise is refusing to help so that she doesn’t want to smell like fish. Will is upset that she doesn’t want to pitch in with helping. Paul and Tommy go out to lunch and are served by Executive Chef Amanda of Water Grill. Paul takes a liking to her and is nervous and asks if she wants to fly in the helicopter. Back at the kitchen, Jennifer says that the smell of Salmon will attract Paul. Tommy and Paul get in and tell that they had a fun time and joke with them.

Hell’s Kitchen is opened and one kitchen is in charge of the entire dinning room. However, after 15 minutes, Tommy and Jennifer’s bad communication is horrible and causes them to mess up on the appetizers. Jennifer and Tommy’s communication problem worsens and Tommy takes the blame of a raw dish that Jennifer told him to take up even though that he told that it wasn’t ready to go up. However they get their act together and Jennifer and Tommy figure out how to get the appetizers out there. Ramsay mixes things up and has the chefs cook up the entrees too. Elise is on the fish station and they other chefs tell that they have to work as a team. Ramsay doesn’t like what he is seeing in Elise and tells her that she needs to cook the fish the right way by putting it skin-side down. The other chefs tell Elise this, but she is not listening.

Paul is determined to no allow Elise to bring him down and he is going to show Ramsay that he is amazing on the Steaks. He manages to impress with perfect performance. The kitchen seems to have a steady flow until the communication lacks again and Tommy gets thrown under the bus by Jennifer again and he decides to go to Elise and see if she wants some help with the fish. Ramsay says that it is not right and tells Tommy to get back with Jennifer. Elise messes up on the fish again for the third time and she still isn’t listening to the rest of the people around her. Ramsay has enough and tells everyone to get out. The chefs go to the lobby and are frustrated. Ramsay tells the Head Chefs to get Will and Paul to come back and have them finish the service with them. Tommy wonders why he isn’t out there with them and Jennifer wallows in her mistakes while Elise says that she did nothing wrong.

The chefs go to Ramsay and he says that they are going to have to pick two to go up for elimination. Tommy goes up to Ramsay and asks why he wasn’t called into the kitchen with Will and Paul and Ramsay tells him that he will put Tommy’s head into the oven and talk to him through the gas burner. Tommy dares him to do it. Ramsay tells him not to put more salt on the wound and tells him to get out of there for now. Inside, Elise takes Will to the side and tells that he needs to have her back and she will have his. She does the same with Paul and they both tell that they don’t know. They get to judgment and Elise and Jennifer get called to the front. After telling how they could be great, Ramsay asks the other 3 chefs waiting for the choice who the weakest cook is. Tommy says that it is Elise, but Will and Paul tell that Jennifer is. Ramsay agrees and tells that Jennifer is going home. Next week the winner will be crowned!