4 Chefs Compete - Recap

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With Jennifer gone from the competition, only Elise, Will, Paul and Tommy remain in the running to claim the position at BLT Steak in New York. Tonight is a two part episode and the winner of Hell’s Kitchen is going to be crowned. The chefs go to their rooms and Will tells Elise that she can cook better then Jennifer and that is why he picked her. The next morning, the chefs get their new challenge and Chef Ramsey brings out Elise’s son, husband and aunt, Tommy’s mom and girlfriend, Paul’s brother and Will’s mom and wife come to give their love to them. Tommy kisses his girlfriend over and over again and the chefs get to have a little inspiring moment, but have to say goodbye to them after spending some time with them.

They get back to business and shows them that they have 35 minutes to recreate the dish. The winner of the challenge is going to be able to spend all day with their family. Will and Tommy go with Monkfish while Elise is Halibit. Paul is still unsure what kind of fish it is. Tommy moves on to the meat and thinks that it is Serrano Ham whereas Will, Paul and Elise feel that it is Prosciutto. With 4 minutes left, all 4 chefs chose the same Garnish for the finishing touches. Tommy goes out of the game and the winner of the challenge is Paul. He gets to go to the Dodgers Game with his brother. The rest of them have to move out and Elise cries again.

Paul and his brother meet with Tommy Lasorda, a L.A. Dodgers Legend. He has a great time and gets to meet Don Mattingly. Meanwhile, the losing chefs have to clean up the dorms because it is their last night and they find that the girls' dorm is messier then the guys' dorm. They are not liking it. Back at the stadium, Ramsay throws the opening pitch and gives Paul and his brother a Dodger Dog. Paul says that he has to win now.

The chefs prepare for the most important dinner service of their lives and they open up the kitchen. Paul is first to run the team. Paul doesn’t see the first challenge between shrimp and lobster. Paul loses it on Tommy about the fish. Tommy’s turn to run the team and Tommy is confusing everyone. Elise is up and she fails her first challenge with the sauce. However, she spots the second. Will is the last up for his chance to win the challenges. Will spots the first test and Elise tries to mess Will over by trying to put things in food that don’t belong.

The remaining tickets go out and the chefs finish up and meet with Ramsay. He says that they all need to go back to the dorm and think about why they deserve a spot in the Final 2. Tommy asks if he did alright and they are all silent. Will goes up to Elise and says that he appreciates her fight in the competition. Ramsey says that he has understood one person and appreciates. However, they are not ready to be the next chef at BLT Steak. He tells the group that Tommy is leaving the competition now. He hugs Ramsay and says goodbye to all of them.

Ramsay talks to the remaining three and ask Paul, Elise and Will why they should be there and they share their drive and determination. The first person into the final is Will. It is between Paul and Elise and the next spot goes to Paul. Elise cries and the guys tell her to hold her head high. Ramsay says that she is a strong person and allows her to keep her jacket. Elise says that she is ready for anything now. The biggest service now is between Will and Paul now. Who will win Hell’s Kitchen Season 9?