Winner Announced - Recap

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With Tommy and Elise out of the competition, it is between Will and Paul in the season finale of Hell’s Kitchen. Chef Ramsay says that their biggest service of their lives is coming up and they are going to have to push it if they are going to do it. Will and Paul go back to the dorm and toast to their victory. They work throughout the night on their menus that they are going to present to the dinner service. Will says that he knows what he is going to cook and Paul says that he is going to make sure that everything is perfect. Paul says that he is doing this for his mom who passed away right before Paul went out to Hell’s Kitchen and he made a promise that he would win it for her. The next day, the two share their menus with Scott and Mary Ann. They like what they see. Ramsay says that they need to de-stress and there are limos outside. They go outside to find that Will’s wife and mom are in one and Paul’s brother is in another.

They go to dinner with Ramsay and Ramsay gives chance to meet the chef. However, they go into the kitchen and it is actually an auditorium full of people. He tells that they have 1 hour to prepare 5 dishes that could be at BLT Steak. They get to work and at the end, Ramsay invites Victor Albusu, Executive Chef at BLT Steak Washington, D.C. for the first dish. He tastes Paul’s dish and Will’s dish. He chooses Will’s dish. Brian Moyers, Executive Chef at BLT Steak Los Angeles, comes up and tries the second dish and gives Paul’s salad the point. Johan Svensson, Chef De Cuisine at BLT Steak Honolulu, comes up and gives his point to Paul. Cliff Crooks, Executive Chef at BLT Steak New York, comes up and judges the Meat. He gives the point to Will and the score is tied. The president of BLT Steak, Keith Treyball, comes up and the last dish and point goes to Will. The winner of the challenge is Will. Paul isn’t hurt about it and says that he is going to have a perfect dinner service.

When the chefs get back to Hell’s Kitchen, there is a gift. They unwrap it to find all the past contestants of the season. Ramsay says that they get to pick who they are going to work with. Will picks Tommy, Natalie and Jennifer while Paul picks Elise, Elizabeth and Jonathan. With Krupa and Carrie left, Will picks Krupa so that Paul is stuck with Elise and Carrie together. Even Ramsay feels bad for Paul. However, Paul doesn’t seem affected by it and they get into the dorms and discuss what they want to do during the dinner service. Paul tells Elise and Carrie that they better not fight and Elise says that she is not going to because she is ready to draw blood for Paul. Will tries to explain the quail by drawing it and it looks like a lady’s private parts. The team chuckles and Will apologizes for his attempt at drawing. Will and Paul hit the kitchen early the next day and push the team to prepare the menu the way they discussed and Will is worried about his choice of Krupa. Will says that he is going to lead the team to victory. Ramsay tests all of Will’s dishes and they pass. However, Paul’s dishes don’t pass and he says that he has a lot of work to do before tonight. He comes back and tells that he wants to win this for his mom and the team agrees that they will push.

The final dinner service is opened up and Will’s team gets off to a good start with his choice of Natalie on Appetizers makes Natalie a little frazzled. Paul tells his team and Elise takes control and helps out Paul, but she messes up on the shrimp. A fire in a pan happens and Ramsay says that Elise needs to pick it up. Natalie manages to help Will and they get out the appetizer. However, Will pushes too fast. Paul struggles on getting the team to communicate more and he is struggling. Will pushes Krupa to get the fish out and she is not doing a good job at all. On Paul’s team, he tries to get Jonathan to deliver on the Steaks and Elise helps out and Paul makes the decision to move Jonathan off Meats and puts Elise on it. Will’s team has Krupa’s fish come back and Will decides to move Krupa off fish and puts Natalie on it. She tells that she needs 8 minutes on it.

After 2 hours in, Natalie tries to pick up where Krupa left off and on Paul’s team, they get toward the last tickets and Paul tells them all that they are going to do it and motivates them to get it to the end. Will manages to hit his stride too and both kitchens are the best at what they do. They hug one another and Paul is proud that he got Elise and Carrie to work together. Will and Paul are proud of themselves. After the dinner service Will and Paul say goodbye to the other chefs and they tell their leader good luck. Ramsay says that he is going to take every detail from the comment cards and will call when he has the decision.

Will and Paul get to the dorm and they pace back and forth as they remember their time on Hell’s Kitchen. Paul gets stressed on the anxiety of waiting. Finally at 10:24 PM, they get the phone call of Chef Ramsay’s decision. They go down to his office and Ramsay says that Will is a great chef and that there is no doubt that he belongs in a kitchen. He tells Paul that he has the most passion that he has ever seen on Hell’s Kitchen and says that he did a great job. He tells both Chefs to turn and face their door. They will pull the handle and if their door opens, then they win the $250,000 salary at BLT Steak. They put their hands on the door and it is Paul’s door that opens. He comes down the stairs and screams with joy. He goes to his brother and hugs him. Will goes up to him and tells that Paul earned it. Paul says that he wants to thank them all and says that they did it for his mom. Paul puts his picture on the wall to join the other 8 winners of Hell’s Kitchen. The episode ends.