14 Chefs Compete - Recap

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With Don out of the competition and Roshi on the Blue Team, Patrick (50), Barbie (34), Kimmie (27), Clemenza (41), Roshni (28), Royce (29), Brian (31), Robyn (31), Dana (27), Guy (28), Justin (29), Tiffany (30), Christina (32), and Danielle (27) are still in it to prove that they are the best chef in the competition. Brian says that things are going to different. The Red Team is a team divided and Dana and Danielle agree that Robyn is trouble.

The next day, Chef Ramsay brings the chefs out and says that they are going to cook Mexican Food. They bring in a big piñata. He says that there are going to have to get 25 balls to split to make 5 stunning dishes. Ramsay hits the piñata and the chefs collect as many ingredients as they can. They race in the kitchen with 35 minutes to make the dishes. Brian is confident about his dish and says that it is easy. Danielle doesn’t like that she has to cook burritos and says that she is still going to give it her all. They get ready with the dishes and pick which 5 dishes to put up. They choose Royce’s tacos over Brian’s. Ramsay says that Thomas Ortega from Ortega 120 and John Sedlar from Rivera & Playa are going to come out to help judge the dishes.

The battle of the dishes begins and Royce & Kimmie go head to head. Royce’s tacos are a little bit too greasy and the Red Team gets the point. Danielle & Clemenza come up with the burritos. Danielle’s is hard to eat while Clemenza’s mix of Italian and Mexican scores the point for the Blue Team. Tiffany & Justin come up with their soups and it is Tiffany’s that the chefs like better. The Red Team get the point. Christina & Patrick come up with the enchiladas and it is Patrick that the judges favor. Blue Team gets the point and ties it up. The last dish for the Tostada is with Roshni and Dana. Both dishes are amazing. The winning team is the Red Team.

With the win, The Red Team gets day of Mexican Culture and have a surprise waiting for them there. The Blue Team is going to be prepping all day. They get to eat at Rivera & Playa and enjoy a delicious mean. However, the Blue Team has to eat Tripe. The Red Team gets to dance Salsa while the Blue Team is stuck cutting up everything. Tiffany is drinking and Royce tells Danielle that Kimmie’s flour tortilla tacos should have not been allowed and that it is not good. Tiffany is drunk and tells Kimmie that Dana, Danielle and Christina were talking crap about Kimmie’s dish. This upsets her. Before dinner service, Robyn suggests that they clear the air, but it turns into a argument between Kimmie and Dana. On the Blue Team, they are being extra nice around Roshni and watching their language.

Dinner service opens and it is their first ever “Mexican Night”. James is wearing a sombrero, but Ramsay doesn’t like it. The night begins and Barbie messes up on the mussels. Barbie is determined to bounce back. On the Blue Team, Guy messes up with his tuna. Guys tries to say it is good, but loses the battle. Guy comes back and it is good. The Blue Team push out appetizers. Barbie scores the redemption and they are both doing great. On the Red Team, Dana and Kimmie put the fish and meat on the same tray and no one wants to admit to it. Kimmie is upset with Dana and she tells Kimmie that she asked her if she wanted them on the same tray. Tiffany screams at them and tells them that it doesn’t matter.

Patrick and Guy get up with their first entrée and it is not good. Guy is messing up again and Ramsay says that Patrick needs to step up and take the lead. Back on the Red Team, Danielle is confident. However, her pork is raw. On the Blue team, the next attempt of the entrée and Patrick fails to tell the right time. They are kicked out of the kitchen. The remaining members of the Blue Team are determined to make a comeback. Danielle tries again, but fails. She is kicked out. On the Blue Team, Clemenza tells Justin that the pork isn’t done, but he puts it up anyways. Barbie is kicked out of the Red Team for trying to put a thermometer in the chicken. Tiffany laughs, but her burnt potatoes get her kicked out of the kitchen. The remaining members manage to get the dinner service completed and they shut it down.

Afterward, the chefs line up and Kimmie says that Dana was the one who put the fish and meat on the same tray. However, it was Kimmie who really did this. The Blue Team gets into the dorm and start talking about who is going up. They all agree that Patrick messed up and needs to go up. Patrick is ready for the challenge and says that they are going to have to push hard. Meanwhile, the Red Team is arguing for whom to go up. Kimmie says that Barbie needs to go up and she says that it was over a thermometer. Kimmie is suggested to go up along with Danielle for messing up the pork. Dana takes Christina and Danielle in and says that Danielle shouldn’t go up. However, Christina kind of feels that Dana should for messing up the pork.

The chefs come out and face Ramsay. The Blue Team nominates Patrick and Guy to go up. Red Team nominates Barbie and Danielle. Ramsay agrees with that and they all step forward. Patrick says that he has consistent and professional and won’t make the same decision. Guy says that he is not in over his head. Danielle says that she wants to be there and stand out. Barbie says that she doesn’t belong up. Ramsay says that Barbie needs to go back to the line. The person leaving Hell’s Kitchen is not told and the episode ends with to be continued.