13 Chefs Compete, Part 1 - Recap

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The episode picks up after last episode being to be continued and Danielle, Patrick and Guy are in line to see which of them are to be eliminated. Ramsay says that it is Danielle who is leaving Hell’s Kitchen. Dana cries and Ramsay tells her that he is more pissed then she is. The chefs get to the dorms. Dana tells Christina that Kimmie, Robyn and Tiffany are going to try to pick them off one by one. Christina says that she is with her all the way. Kimmie is in the other room telling the others that they have to get rid of Christina and Dana next. Tiffany says that crying shows weakness. Royce tells Patrick that he messed up and says that he has to be a leader. Patrick is getting upset and the others tell Royce to stop antagonizing the situation.

The next day, the chefs all go out to the dinning room and Ramsay says that food is like fashion and they are going to have a Fashion Night at Hell’s Kitchen. He shows the evolution of food that includes: Tv Dinners and Jello Mold in the 50’s, the Fondue in the 70’s and Asian Fusion in the 90’s. Ramsay says that they are going to have to create a tasting menu for Fashion Designers. David Meister, Amanda Che and Ina Soltani are the three designers who are going to be helping Ramsay judge the dishes. All designers say that they need something healthy with a kick. The chefs have 30 minutes to make the menu. They work hard to get the dishes completed and Guy almost doesn’t finish with the potatoes.

The battle of the cuisines begins and first up is Justin and Dana as they present the appetizers. The designers say that Justin’s dish is not looking appealing. They say that Dana’s dish is clumsy. They taste it and they like the flavor of the Red Team’s dish more. The Red Team gets the point. Moving on to Poultry with Tiffany and Patrick, the Blue Team gets the point for the overall taste of the dish and Tiffany’s lack of paying attention with the deep fried eggplant. This ties up the score and the last dish is the fish. Kimmie doesn’t like that there is no spice on it. Robyn and Guy go head to head. The presentation is good, but Ina says that the Red Team’s dish has no spice. Blue Team gets the point and wins the challenge.

The Blue Team gets to go wine tasting in Malibu as well as go on a shopping spree. The Red Team is going to have to transform the dinning hall into a Fashion Show. Kimmie starts to cry over the fact that she allowed Robyn not to put the spice on the Sea Bass. This starts a little feud between Robyn and Kimmie. The Blue Team walks out of there to go to their reward while the Red Team starts moving tables. The Blue Team meets up with their personal shopper and Brian automatically falls in love. Meanwhile, Christina takes most of the weight of the challenge and Robyn tries to get Kimmie to stay behind so that they can talk. However, she wants nothing to do with that. They keep moving and Christina gets a little upset that she is doing most of the work. To let go of frustrations, they decide to walk down the runway that they just assembled.

Meanwhile, the Blue Team go to a vineyard and sample wine. Patrick says that he is a knowledgeable person when it comes to wine. The rest of the Blue Team don’t care as they drink glass after glass of wine and don’t care about the vintage anymore. Back at the dinning hall, Tiffany keeps farting and making everyone else around thinking she is too immature. They finish up and get back to the dorm. Robyn says that she is upset that Kimmie tried to pin the lack of spice solely on her and that Kimmie never takes responsibility for her actions. The next morning, Clemenza wakes everyone up for the prep so that they can get started on getting everything perfect for later. Robyn and Kimmie talk about the other day and Kimmie gets upset with Robyn and walks out to cry.

Ramsay gathers the chefs together and tells them that they are going to have to step it up and makes sure that they do their best. He says that they are going to have a show and then serve appetizers. Then they will have another show and then serve entrées. The chefs get everything ready and Kimmie decides that she is going to let all the hurt feelings go and concentrate on the dinner service. The guests arrive and the models get ready to go out. Ramsay sees on the Blue Team that Clemenza is cooking the scallops. He asks him why he is cooking the scallops and asks him if he wants to leave. He says that he doesn’t. The episode ends on another to be continued.