13 Chefs Compete, Part 2 - Recap

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Fashion Night continues in the kitchen and Clemenza tried to get ahead by cooking the most popular dish. Ramsay is clearly disappointed at his lack of hearing, but Hell’s Kitchen opens up for their first Fashion Show anyways. Royce and Kimmie are there to be at the window to make sure that the plates look nice. Tiffany says that she is confident on the Fish station. The guys are having fun looking at the models and the girls call them skinny twigs. The Red Team gets going and Barbie and Tiffany mess up on the first appetizer. On the Blue Team, they nail it. They are communicating and get the next order. Tiffany redeems herself with the scallops and appetizers get moving. Dana and Christina are moving and Robyn attempts to help, but they are not interested. They manage to get the appetizers out together and send them out. Clemenza is messing up with the scallops and Ramsay gets frustrated with them when they overcook them.

After 40 minutes into dinner service, the Red Team finishes and is waiting on the scallops on the Blue Team. With a big order, they need more time. Royce is told to tell the models that they need another five minutes. He goes over to them and is distracted by attractive models. However, he delivers the message. Brian jumps on the station with Clemenza and they manage to get them out. The second half of the night starts and it is Swimsuit Models. Guy burns the entrée because he was too busy looking at the models. The Red Team have beef and Robyn is about to get her butt handed to her she thinks. She brings it up and it is perfect. The Blue Team gets their order and they seem to be focused, but the fish is overcooked. However, Clemenza gets a second attempt and it is good. On the Red Team, Robyn realizes that the beef is overcooked. Robyn asks to get her more beef. None of her team wants to go to the Blue Team to ask for more beef. She is speechless and says tells Ramsay that she has none. He tells her to go to the table and tell them the news.

Robyn goes to the table and they go for Pigeon instead. Tiffany has Christina cook her fish and Barbie realizes that Tiffany won’t be able to take the fall for it if it comes back. The order is called and Tiffany brings it up. However, the swordfish is cold. When asks about it, Tiffany says that she didn’t cook it. Barbie doesn’t like how Tiffany doesn’t take responsibility for anything. They manage to fire up another one and get it out. They finish up on the entrées rather quickly and Kimmie gets the dishes out looking nice. Ramsay is happy with the quality of service that Kimmie gave tonight. On the Blue Team, Royce is a master platter, but gets a time out when he wipes a plate with a dirty towel. He comes up and manages to finish up dinner service. The final show starts and the Red Team are happy that they got to get service done without anybody getting kicked out. The Blue Team get their butts handed to him when Ramsay finds a bunch of Swordfish cooked and no one to give it to. Clemenza and Royce go to Ramsay and Royce tries to backtrack on what he told Clemenza.

Ramsay talks to the chefs and tells them that the winning team is the Red Team for their speed on getting the plates out 10 minutes before the Blue Team. The Red Team is happy that they don’t have to go up for elimination. The Blue Team sits down and Patrick says that Clemenza should go up. They have a hard time to find a second. Robyn takes Christina to the side and asks why she didn’t accept her help. Christina says that it is nothing personal and that she just was in the zone of everything. Robyn accepts that and they go back to the rest of the team. The Blue Team works out who to send up with Clemenza and they nominate Guy. However, Guy says that he has to go with Brian because he was there next to Clemenza and didn’t help. Brian says that he helped him and got the orders out.

The Blue Team line up and Roshni says that Clemenza and Guy are the two. They come up and Guy says that he is not done and says that he fights everyday. Clemenza says that he has been an asset to the team and Ramsay asks who should go home and everyone feels that Clemenza should go home. Clemenza fights for his time on Hell’s Kitchen with passion and says that he is not ready to go home at all. Ramsay asks if he is done and Clemenza says that he is not. Ramsay says that Clemenza is not going home and that Guy is.