11 Chefs Compete, Part 1 - Recap

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With Roshni out of the competition, Patrick (50), Barbie (34), Kimmie (27), Clemenza (41), Royce (29), Brian (31), Robyn (31), Dana (27), Justin (29), Tiffany (30) and Christina (32) are in it still to try to win the spot as Head Chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak. The contestants get back to the dorm and talk about the service. Clemenza can’t believe that the team tried to send him up there. Brian tells him not to worry about it. Royce and Patrick argue and Royce tells him that he doesn’t care. They go to bed. The next morning, Kimmie tries to lighten the mood with her “attempt” at rapping. No one is impressed.

They get to the kitchen where Ramsay has a surprise for them. He reveals that it is a slot machine. They are going to let the slot machine choose what they are going to make. The Red Team has to sit out one girl. After bickering, Kimmie decides to sit out. Dana and Patrick work with Flat Iron, Potatoes, Mushrooms, Spinach and Blue Cheese. Christina and Royce work with Hanger, Yam, Eggplant, Asparagus and Crab. Barbie and Brian get New York Strip, Celery Root, Tomatoes, Cauliflower and Shrimp. Justin and Tiffany get Filet, Beets, Carrots, Zucchini and Chorizo. Last up is Clemenza and Robyn. They get Rib Eye, Parsnip, Sweet Corn, Broccoli and Bacon. Kimmie decides to cook Rib Eye and go aganst Robyn. They get going on their dishes and have only 30 minutes.

Tiffany and Justin come up first with their Filet and Ramsay really loves Justin’s. He says that Tiffany’s dish tastes good and says that the Blue Team gets the point. Royce and Christina’s Hanger goes up. He loves Christina’s, but doesn’t like the Yam. Royce is told that it looks delicious, but the Eggplant is raw. The Red Team gets the point. Dana and Patrick’s Flat Iron come up and Dana’s dish looks like a mess and it is dry. Patrick is told that his dish is too salty and no points are given. Barbie and Brian with their New York Strip get up there and Ramsay says that it is delicious. Brian is told that his dish is great. However, the Red Team gets the point and the Blue Team. The final dish is the Rib Eye. Clemenza and Robyn come up and Ramsay says that Clemenza’s steak is delicious. Robyn’s steak is seasoned, but it is overcooked. The Blue Team wins. Kimmie brings up her dish and it is perfect.

The Blue Team gets to go shopping and get to go to the best restaurants in California. The Red Team has to unload a side of beef and get it prepped. Kimmie is pissed off and knows that it is going to be a long day. The Red Team come out to the truck and realizes that it is a big slice of meat. The guys come out and see the women struggle and are thankful that it is not them. They go shopping at a Chef Store and are in heaven. The Red Team is still upset that Robyn cost them the challenge despite everyone deciding to go with her dish to begin with. Robyn decides that they are no longer a team. The Blue Team gets to Comme Ca and meets with David Meyers, the Head Chef. Back on the Red Team, they continue to prep and Robyn is upset that Kimmie has been giving her dirty looks. The team tries to calm the situation down, but it is not use. Robyn is still upset with everyone for blaming her for the messed up Rib Eye. The Blue Team returns and they go to bed. The Red Team follows and get to bed as well.

The next morning, Robyn gets up from sleeping in the other room and Barbie, Dana and Christina tell Robyn that they don’t need the negative energy in their room. She talks to Tiffany and she tells Robyn to tell them to get lost with that talk. Patrick goes through his routine of praying to his kids and says that he wants to win this. They get into the kitchen and start their prep for dinner service. Justin is barking out orders and upsetting the Blue Team. On the Red Team, Barbie sees that Tiffany is cutting the onions too thick and tells Chef Andi about it. She then corrects Tiffany. This upsets her and Tiffany says that once Barbie can work on a line, then she can talk.

The chefs are called to the front after the little spat between Tiffany and Barbie and Ramsay says that it is Steak Night tonight along with Kids Night too. They are going to have a kids menu on the list. He congratulates Justin on his Filet and says that it is on the menu tonight. They get to work getting ready to win back any bad vibes that they have given out. Kimmie is on meat tonight and is confident. However, she burns her hand with oil. Her hand is shaking and the medic says that she cannot go back into the kitchen with grease burns. She cries and the episode ends on a to be continued.