11 Chefs Compete, Part 2 - Recap

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Hell’s Kitchen continues with Kimmie seeing the medic. She gets back to the kitchen with her fingers wrapped and gets to preparing. Robyn doesn’t care and says that she is a big baby. The kitchen opens for service and it is Family Night. It is Steak all around with a kids menu. The Red Team gets their first order and so do the Blue Team. Clemenza is confident and serves a perfect pizza with finesse. Tiffany cooks a bad pizza because she doesn’t like kids and just doesn’t care. Barbie makes the pizza perfectly and saves Tiffany. However, Tiffany doesn’t thank her for her help. Meanwhile, Brian is speaking Spanish and it upsets Clemenza. He messes up on the dish and imitates Ramsay. He gets told to imitate a good chef and knock off the funny stuff.

The night continues and Barbie picks up Tiffany’s slack again when she messes up again on another dish. Tiffany doesn’t care and says that Barbie needs to stop the attitude. On the Blue Team, they move onto the entrées. Patrick is on meat and there is no sear on it. He apologizes and Patrick tries again. On the Red Team, Kimmie and Robyn work on getting the first one out. However, Robyn messed up with cutting the steak while Kimmie’s was perfect. She blames Kimmie for not telling her what was going on with it. On the Blue Team, Patrick tries again with the steaks and redeems himself. He moves onto the next meat, but he messes up again when he announces a wrong order. Ramsay tells him to take a moment. Patrick doesn’t like to fail and goes back. The Red Team redeems themselves. However, Kimmie tells Robyn to run the fish up and Christina isn’t ready. Robyn feels that Kimmie is trying to sabotage her.

The Red Team serves and Ramsay tells Robyn her fish is dry. Robyn tries to defend her dish by saying that the others didn’t tell her when to bring it up. They try again. The Blue Team asks Patrick what is going out and he realizes that his third Filet is raw. He tries to bring it up quickly. Ramsay gets upset and kicks him out of the kitchen. On the Red Team, Robyn and Kimmie argue again and Ramsay asks what is going on. They tell him that they are mad at each other and that Kimmie isn’t telling her the right times. He tells them to get it together. Despite the arguing, they manage to get the orders out. Royce gloats at his ability to cook steaks, but when he fails, Ramsay kicks him out of the kitchen. On the Red Team, Tiffany and Barbie yell at one another and Ramsay is getting tired of the yelling back and forth. He calls the Blue Team over and the Red Team are not happy. After the arguing reaches the boiling point the Red Team are kicked out.

In the Dorm, Robyn is telling everyone that Kimmie messed her up because of the timing and says that she is nothing. Christina tells Kimmie to go upstairs and defend herself. Kimmie gets in and says that she didn’t have any steaks come back and that Robyn screwed up. They continue to argue. They meet with Ramsay after dinner service and he says that both teams are to choose two people to come up. They get back to their dorms and the Blue Team all agree that it is Patrick and Royce who should go up. They don’t argue about it. On the Red Team, they are arguing with who to send up. Christina says that Tiffany is the first for messing up on the pizza. However, they can’t decide on the other one. The others don’t like the way Robyn is running her mount and Robyn gets in Kimmie’s face. They yell at each other and points fingers at one another.

The Red and Blue Team come forward to Ramsay and the Blue Team says that their picks are Patrick and Royce. The Red Team says that it is Tiffany and Robyn. However, Robyn tries to tell Kimmie that she is wrong and says that she can get dirty. Ramsay calls them up to the front and asks them why they should stay. Royce says that he is a fighter and says that he is going to work hard. Patrick says that he is a professional and says that he can cook and command the kitchen. Tiffany says that is not done. Barbie says that Tiffany doesn’t care about the service. Tiffany says that Barbie is the weakest because she can’t run a station by herself. Robyn says that she has more fight and says that she tries to protect Kimmie. Ramsay says that Tiffany and Royce are going to go back in line. Patrick is going home. He says that he is not done and Robyn is told to join the Blue Team. He says that if she messes up, she is gone.