10 Chefs Compete - Recap

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With Patrick out of the running and Robyn moving to the Blue Team, it is down to Barbie (34), Kimmie (27), Clemenza (41), Royce (29), Brian (31), Robyn (31), Dana (27), Justin (29), Tiffany (30) and Christina (32) to show that they are the best of the best and can hold up a career at Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris in Las Vegas. The chefs go back to their dorms and Christina says that they need to come together. On the Blue Team, Robyn is fired up. Justin doesn’t want any Drama on the team. The next day, they get to the dinning room and Chef Ramsay is there with a craps table. He says that they are going to roll the die and get ingredients. The Blue Team is up to roll first and have to guess an ingredient to put together a dish. They have to do this by rolling a letter and calling out an ingredient.

Clemenza is up first and says Heirloom Tomatoes. Justin rolls and says Diakon. Robyn says Dragonfruit. Brian says Edimnon. Ramsay reminds them of their protein. Royce says Chicken. The Red Team is up and Tiffany says Chicory. Barbie says Lamb. Kimmie says Turnip. Dana says Brussels sprouts. Christina says Truffle. They get into the kitchen and they have to make their spring meal. On the Blue Team, they are trying to figure how they are going to go. However, they move on. The Red Team is in sync with what they are going to make and they push to complete what they have in their heads. The Blue Team decides to use the Dragonfruit as a sushi and work with it. With minutes to spare, the Red Team and Blue Team make sure that everything is perfect. The Red Team presents their dish. Ramsay says that the Lamb is great and says that sprouts are a let down. The Blue Team presents their dish and Ramsay says that plate is delicious. He says that the Chicken is slightly overcooked. Ramsay says that the winning team is the Blue Team is because of the edge that they had.

The Blue Team is going to Vegas and will stay at the Paris Hotel right above Gordon Ramsay Steak. The Red Team is going to be preparing for the service and will have to stay up all night preparing Pork for tomorrow night. Kimmie cries and brushes it off. Dana doesn’t like that Kimmie cries every time that they lose. They get back to their dorm and Kimmie is upset with Dana for trying to run the team. The Blue Team get to Vegas and the President of the Hotel meets them. They are escorted inside where there are women and champagne. Meanwhile, Tiffany on the Red Team gets the pig that they are going to have to cook and smacks it in the butt. She laughs and has fun with it. This creeps out Barbie and Dana a bit. Back with the Blue Team in Vegas and they meet Carrot Top. He shows a product that they could use and it is a chef hat with a mask. They get their picture taken. Later that night they go to the club and dance. In Hell’s Kitchen, there is an alarm on the grill that is annoying. Throughout the night, they have to baste it and turn it. They are exhausted and have to get up early and prepare more.

The Blue Team gets back in the morning and they try to joke with the women. They get into their kitchen and Robyn is a little confused on how they do things. Royce tells her that she is Blue now. The teams line up and Ramsay says that the Blue Team Lee DeWyze and Haley Reinhart. On the Red Team, they are going to have David & Brooklyn Beckham. James has a little case of laryngitis. They open the kitchen and the special guests arrive. On the Blue Team, Clemenza messes up on the scallops. He quickly redeems himself. Dana messes up with the flatbread and Christina finally gets it right. They get their next order on the Red Team and try to remained focus. Brian messes up with the flatbreads and Robyn works on it and it is great.

The dinning rooms are being fed and they move onward. The Red Team has their last scallops for the appetizers and they are perfect thanks to Tiffany. They move onto their entrées. On the Blue team, Robyn is pushing out orders and are almost finished with their appetizers. The entrées come up and Royce is on meat and messes it up on the Wellingtons. Ramsay flips the ticket and asks how long. Royce says 8 minutes. Ramsay doesn’t like that a minute ago it was 4 minutes. Ramsay takes the men of the Blue Team in a room and talks to them. He tells them to change their attitude and take a moment to relax. Robyn is alone and is trying to keep up the momentum. On the Red Team, Tiffany messes up and cooks a cod instead of a Sea Bass. Tiffany recognizes her mistake and rushes to get the Sea Bass up. She manages it and they recover.

The men get back and Royce and Clemenza get up their order. However, they both mess up with the fact that Royce’s meat is dry and Clemenza’s fish is burnt. Ramsay says that Clemenza looks like a slob and tells him to get a grip. Barbie & Kimmie manage to serve their dinner service customers without any big errors and Barbie loves that David Beckham loves her pork chop. After two hours into dinner service, the Blue Team mess up and Ramsay tells them to come over to the Red Team. He shows them that they are done while the Blue Team has 11 tickets. He calls the Red Team over to the Blue Team and helps them out. Brian and Tiffany clash a little and Christina tells the team just to get the service done. They manage and clearly, it is the Red Team who are the winners tonight.

Ramsay says that the Blue Team is going to have to come up with two individuals. They get to their dorm and Robyn says that she doesn’t know who else should go up, but is certain that Royce be one of them. The Blue Team come up to Ramsay and says that their first nominee is Royce. They say that Clemenza is their second choice. Royce and Clemenza come up and Royce says that he beats himself for his mistakes. Clemenza says that he has been on top of every challenge. Ramsay says that Royce and Clemenza need to give their jackets up. He tells Royce that his time in Hell’s Kitchen is over. He tells Clemenza that he needs to get back in line with a clean jacket. The episode ends.