9 Chefs Compete, Part 1 - Recap

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With the elimination of Royce last week, Barbie (34), Kimmie (27), Clemenza (41), Brian (31), Robyn (31), Dana (27), Justin (29), Tiffany (30) and Christina (32) are still in it to win the big prize at the end. The chefs get back to their dorms and Robyn starts to compliment Clemenza. However, he remembers everyone who has done him wrong in the competition. He decides to play along. Tiffany and Brian argue about Tiffany yelling at him in the kitchen. She tells him that he is taking it too personal. Justin tells her that she was yelling and she tells him to shut-up. The chefs get up in the morning and meet Chef Ramsay. He says that they are going to have fun and says that he is going to challenge them to a wings eating contest. He picks Tiffany and Barbie from the Red Team and Justin and Brian from the Blue Team. Justin doesn’t seem happy about this and hopes he doesn’t throw up. They get ready, but Ramsay says that they are going to be competing against World Eating Contest Champion, Joey Chestnut.

They sit down and start eating. The prize of $500 is up for whoever finishes the 60 wings on their plate. The Red and Blue Team try their hardest, but Joey beats them. Ramsay says that the chefs now are going to have to take the Hell’s Kitchen Taste Test now. Christina & Ryan come up for the taste test against Beets, Shallot, Turkey and Pineapple. Brian gets 3 out of 4 points and Christina gets 2 out of 4 points. Barbie and Robyn go against Grits, Turnips, Seabass and Cilantro. Robyn gets 0 out of 4 points and Barbie ties it up and gets 1 out of 4. Clamenza and Tiffany go against Lamb, Sweet Potato, Eggplant, Walnuts. Tiffany gets 1 out of 4 points and Clemenza gets 0 out of 4 points. Dana and Justin are the final pair and go against Scallop, Fig, Raddish and Sunchoke. Justin and Dana are neck to neck, but Dana only gets 3 out of 4 points and Justin wins the entire taste test by getting 4 out of 4, a first in Hell’s Kitchen.

The Blue Team gets to go to a Water Park and they have the entire park to themselves to do as they please. Ramsay says that it is delivery day for the Red Team and they are going to have to restock the kitchens, unload the trucks. They are not happy that they have to have another laborious day for the third time in a row. They get to work as the Blue Team go off to the water park. They try to block the Blue Team from going as a joke. They laugh and walk off to their ride. The Blue Team arrives at the water park and have fun going down the slides. Robyn stays by Clemenza’s side. Meanwhile, the Red Team has to unload ice. Barbie is in the truck helping out the team by putting the ice at the edge, but Kimmie takes it as her being lazy. Barbie and Kimmie get in an argument and Kimmie is ready to hit her. After the ice, they have work in the kitchen. They each have their chores and they hate every moment of it. The Blue Team continues to have fun on the slides and finish up.

The Blue Team gets back and there is a package to all the contestants. They open it up and find a video message from Ramsay. He says that it is going to be Red versus Blue menus. The Red Team gets to it and comes up with a Roasted Beet Salad and a Flatbread. Kimmie tries to suggest something and they ignore it. Meanwhile on the Blue Team, Robyn tries to suggest things, but all are shot down. Brian and Justin come up with what the menu because Clemenza and Robyn’s ideas get rejected. They agree on a few things and Justin says that Robyn’s ideas are from the 1980’s.

The next day, the chefs have only a few hours to prepare. Kimmie says that she doesn’t know what she is doing on the Red Team. She makes the sauce and the chefs don’t like it. She changes something in it and it passes their liking. On the Blue Team, Clemenza makes a mess of himself and goes off to clean her shirt. He says that he doesn’t want Ramsay to yell at him again for having a messy shirt. On the Red Team, Barbie is cleaning the muscles. The other team members are upset that she is taking so long. Dana says that it is taking her 2.5 hours to wash them. Barbie takes a smoke break to get out of the kitchen. Christina takes over and cleans them. On the Blue Team, Clemenza finally comes back with a clean shirt after taking 40 minutes to clean it. On the Red Team, Dana doesn’t like Tiffany’s potatoes, but she doesn’t care.

With a half an hour until dinner service, Ramsay comes in to taste the dishes. For the Red Team, they give him the dishes to try. He says that the Beet salad is horrible and says that the muscles are slimy. The flatbread is nice and so is the halibut. Kimmies sauce on the rib eye gets Ramsay’s approval and says that it is amazing. Ramsay goes over to the Blue Team and tries their dishes. Right away, he doesn’t like the salad and says that it is like looking at a dish from the 1980’s. He also doesn’t like Justin’s appetizer and says that it lacks seasoning. He doesn’t like the onions on it. The last dish, the Grilled Quail, is up for judgment and he says that it is undercooked and has bones everywhere. He asks Clemenza if he de-boned it and he says that he didn’t. Ramsay asks him if he is ready to go home. The episode ends on to be continued.