9 Chefs Compete, Part 2 - Recap

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The episode picks up with Chef Ramsay asking Clemenza if he is ready to go home. With only a half an hour until dinner service, he wants answers. Clemenza says that he will fix it. The Blue Team menu has to be stepped up. As they get ready for the dinner service, they fix what they need. The chefs line up and Ramsay says that this is their menus and that they have to have some pride. The Red Team menu will feature: Christina’s Asparagus Flatbread, Kimmie’s Rib Eye and Tiffany’s All Groton Potatoes. The Blue Team menu will feature: Justin’s Scallop Squash Stuff Blossom, Justin’s Steak and fried onion and Brian’s Sea bass.

The dinning hall is open and Ramsay gives the diners comment cards. The Red Team has some struggles with her flatbread at first and Barbie jumps in and it works. On the Blue Team, the squash blossom is raw. Robyn messes up and says that it is Justin’s fault for not telling her the time on it. Robyn fails on it again. Meanwhile on the Red Team, they have served their appetizers and move onto entrées. Barbie asks Kimmie if she wants help and she tells her that she doesn’t. Ramsay brings back Kimmie’s Rib Eye. It is overcooked. Barbie gives the “I told you so” look. Back on the Blue Team, Robyn runs out of the scallops and goes to the diners and they switch their order. Brian doesn’t like how Robyn is messing up and says that it is her fault that they are failing tonight. The Blue Team finally moves on to entrées with the help of communication.

On the Red Team, Kimmie redeems herself with the meat station, but has overcooked rib eye. Ramsay is not happy and Dana is upset as well. Ramsay asks if Kimmie has given up. She tells him that she hasn’t. She tries to redeem herself again and succeeds. She says that the timing has to be on. They send it out to the dinning room. In the Blue kitchen, the Blue Team has their first entrée. However, Brian forgot the onion rings. Ramsay tells Brian to get into the game. Ramsay gives the onion rings to everyone and says that they are not cooked. Brian says that he cares and gives perfect onions after a little wait. The Red Team continues to push out entrées, but James brings back raw food on the Red Team. It is Dana’s dish. She undercooked the Lobster. She tries to redeem herself and succeeds. Back on the Blue Team, Justin takes the lead on entrées. Clemenza puts out perfect bass despite Justin’s plea for corrections. The Red Team is moving, but Tiffany is caught cooking fresh garnish in a dirty pan. She apologizes. On the Blue Team, Justin and Clemenza can’t communicate. Ramsay asks for the other bass and Clemenza lies and says that he has it. Ramsay catches him on it.

It is an hour and a half into dinner service and the Blue Team has half the dinning hall waiting. After lying on the fish from a lack of communication from Justin, Brian tries to save the fish station. The Red Team has Tiffany’s potatoes come back. They are raw and crunchy. She says that she will cook them. On the Blue Team, Justin messes up with the meat. On the Red Team, Tiffany is still trying to get her potatoes done and shows Andi that she doesn’t care. Andi calls her on it and tells her that she doesn’t care. Tiffany says that she does, but she gets kicked out and Dana takes over for her. The Blue Team are on their last table and Brian tries to cook more than one fish at a time. Ramsay says that they are raw and kicks them out. Ramsay goes to the Red Team and they manage to serve the last dish. They switch off.

Afterward, Ramsay lines up the teams and says that the comment cards are thrown out because both teams are the losing team. They have to come up with 2 people each to bring up. They get in their dorms. On the Blue Team, Justin and Brian say that their choice is Robyn. She tells Justin that she is going to call him up. He tells her that no one cares about her. Clemenza is torn as to who to pick and eventually chooses Robyn. On the Red Team, Tiffany says that she was set up. Dana says that Tiffany and Barbie. The reason for Barbie is because of the prep. Dana says that she gives bad looks to people. Barbie is confused and says that Kimmie should go up.

After arguing about who to send up, the chefs go up to Ramsay. The Blue Team says that Robyn is their first. Robyn tells Justin that he is not a good leader and that she did ask him for help and he refused. Brian says that Clemenza is their second. Clememza says that he doesn’t get it. Red Team says that Tiffany is their first and Barbie is their second. Ramsay calls them up and Tiffany says that she is a team player. She gets emotional and says that she has passion. Barbie says that she has been a team player despite what the others think. She says that she only cares what he thinks. Ramsay calls Clemenza out for being a liar and he defends himself and says that he had the least of the problems tonight. Robyn says that she is a team player. Ramsay says that the person leaving Hell’s kitchen is Tiffany. Ramsay tells the remaining 8 that he wants the best from them or he will get rid of them a lot sooner.