8 Chefs Compete - Recap

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With the elimination of Tiffany, it is down to Barbie (34), Kimmie (27), Clemenza (41), Brian (31), Robyn (31), Dana (27), Justin (29) and Christina (32) to show Chef Ramsay that one of them is worthy enough to front his steak house in the Paris in Las Vegas. The chefs get back to their dorm and Kimmie says that she doesn’t like that Barbie is still there. The chefs come out to Ramsay says that they are going to be cooking Southern Cuisine. He reveals a choir and Kimmie gets into it and dances. Barbie and Clemenza go up against each other and they get Catfish with Collard Greens. Brian and Kimmie go up against one another and get Pork Chop with Grits. Christina and Justin go up against one another and get Fried Chicken with Mac and Cheese. Lastly, Dana and Robyn go up against each other and get Meatloaf with Sweet Potato. They have 30 minutes to create their dish.

After cooking in the kitchen and trying the new dishes that they have never made before, the challenge begins. Ramsay brings in Tanya Steel from Epicurious.Com in. Clemenza and Barbie come up and Tanya says that Barbie’s dish is nice. Tanya says that Clemenza’s catfish could have been better. Red Team gets the point. Kimmie and Brian come up and Tanya says that the grits are delicious. Bryan’s dish looks great, but it is undercooked. The Red Team gets another point. Christina and Justin come up and Christina’s soggy chicken is not good and Justin gets the point for the Blue Team. Last up is Robyn and Dana. Robyn’s dish is a little too salty. Tanya loves her purée, but the meat is not that tasty. Tanya gives the Red Team the point. They are happy. Dana’s dish is going to be featured on the internet. The prize is a photo shoot and lunch in Beverly Hills. The losing team is going to have to prepping both kitchens and says that it is a new menu and churning butter by hand.

The Red Team gets a glamor make-over and does the photo shoot. The Blue Team is trying to get the butter churned as the Red Team go to lunch. After churning the butter for hours, the Blue Team has to make bread for dinner service and Clemenza eats some of the finished product. The girls get back from their day of luxury and Ramsay comes in and says that they shouldn’t be making minor mistakes. He says that Kimmie is going to take lead on this and she feels the pressure. Hell’s Kitchen opens their doors and the Red Team gets their first ticket. Dana succeeds getting them off to a steady start. On the Blue Team, Justin and Brian mess up with the cooperation and Brian’s oysters are not good. However, he redeems himself.

The Red Team completes their appetizers and they are communicating. Kimmie burns the catfish. On the Blue Team, they move to entrées. Brian messes up on the catfish. Ramsay has Brian tastes and asks him how it tastes. Brian says that it tastes like fish. Ramsay kicks him out of the kitchen. James goes up to Brian and tells him to fight to stay in there. He manages to get in and tells Ramsay the truth about the fish and says that it won’t happen again. On the Red Team, Kimmie tries to show that she can cook catfish and succeeds with making it. In the Blue Team, Robyn and Brian come up with their dishes and Brian’s catfish is good, but the chicken is raw. After an hour into dinner service, the team is arguing and they are not happy.

The Red Team is trying to get past their second entrée. The Blue Team is kicked out of the kitchen. Robyn tries to tell Ramsay to kick her out only, but he kicks them all out. The Red Team are not getting the catfish right and are kicked out as well. Scott gets the teams back downstairs and tells them that Ramsay wants to talk to them. He says that they are going to have to come up with 1 person each to go up for elimination. The Blue Team sits down with each other and they are pretty sure that it is Robyn who is going up because of the chicken. She says that she wasn’t the on who got kicked out of the kitchen like Brian was. The Red Team gets together and they agree that Kimmie messed up more. However, Dana says that Kimmie is a better team-player.

The teams come out and the Red Team chooses Kimmie for messing up the catfish and the Blue Team chooses Robyn for messing up the chicken. They both step forward and Robyn says that she lost focus from the chicken. Kimmie says that the catfish got away from her. Ramsay says that he was really looking forward to Kimmie’s performance because she is from the South. He asks if Kimmie is a better cook than Robyn. Kimmie says that she has more passion and drive than Robyn. He asks Robyn the same question and Robyn says that she is better because she will fight to the end. Ramsay says that the person leaving the kitchen is Kimmie. Ramsay asks if they are ready to fight back and they all say that they are. The episode ends.