7 Chefs Compete - Recap

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With Kimmie out of the competition, only Barbie (34), Clemenza (41), Brian (31), Robyn (31), Dana (27), Justin (29) and Christina (32) are left as they dwindle down the numbers to one contestant winning the prize. The roommates get back and Robyn cries. She wonders how she is going to bounce back. The next morning they go down to Chef Ramsay and he says that as a team, they have 30 minutes to cook 3 stunning dishes from the menu. Only one chef will be able to be in the kitchen at one time and will have to rotate every 5 minutes. They are excited to show Ramsay that they are worth being there and want to show their talents.

For the first round, Justin and Dana come in the kitchen and Ramsay says that the teams are going to cook Risotto, Lamb and Cod. They start working and after 5 minutes, the second round begins and Clemenza and Christina come in. Brian and Barbie come in the kitchen for the third round and Brian says that Clemenza didn’t do anything. For the fourth round, Robyn and Dana come up and Robyn burns the cod. She starts a new one. Justin and Christina come in for the fifth round and Justin throws the cod and lamb in the oven to make sure that they cook through. The final round is with Clemenza and Barbie. They race to finish the dishes and plate. With 30 seconds to go, they rush to plate the food and get it worthy of presenting.

They chefs finish and present their dishes to Ramsay. The Risotto is up first and both dishes are horrible. The Cod is presented and it is horrible as well. The Lamb dish is presented and it is horrible too. No one succeeds and for the first time in the history of Hell’s Kitchen there is no winner of the challenge. Ramsay is disgraced and says that he can’t give the prize of a day at the beach to any team and tells them that they all are going to prep the kitchens and detail the SUV’s outside. The teams go outside and James rubs it in their faces that they are not going to be able to ride in the nice red convertible to the beach. The Blue Team is getting tired of Robyn’s bossy nature and hope that they get to get rid of her soon. Dinner service is about to start and Ramsay says that they must have a great service and shows them a unique thing to inspire them. It is the black jacket. They are cooking for a black jacket. All the chefs are excited to be able to have the chance to have the chance to move on. He says that this service is about redemption and that they need to make sure that they are going to finish it.

The kitchen opens and Blue Team gets their first ticket and Clemenza gets their spegetti. In the Red kitchen, Christina’s Risotto is very nice. However, she almost scrapes old Risotto in new. Ramsay calls her on it and she thanks him for it. On the Blue Team, they move on the next order and Clemenza presents three different colored Risottos. He starts up a new batch, but this time in the same pan. On the Red Team, Barbie tries to help and Christina doesn’t want it. Christina burns the Risotto. She bounces back though with a perfect one.

The Red Team and Blue Team move on to entrées and Brian messes up on the Wellington. Robyn tries to do a shortcut on the garnish and puts it in the oven. When caught, Robin says that the guys told her to do it. The guys on the Blue Team deny this claim. Justin smiles at Robyn’s failure, but in the process, he manages to pass off the same bass onto Ramsay. Robyn smiles and says that it serves him right. The Red Team moves it and manages to get all of dinner service completed. The Blue Team is trying to bounce back, but Brian is not happy with his New York Strip. The Blue Team dinning room has a few customers walk out. Barbie is asked to help Brian. She comes over and saves the Blue Team from not getting the food out.

After dinner service, Ramsay goes up to Dana, Christiana and Barbie and tells them that they did a great dinner service. They are all happy and he says that they are going to get their jackets immediately. They are excited. However, it is not the same for the Blue Team. Ramsay goes up to them and tells them to come up with 2 people who do not deserve a black jacket. They go to their dorm and Brian and Justin automatically say Robyn and Clemenza. This is because they will never vote for one another. Clemenza says that he isn’t going to vote for himself. The Blue Team come up and tell Ramsay that the first choice was Robyn, but has a tie on who the second is. Ramsay calls all four of them. Robyn says that she deserves a black jacket because she showed it. Brian says that he is capable of having a black jacket and working hard. Clemenza says that he has been a team player. Justin says that he is not done yet. The person leaving Hell’s Kitchen is Brian. The episode ends.