6 Chefs Compete - Recap

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With Brian eliminated from the competition, it is down to Barbie (34), Clemenza (41), Robyn (31), Dana (27), Justin (29) and Christina (32) to try to win the prize. The contestants get back to the dorm and they have knives waiting for them. They are up in the morning and they are one team now. They get downstairs to find Chef Ludo Lefebvre from Ludobites and Chef Quinn Hatfield from Hatfield’s with Chef Ramsay. The chefs taste a Caprice Salad made with Red Pepper and Feta Cheese. None of the chefs can guess the change. They try the Chef Pasta make with a different type of ingredient and the chefs don’t get it right. Ramsay thanks the chefs and tells the contestants that they are going to taste and make his signature dish.

They are going to work in teams. Clemenza & Dana, Justin & Barbie and Christina & Robyn organize. They have to recreate. They realize that it is Veal as the protein. Barbie & Justin and Christina & Robyn believe that the wrapping is Serrano Ham. Dana & Clemenza wrap it in Prosciutto. The Puree is all thought as White Bean. For the flavor of the Puree, Barbie & Justin and Christina & Robyn believe that it is smoked bacon while Clemenza & Dana think it is Horseradish. The final is the sauce. Barbie & Justin and Christina & Robyn think it is Port Wine, but Clemenza & Dana believe that it is Madeira. The chefs cook their dish and serve. Ramsay tells them that it is Veal, Proscuitto, White Bean, and Bacon. For the last ingredient it was Madeira and Clemenza & Dana win the challenge.

They are going to go jet skiing and have a nice day. The losing contestants are going to have to scrub and clean the dinning room and do some ironing. Clemenza and Dana go out for their fun day and have fun riding jet skis. Dana laughs as she leaves him behind in the water. Back at Hell’s Kitchen, the remaining chefs are not enjoying their time. James is there to makes sure that they are working. On the beach, Clemenza gets “happy” when he sees Dana in her bikini. They enjoy a nice meal. At the kitchen, Justin doesn’t want to iron and says that it is degrading. James sees that he isn’t doing it and tells him that he has something for him. He brings out Ramsay’s jackets. As Justin irons, Clemenza and Dana get back from their day of fun. The chefs retire for the night.

The next day, the chefs are there and they are one team tonight. Ramsay says that they are going to compete against another team. That team consists of S8 Russell, S7 Jay, S6 Kevin, S5 Paula, S3 Bonnie and S2 Virginia. Everyone is ready and Bonnie says that she wants to win. The kitchen is open and the Current Chefs and the Returning Chefs are ready. The Returning Chefs are going fast. The Current Chefs mess up with lack of salad dressing, but fixes it. The Returning Chefs are doing great and have served more than half of their appetizers. Robyn and Clemenza are messing up and Ramsay tells them to focus when they try to make something that isn’t even on.

An hour into dinner service, the Current Chefs are not doing a great job whereas the Returning Chefs are doing a great job and move onto entrées. Jay is on fish and he messes up on it. Kevin saves them. The Current Chefs move on to their entrées and it is neck to neck. The Current Chefs mess up on the scallops and Ramsay tells them to wake up. The Returning Chefs are perfectly doing a great job. Russell doesn’t make too many friends, but they continue to make a name for themselves. At the last table, Ramsay asks who seasoned the scallops. Robyn says that she did. Ramsay calls Dana in the back and tells her to have a voice.

She gets to her station and makes sure that she can do the scallops herself. She manages to serve the last of the dishes and the Current Chefs and Returning Chefs finish strong. Ramsay takes them to the line up and says that the winning team is the Returning Chefs. This leaves the Current Chefs upset that they didn’t win. However, they are told by Ramsay that they are going to have to make sure that they have the right two people to come up. They get back to the dorm and they decide right away that it is Robyn and Clemenza. The chefs come out to Ramsay and Barbie says that Robyn and Clemenza are their two picks. Robyn says that she deserves to be there and says that she tries to have teamwork, and says that Dana didn’t communicate. Clemenza says that he is not ready to go home at all. Ramsay says that the chef leaving the competition is Robyn. The episode ends.