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4 Chefs Compete - Recap

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With Clemenza gone, it is down to four as they get ready to the Final 3. Barbie (34), Dana (27), Justin (29) and Christina (32) are sitting in the dorm when a mystery guest comes in. It is their families. They get emotional and love their time with their loved ones. They enjoy their time with them and then go to bed. They get up in the morning and are told to come outside. They are driven to Bristol Farms where they are each given $15 to get ingredients so that they can make a dish that is going to be worth more. After getting their ingredients from the shop, they head back to the kitchen

They get into the kitchen and start to make their dishes. Justin doesn’t know exactly what he is doing, but figures that he is making Colossal Shrimp with White Beans, Jalapeno, Mango and Corn. Christina is making Swordfish Shrip with Tomatoes, Safron Rice and Garlic. Dana is making Halibut with Grapefruit, Tangerine, Garlic and Olives. Barbie is making Pork Chop Garlic Sausage with Parsnips, Potatoes, Sweet Onion, Cabbage and Mustard. Each chef races to create their wonderful high-priced dishes. They finish up and serve their dishes.

Ramsay calls in David Lefevre from Manhattan Beach Post, Hugh Garvey from Bon Appetit and Christian Philippo from Patina to help him judge. The chef with the highest priced dish is going to win. Justin presents his dish and they say an average price of $28.33. Barbie presents hers and they say and average price of $33. Dana presents her dish and they give an average price of $34. Christina presents the last dish and she gets an average price of $33.67. Dana wins the challenge. She gets to go to David Lefevre’s restaurant and give her advice. The other chefs are going to have to separate every ounce of trash in Hell’s Kitchen.

They get outside and they are not happy. They get going on the separating. Dana gets to hang out and cook with Chef David Lefevre. Back at the kitchen, Justin is sick to his stomach and is about the puke. Dana gets to hang out with her parents some more and enjoy a nice meal. She finishes and heads back to the kitchen. She finds the other chefs prepping. She comes in and brags and they ignore her. She tries to get communication, but she realizes that it is not about friendships anymore. Ramsay says that each of the chefs is going to get the chance to run the pass. He says that the President of The Paris in Las Vegas is joining them and that they need to be the best they can be.

They open the kitchen and gets ready to serve the hungry diners. The first order is up and the chefs fight for their spot and it is quickly moving. Justin takes the pass and is off to a good start. He passes the first test. Dana drags on Fish and Ramsay calls her on it. He says that she needs to change her attitude. Justin passes and Dana is pulled to the pass. She manages to have a firm grip and she misses the sugar in the Risotto. Dana recovers. Barbie is put on the pass. However, the team is not working together. The kitchen gets back on track and Barbie catches the quality control. The last up on her chance on the pass is Christina. She doesn’t have a handle on the team because Dana doesn’t have a good piece of Cod. This only suffers a little set back, but catches the quality control.

They get to the dorms and Dana says that no one was bad, but everyone agrees that Dana was the weakest link. Barbie says that she felt that Dana never ran the pass. Christina agrees with everyone that Dana should go up. They get to Ramsay and he asks everyone why they should stay. Barbie says that she has her motivation. Justin says that he knows that he can lead any team. Dana says that she has excelled in challenges and doesn’t make the same mistake. Christina says that her standards are higher. Ramsay says that he is going to be cutting two from tonight. The first person leaving is Barbie. The next person going home is not told and it ends on to be continued.