2 Chefs Compete - Recap

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The episode resumes Dana (27), Justin (29) and Christina (32) are about to find out who the Final Two are going to be. Chef Ramsay says that he can see all three of them in the Finals. He says that the first chef through to the Hell’s Kitchen Final is Christiana. With only one spot left, he says that the next person through to the Final is Justin. This means that Dana is eliminated. He allows her to keep the jacket and she leaves. Ramsay says that Justin and Christina are going to have to think of what menu to present to him. They are excited and start to work on their menus. They toast to making the Final Two and start to write up their menus.

The next day, they get a call from Ramsay. He tells them that he wants to see them in his office. They get there and he tells them that Andi and Scott are not there at Hell’s Kitchen. They are waiting for them poolside in Las Vegas. They are going to get a day of relaxation and have a plane waiting for them. On the plane, they get a Head Chef jacket and are asked who is going to win. They both say that they are. They arrive in Las Vegas and get a massage. Scott goes up to Justin and Andi goes up to Christina. They start to go over what they want and Scott and Andi tell them what they should and should not be doing. Ramsay says that they have to go somewhere first. He reveals that Justin’s parents and Christina’s mom and girlfriend are there. They hug and talk to them.

Later that night, they get to go to the Penn & Teller show. However, Ramsay is on stage with them as part of the act. Ramsay says that he wants to bring up his two Finalists. Justin and Christina get up on stage and they are told that they are going to have to have their final challenge in Las Vegas. They are told that they have 1 hour to create their menu and be able to serve it to some influential chefs to be judged. They race in the kitchen and get to work. As they start to cook, the audience in the auditorium is watching chanting their favorites. They get to the end of the time and then go to present. They have five portions. Salads, Seafood, Fish Entrée, Ribeye and Fillet are the areas to which they are going to have judges give their opinions on.

Christina and Justin come back to the stage and the judge for the Salads is Francois Payard. Justin gives his first and the Chef says that it is really fresh. Christina gives hers and says that it was a little too much vinegar. He gives Justin the point. To judge the Seafood is Chef Michel Richard. Christina serves hers and he hates cilantro, but says that it is well seasoned. Justin serves his and he says that it is delicious. Justin gets the second point. The Fish Entrée judge is Julian Serrano. In order to stay in the competition, Christina needs a point. She serves her dish and is told that it is nice and flaky. Justin serves his and is told that the fish is a little overcooked. He gives Christina the point.

With the Ribeye, the judge is Stuart Gillies. He tries Christina’s and says that it is good. Justin serves his and it is good. He gives Christina the point. With it tied up, only one dish left. The Fillet is judged by Wolfgang Puck. Justin serves his and he likes it. Christina serves hers and says that it is not bad. He decides to give Christina the point. This means that Christina wins the challenge. Afterward, the last 8 chefs of the season who got eliminated get off the plane. Justin and Christina are going to have to choose. The teams are divided and Clemenza, who feels that he is the best, is picked last. The teams are Team Christina: Dana, Patrick, Kimmie, Robyn and Team Justin: Barbie, Brian, Royce, Clemenza. They get on the plane and head back to Hell’s Kitchen.

The teams get strait to work and start talking about the menus. Team Christina is off to a good start, but Dana realizes that Christina’s menu is going to be a little complicated to make. She tells Dana that this is her life on the line and that they have to be able to do all of this right. On Team Justin though, Justin finds it hard to get one contestant to concentrate. Clemenza is sitting and yawning at what Justin is saying and is not motivated at all to be helping him in the challenge. He tells Clemenza that if he doesn’t want to do this for him, then he needs to do this for himself and redeem himself. Clemenza says that he doesn’t need this and leaves. The episode ends on a to be continued.