19 Chefs Compete - Recap

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With Sebastian sent home last week, it is down to The Red Team: Susan, Nedra, Jacqueline, Cyndi, Gina, Jessica, Amanda, Mary, Danielle, and Ja’Nel, and The Blue Team: Barret, Ray, Zach, Anthony, Dan, Jeremy, Jon, Christian and Michael to win it all. The chefs get back to their dorms and Zach says that Jeremy got through by the skin of his teeth. Jeremy says that he is going to have to show his “A Game” now. On the Red Team, Gina and Nedra are arguing about how Gina told Chef Ramsay that her scallops were not good because of Nedra. She yells back and Gina goes to her room and slams the door. The next morning at 6:44 am, soldiers in full gear come in and wake everyone up and make the chefs go outside. Gina takes her time because she doesn’t feel like she is part of the “team” at all.

Once outside, Chef Ramsay says that the service could be better, but now they have to work as a team. Gina says that she is going to go home because she has personal issues. Ramsay says that she is welcome to pack and leave. Ramsay has the soldiers go over the wall to demonstrate how it is going to be done. The chefs’ wall is smaller though much to their relief. Ramsay says that it is their turn to go over the wall and that they are going to have to collect live lobsters from a cage and bring them back. Jessica is excited. The challenge begins and they are trying their best to get over the wall as quick as possible. Anthony rolls his ankle one time going over. In the end, the Red Team has 31 and Blue Team has 37. Ramsay says that they have won nothing because that was not the challenge. Inside, Anthony is nursing his foot and he decides to walk on it regardless of how it feels.

The chefs meet Ramsay in the kitchen and he says that the team who cleans the most lobsters is going to win. He demonstrates how it is to be done and the chefs are shocked on the detail. They have 10 minutes to do as many as they can. The Red Team bangs out the first one and gets a point. One after another the Red Team is beating the Blue Team with the first 2 points. The Blue Team gets moving and ties it up. Jon & Jeremy don’t get out a single lobster. In the end, the Red Team wins the reward challenge again. They are going to have a cruise on a Yacht. The Blue Team is going to have to gut fish and work hard. The Blue Team gets their delivery and they are not happy about it. The Red Team loves the reward and ride with Ramsay on the Yacht. He gives them advice and they love hearing what he has to say. He leaves them so that they can enjoy the rest of the day.

Back in the kitchen, the Blue Team is forced to eat Fish Head Soup. They are not happy with that option. Meanwhile, the Red Team continues to have fun on the Yacht. Prepping time begins and Danielle is trying her best carving the lamb and Nedra tells her that they are going to get yelled at because they are not cut correctly. On the Blue Team, Jeremy is taking his time moving around the kitchen and Michael tells him that he is going to have to move it along. Ramsay calls them all over and tells them that he wants to see something change and they want to all have a good dinner service. For a special treat, they are having a served tableside from Nedra and Jeremy.

The kitchen opens and Anthony says that his ankle hurts, but he will manage. The first orders are in and Mary is ready to show that she knows her flavors. However, she messes up on the Risotto by adding too much wine. On the Blue Team, they try to impress with their appetizers, but the scallops are overcooked. Nedra and Jeremy go out to do the tableside for the lobster and Jeremy struggles a bit getting the lobster on the plate. The Blue Team continues to struggle when Christian holds up the dining room with the scallops. One hour into dinner service and no food has gone out of the kitchen. However, the Blue Team manages to send out some of the appetizers. On the Red Team, the Risotto has too much white wine in it again. Ja’Nel teaches them how to make a proper Risotto. Christian messes up on the scallops and Ramsay has Jeremy and Christian eat them.

On the Red Team, Mary gets the Risotto right after getting taught by Ja’Nel. The Blue Team get back to work determined to put out a good dinner service, but Jon tries to put out a bad lamb and Ramsay catches it. Jon says that he wants to punch himself. Ramsay tells the entire Blue Team to get out of the kitchen. The Blue Team gets to the dorm and they need to figure out what went wrong. Ramsay looks to the Red Team to redeem the kitchen and Susan says that she can cook the lamb without an issue. Susan brings up her dish and it is raw. Ramsay is upset and tells the Red Team to get out of the kitchen. Ramsay tells the teams that both of them were a disaster. He tells them to come up with 2 individuals they believe that deserves to go home.

Back in the dorms, the Blue Team are unanimous with Christian being put up and Michael says that he is going with Jeremy because his speed is horrible and Jon says that there is not enough hustle. Jeremy says that he lifted the entire team over the wall. On the Red Team, Mary’s name is brought up, but she fights for it. Danielle says that there were problems in everyone’s station. Susan tries to blame the Risotto for her raw lamb. She gets up and slams her door. They make their way to Ramsay and the Blue Team say that their nominees are Jeremy and Christian. The Red Team’s nominees are Danielle and Mary. Jeremy, Christian, Danielle and Mary step forward and Mary says that she fought hard. Danielle says that she didn’t think that it was going to be so hard. Jeremy says that he hasn’t had a chance to show anything. Christian says that he messed up, but he is willing to work hard. The person leaving Hell’s Kitchen is Christian. As they leave, Jeremy is told to stay behind. To be continued.