17 Chefs Compete - Recap

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With Gina quitting and Christian eliminated, it is down to The Red Team: Susan, Nedra, Jacqueline, Cyndi, Jessica, Amanda, Mary, Danielle, and Ja’Nel, and The Blue Team: Barret, Ray, Zach, Anthony, Dan, Jeremy, Jon and Michael to show that they have what it takes to be Head Chef. Jeremy gets told to hang around and Ramsay says that Jeremy needs to pick it up. Jeremy tells his team that he is going to push harder. Ja’Nel tells Mary and Danielle that it is good to see them fight. The next day, Chef Ramsay calls the Chefs outside early in the morning.

They get outside and Ramsay says that he has the Foundation Against Child Obesity with him and they are going to run a 3K. He has Maurice Greene from the 2000 Olympics, Natalie Coughlin, a 12-time Olympic Medalist and Danell Lyva from the 2012 Olympics. Ramsay says that after the run, the runners are going to have a meal. Mary and Dan are called to run with the runners and when they get back to the kitchen, they can start cooking. The other team members are called to the kitchen to prepare. Dan finishes with no problems, but Mary doesn’t get there that quickly. The Blue Team has a head start, but Zach messes up a on the Salmon. Mary finally gets in and Ramsay tells the Red Team that they are going to have to hustle. Susan makes the smoothies and is slow. Nedra jumps over there to help her.

The men move on to entrées and the Red Team tries to catch up. The Blue Team has a great lead on the Red Team, but Zach messes up on the Salmon again. He decides that he is going to take the fish from the rack that Ramsay told him that was no good and puts that on the pan. When Ramsay questions him on it, Zach lies and says that he didn’t do it. He eventually fesses up to it. The dishes start to go out on the Red Team and eventually, the Red Team wins. They move over to the Blue Team to help them with the Salmon. After the service, the Red Team is told that they are going to Wine Country in a private jet. Ramsay asks the Blue Team what he can do to help them and Michael asks for the tickets tonight to be read slower. Ramsay says that the Blue Team is in charge of cleaning up after the race.

The Red Team gets to their private jet while the Blue Team is cleaning up after all the runners. They enjoy themselves with wine and arrive at the Wine Country and smash grapes with their feet. The Blue Team start prepping the kitchen and the Red Team get back. Dan is not happy and Jon says that he is tired of losing. During prep, Michael takes the charge on the Blue Team, but on the Red Team, Danielle is not sure about herself and is out of it. Back on the Blue Team, Dan is not focusing and Michael is not being a team player. They have a little argument.

Hell’s kitchen opens and Cyndi and Jeremy are on table salad duty. Ramsay reads the Blue Team’s ticket really slow. They tell him that they have it. Ray starts cooking his Risotto and it seems good to him. Jeremy in the dining room is clumsy with the salad. Susan delivers the appetizers with ease for the Red Team. On the Blue side, Ryan Hollins from the LA Clippers sends back his Risotto. With 45 minutes into dinner service, Ray attempts to make the Risotto good and Ramsay says that it is delicious. On the Red Team, Jessica struggles with the risotto and cooks way too much. The Blue Team move on to entrées and Dan and Michael are not in synch and Dan messes up on the Lamb. The Red Team doesn’t do well with the chicken. Jacqueline apologizes and they try to redeem themselves. Jacqueline succeeds.

On the Blue Team, Dan and Michael continue to argue and Micahel asks Dan whne the lamb is ready. When he gets no answer, he checks himself. He tells Dan to go away. Ramsay calls Dan and Michael in the back and Michael tells Dan that he needs to talk to him and tell him when he has the lamb. They get back to work and Michael is sarcastic with Dan. On the Red Team, the Wellington is not good. Dana apologizes and says that she has good wellington. She gives them to Ramsay and they move along. Both teams finish dinner service. Ramsay tells the Red Team that they lost tonight. They have to come up with two names.

The Red Team gets to their dorms and Susan says that the meat station screwed them. They say that Danielle and Jacqueline were not good. Jessica is told that she wasn’t confident today and that Jacqueline is one of the better cooks. Jessica says that it is a bunch of crap. They get to Ramsay and say that Danielle and Jessica are their nominees. Ramsay calls Jacqueline to join them. Jessica says that her team doesn’t think that she is good, but when Nedra can’t think of anything as to why she is no good, Jessica is sent back to the others to safety. Danielle says that it is taking her longer to grasp. Jacqueline says that she deserves to be there. Ramsay sends home Danielle. Ramsay tells the remaining chefs that the heat is going to be turned up. The episode ends.