16 Chefs Compete, Part 1 - Recap

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With Danielle sent home last week, it is down to The Red Team: Susan, Nedra, Jacqueline, Cyndi, Jessica, Amanda, Mary and Ja’Nel, and The Blue Team: Barret, Ray, Zach, Anthony, Dan, Jeremy, Jon and Michael to show that they have what it takes to become Head Chef. The teams get back to their dorms and Jacqueline is shocked that she didn’t go home. Jessica is upset that the team through her under the bus. They apologize to her. The Blue Team celebrates their win and they say that this can be done.

The next day, they see a market of proteins. Chef Ramsay says that they have a taste test. They have to identify the 5 proteins. The Blue Team are first. Michael John go out and they can’t get the first protein right. Finally after the 10th try, they get it. Dan & Zach go up and get it on the first try. Jeremy & Barret can’t get it right. At 8.5 minutes in, they make it to the last one. They stop the clock at 10:33 minutes. The Red Team comes out and Ja’Nel & Jacqueline get it right the first try. Susan & Cyndi get the second right on the first try. Nedra & Jessica mess up and after many errors they finally get it. Mary & Amanda get the next one right the first try. The last one is with Ja’Nel & Jacqueline is hard to find out. They manage to beat the Blue Team again!

Ramsay tells the Red Team that they are going to Malibu Beach. They have a 15million dollar mansion with some special guests. The Blue Team is going to have to make bread from scratch. The Blue Team gets the flour while the Red Team brags about their winnings. As the Blue Team grinds the flour, the Red Team get to the mansion. They partake of champagne. The Blue Team continues to Mill grain and they are not happy. On the beach, the Red Team meets Gabrielle Reece, a Pro Volleyball Player/Model and Laird Hamilton, a Pro Big Wave Surfer. Some of the girls get in the water and paddle board. They also play Volleyball. Back in the kitchen, Jeremy is unresponsive and he calls for the medic. He tells the medic that he is lightheaded and they have to go to the Emergency Room. Later that night, Jeremy gets back from the Hospital and says that the doctor told him that he has to eat more. The rest of the team laughs to themselves. He tells the Red Team what happened and they laugh too.

The dough is prepped and now they have to bake it. At 6:30am, the chefs are called downstairs. They are going to have to serve breakfast to EMTs, Doctors and other emergency medical workers. They are trying this as a dinner service. The Blue Team move through the service and Ray spills eggs. The Red Team has issues getting the eggs from sticking. The Blue Team struggle with Jeremy not listening and Jeremy tries to serve the sample plate eggs. Jon says that Jeremy messed up. The Red Team get their grove, but Nedra is a little tired and messes up the Red Team. Amanda covers for her. Back on the Blue Team, Ray messes up on his eggs. The Red Team is in the grove and is close to the end.

Jacqueline messes up with the pancakes and Nedra steps in. The Blue Team catches up to the Red Team and they race to finish. Ramsay says that the Red Team’s pancakes are not good. With 1 ticket left, the Blue Team and the Red Team race to complete the service. Blue Team wins the service. Ramsay says that the pancake station on the Red Team was way out of control. Ramsay thanks the customers. The Red Team talks about who they are going to have to put up. Nedra and Jacqueline are the obvious choice. However, Nedra goes on a rampage and screams at them.

The Red Team walks up to Ramsay and say that Jacqueline and Mary are their nominations. Amanda says that she nominated Nedra and Ja’Nel says that Mary is the weaker link. Mary and Jacqueline come up and Mary says that she picked herself up and did a great job today. Jacqueline says that she has the knowledge and says that Jacqueline says that Nedra couldn’t flip the pancake. Ramsay says that Mary and Jacqueline are going to go back to the line. Ramsay says that there is one person who is in way over her head. He is about to send home a chef. However, the episode ends on to be continued.