15 Chefs Compete - Recap

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The episode picks up from last week where Dan Ray, Nedra and Mary were told to take off their jackets and stand in front of Chef Ramsay. As the others watch, Ramsay says that he is going to do something he has never done before. All four of them are on probation. They are going to have to earn their jacket back if not, they are gone. In the dorms, the Red Team says that Mary has nine lives. The Blue Team tells Dan that he needs to man up and stop whining. The next day, the Chefs are called down and are told that they are going to have to cook Chinese food. They have 200 fortune cookies with ingredients. They run up to the statue and it is a person. The big fortune cookies are brought up and the Red Team says that Ja’Nel and Jacqueline. The Blue Team say that Dan and Ray are going to determine the ingredients for the dishes.

The challenge begins and Dan, who has been bragging of living in Asia is asking Ray questions. The teams both race and the Blue Team has more ingredients on the board. They get cooking and the Red Team has a lack of incrdients. On the Blue Team, Anthony never has cooked Chinese Food before. The teams race to make their dishes and Anthony is struggling again. The Chow Mein is looking a little worrisome. Chef Martin Yan comes out to help judge the plates. The Fried Rice comes up and Jacqueline is told that it works. Dan is told that presentation is great, but the rice is a little undercooked. Red Team gets the point. The stir Fry is up and Jon is told that it is amazing. Jessica is told that it is not that good. The Blue Team gets the point. The Spring Rolls are next and the Blue Team gets the point. The Dumplings are brought up and the Red Team gets the point. The soups come up and the Blue Team and Red Team get the point. The last is the Chow Mein. Susan is told that the flavor is good. Anthony is told that it is an interesting combination. The winning team is the Blue Team. Dan and Ray get their jackets back. They are told that they have a surprise.

The Red Team gets ready for dinner service while the Blue Team brags. The Blue Team gets to a paint ball course. They go after Dan. Back in the kitchen, the Red Team hates making Dumplings. For lunch, they have balut egg and some of the girls get sick. The Blue Team gets back and they are called to the kitchen. Ramsay says that the Blue Kitchen will have Rex Lee from “Entourage” at the Chef’s table and the Red Team will have Adam Shankman, director of “Hairspray”, at the Chef’s table. The night begins and Nedra is persistent in getting her jacket back. With a perfect Risotto, Nedra gets her jacket back. On the Blue Team, Jon and Anthony are doing great. However, Ray is behind on the Dim Sung side table service.

The special guests come and Mary is told that her Risotto is delicious and Ramsay gets her jacket back. The teams are moving and Susan and Jessica are on entrées. Susan is a mess. On the Blue Team, they get back in the grove. Barret is happy with the fish table however, the shrimp is raw. On the Red Team, the order for the Chef’s table is cooked, but Susan sees that the Lamb is raw. Susan drops a perfectly cooked Lamb. They work on cooking a new Lamb and Susan is giving inaccurate times. On the Blue Team, Dan makes the meat perfect. On the Red Team, Jessica messes up on the halibut. Back on the Blue Team, Barret messes up on the fish and Ramsay tells him that he should be ashamed for leaving on the paper. Both kitchens finish dinner service.

Ramsay says that the Red Team and the Blue Team are the losing team because it was not consistent. In the dorms, Jessica says that she was confident in her station. They say that Susan should go up, but they feel that none of them are the weakest. On the Blue Team, they nominate Ray and Barret. Anthony says that Ray is Dan and Ray should go out because Dan is dead weight. The Chefs come out and Susan and Jessica and Dan and Ray. They are called to the front. Ramsay says that Jessica trashed more fish than she served. Susan tells Ramsay that she will come back. Ray is told that he can’t keep up. Dan says that Barret should. Dan is sent back to the line. The Chef leaving Hell’s Kitchen is Jessica. Ramsay says that they have a long way to go.