14 Chefs Compete - Recap

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With Jessica voted out last week, The Red Team: Susan, Nedra, Jacqueline, Cyndi, Amanda, Mary and Ja’Nel, and The Blue Team: Barret, Ray, Zach, Anthony, Dan, Jon and Michael remain in the competition. The roommates get to their dorms and Zach doesn’t know how Dan keeps dodging the bullet. Dan gloats that Chef Ramsay said that he can cook. On the Red Team, Susan is determined to win the next challenge. They get up in the morning and make their way outside. They are told that they are going to have to herd animals into cages. Nedra is scared of the animals.

The challenge begins and the Blue Team gets their animals in their cages with no problem. When Nedra comes up, she nearly spends all the Red Team’s time trying to herd in an animal she is scared of. She manages and the Red Team rushes to get all their ingredients that they are going to have to cook with. After the first part of the challenge, they go to the kitchen and start cooking. They have 40 minutes to do it. Nedra has Turkey Leg and Fried Yam, Ray has Turkey Meatballs and Pasta to work with, Amanda has Pork and Potato Gratin and Michael has Goat Ribs and Herbed Couscous. Michael goes around telling everyone how to cook their food. The teams plate their food and present. After a quick decision, Cindy, Jacqueline, Jon and Dan’s dishes are out.

John Shook, owner of Animal, is there to help Ramsay judge the dishes that the teams have made. The dishes are presented and first up are Nedra and Ray. Nedra wins a point for the Red Team. Next up are Susan and Anthony and the Red Team gets another point. Zach and Mary come up and the Blue Team wins the point. Amanda and Barret present and the Blue Team tie it up. Ja’Nel and Michael are the last up. The winning team is the Red Team. Ramsay has Dan present his Goat and John says that he would have chosen that dish. The Red Team gets to go to the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Blue Team is going to have to put together a Petting Zoo for Family Night in Hell’s Kitchen. They also have to cook for the animals.

They get to work organizing the animals while the Red Team gets to the Aquarium. They have fun feeding the animals and spending time with them. The Blue Team is not happy that they have to cook gourmet food for the pigs and goats. The Blue Team cleans the animals and Dan feels more and more like the outcast and gets fed up. Later, the Red Team and Blue Team prep their kitchens and Ramsay says that his family is going to be on the Blue Team side. They open Hell’s Kitchen and the Blue Team try to push out the first order. The pizza is burnt thanks to Dan and they attempt to try it again. On the Red Team, they push their first order and Jacqueline messes up the Scallops. They have to start over. The Blue Team attempt to redeem themselves and they succeed. A half an hour into dinner service and both Teams bounce back. The Blue Team gets Ramsay’s family order. Ray messes up on the burger. However, he redeems himself.

The Red Team has finished the children meals and move on to entrées. They are flying through this dinner service. The Blue Team moves on to entrées too. Barret sees that his lamb is raw and has to put it in for a little bit longer. He manages to re-fire it successfully. The Red Team finishes more than half of their diners and Mary shows that she has a voice of command and leads the Red Team to victory. They finish serving and Ramsay tells them to go over to the Blue Team and help them. Two hours into dinner service, Barret serves the raw chicken to Ramsay and it is meant for Chef Jame’s pregnant wife. Ramsay tells him that he is disgusted and Barret is disgusted with himself. The Red Team take over and finish dinner service for the Blue Team as well.

Afterwards, The Blue Team is told that they are getting killed by the women. They have to go upstairs and nominate their two weakest chefs. They get upstairs and Barret and Ray messed up and therefore the obvious choice. However, the Blue Team is set on sending Dan home regardless. They get to Ramsay and Jon says that Barret and Dan are their two that they nominate. Jon says that Dan could care less allowing for the team to succeed. Dan says that he deserves to be in the kitchen because he can cook. Ramsay says that he has to be a team player too. Barett says that he deserves to be there because he learns from his mistakes. Dan is eliminated from the competition. Ramsay tells the Blue Team not to mess up or else he will cut more than one from the team next time.