13 Chefs Compete - Recap

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With Dan voted out of the kitchen last week, it is down to The Red Team: Susan, Nedra, Jacqueline, Cyndi, Amanda, Mary and Ja’Nel, and The Blue Team: Barret, Ray, Zach, Anthony, Jon and Michael to try to win. Barret is really upset with himself and he is told to bring it harder. He goes to the bathroom and saves his head to show that he is ready to go. The Red Team are certain that it is going to be all girls in Black Jackets. The next day, the chefs run down to meet Chef Ramsay. They find out that tonight is steak night and they have to cook and enhance the meat. The chefs have to each cook a piece of meat and present it medium-well.

The chefs get into the kitchen and Mary is doing a Rib-Eye. Jan’el is not sure about that. Anthony wants to do a Ribcap and he is adding bananas to the flavor. On the Red Team, Susan and Nedra are making the Filet while Amanda is working on the New York Strip. She doesn’t know what she is going to do with it. Barret is making a Hanger and he is getting into. Zach, who is working on the Filet, is grossed out with what is going on with him. They present them and first off are Cyndi & John. The point goes to Blue Team. Next are Nedra & Zach. The point goes to both teams. Amanda and Michael come up and no one gets a point. Anthony and Jacqueline come up and the point goes to both. Ja’Nel and Barret go up and the point goes to the Red Team and it ties it up. Mary and Ray go up and the winning team is the Red Team.

As for a reward, they are going to get manicures and a nice reward. The Blue Team is told that they have a delivery and have to break it down and prep each kitchen. They get outside and see that it is half a cow. The Red Team goes to their pool on the rooftop and enjoys their time. In the kitchen, the Blue Team has a hard time finding where to cut it. The women continue to get their pedicures and manicures. The Blue Team is still working when the Red Team comes in. Anthony is tired of losing and Michael needs to get the team’s confidence in him back. Ray is determined that they are going to do what they need to do. They are eager to bounce back. Amanda is nervous about steak temperatures and asks Jacqueline. Ramsay comes up and tells them that Susan and Zach are going to run the side table service. The dinner service begins and Barret is frying prep cakes. Anthony leads the way on the appetizers. On the Red Kitchen, they are messing up with not putting on the sliders. Their order comes back with a hair in it.

The Blue Team is moving and they move onto entrées. Barret is feeling the pressure of his station and messes up getting the salad. The Blue Team continues to do a great job. The Red Team is trying to bounce back and succeed. Jacqueline is ready to show what is going on. However, she waits for Susan and Ramsay wonders why they are stopping service. Back in the blue kitchen, Ray messes up with the meat and Ramsay questions if they have any fight in them. Michael steps in, but Ramsay makes them refire the entire order. On the Red Team, Amanda messes up on the steak and Jacqueline tries to step in and fix it. However, they get it wrong and they get kicked out of the kitchen. Ja’Nel, Mary and Susan are the remaining in the kitchen.

Upstairs, Amanda says that she messed up. Jacqueline is tired of sticking up for everyone. Amanda tells Nedra that she can admit her mistake, but Nedra can’t ever say that she did wrong. Amanda and Nedra scream at each other. On the Blue Team, Michael and Ray try to present their steaks and they are good. The Red Team finish service and so do the Blue Team. Ramsay says that it was a decent service and the Blue Team won. Ramsay says that the Red Team has to come up with two people.

They meet in the dorm and talk about Amanda messing up. Jacqueline says that Mary had a hair in her food. They meet with Ramsay and they say that Amanda and Jacqueline are their two. Jacqueline says that she is better than Amanda. He asks Amanda and she says that up to tonight, she has been an asset to her team. She apologizes. Ramsay decides to send home Jacqueline.