9 Chefs Compete - Recap

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With the elimination of Ray last week, it is down to the Red Team: Susan, Nedra, Cyndi, Mary and Ja’Nel, and The Blue Team: Zach, Anthony, Jon and Michael to claim the prize in the end. The remaining contestants make their way to the dorms and Susan goes into Nedra’s room and talks to her. Nedra is upset the team threw her under the bus. The Blue Team says they are tired of losing and Zach says he wants to redeem himself. Zach brings out his “alter-ego”, Grant Banks. The chefs are woken up at 4:50 AM with noise makers and blow horns.

The chefs make their way downstairs and Chef Ramsay says they are going to have to design a menu to serve. Each team is to create 4 appetizers, 4 entrées and 2 deserts. The Blue Team get to work, but Zach “Grant Banks” is not responsive. On the Red Team, Nedra tries to give her ideas, but the team doesn’t like it. Susan says Nedra’s ideas are all over the place. Nedra is persistent with Gumbo and Susan says it doesn’t make sense. However, they put it on the menu. The Red Team finishes their menu. The Blue Team, Zach “Grant Banks” decides to contribute. The teams both manage to finish their menus. They get to prep and start cooking. Zach drops his alter-ego and is back to work. Anthony says Zach isn’t helping. The Red Team gets to the kitchen and Ja’Nel doesn’t want to fail. Nedra is stuck on one thing.

The teams plate their food and Susan says the Gumbo better be the best. The Blue Team wants to send the right message. Ramsay tastes the Blue Team’s dishes and overall the dishes are great. He tastes the Red Team’s dishes and the Gumbo is good, but Jan’el’s idea is wrong. Besides Nedra’s Gumbo, the rest of the menu is wrong. They are told to have a meeting and get the menu great in 20 minutes. They manage to redeem themselves in time. Hell’s Kitchen opens for the dinner service and the teams are ready to show they have what it takes to win. The Red Team gets started and Nedra is off to a slow start. On the Blue Team, they manage to serve their first appetizers out without a problem. The Red Team fails to work in unison. They manage to get move, but Zach is yelled at for trying to cut off their time.

The Red Team wants to finish their first entrée, but Cyndi hasn’t started the fish. She brings it up, but it is raw. On the Blue Team, Zach comes up with his Pork Chops and they are cooked beautifully. Cyndi manages to bounce back with her fish. Ramsay stays on Zach and he serves the Beef. However, they forget the sauce. When it is served, it is cold. They manage to get it out. On the Red Team, Susan pushes with the garnish, but messes up on it. Mary helps her off and Susan says she knows what to do. They start to communicate on the Red Team and they manage to work on getting out their dishes. The Blue Team manages to get out their dishes and the Red Team manage to get out their dishes as well. On the Blue Team, Michael fails to cook a good Halibut. Michael attempts to bounce back but fails again. Michael gets kicked out of the kitchen for 5 minutes.

The disaster continues on the Blue Team as Zach brings up raw meat. The Red Team manage to finish dinner service without a hiccup. The Blue team finishes too. Ramsay says the Red Team wins the dinner service. The Blue Team is told to come up with 1 person to put up for elimination. The Blue Team talk about what they are going to do. They play the blame game. The Red Team are called to Ramsay’s office and they are told that he needs to put one of the members of the Red Team on the Blue Team. The Red Team gets back to the dorm and draws a name. Cyndi is chosen.

The Blue Team goes up to Ramsay and says they were split on their votes. Jon says it is Michael who is the weakest. Michael says Zach is the weakest. Anthony says Zach is the weakest. Zach says Michael is. Michael and Zach come forward. Zach says he is the better chef. He says his menu was what was chosen. Ramsay says he doesn’t believe that. Michael says he is a better chef because he has more experience and says he needs the wakeup call to do better. Ramsay decides to send home Michael. Jan’el says they have not come to a consensus and had to draw a name. Ramsay is upset. To be continued.