8 Chefs Compete - Recap

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With the elimination of Michael, the episode picks up with Chef Ramsay upset from the Red Team’s inability to choose who is to go to the Blue Team. He says he told them to come up with a consensus. He tells them all to go back to the kitchen and decide. They come back and say Nedra is going over to the Blue Team. Nedra sees the opportunity as something good. The next morning, they get to the dinning room to find Ramsay in a room of presents. He says they have to make International dishes. Models come out and the Blue Team and some of the Red Team like what they see.

They choose who to go up against. Mary chooses to go up against Jon. They have Indian cuisine. They have Chickpeas, Basmati Rice, Curry Powder, Lentils and Masalas to work with. Nedra chooses to go up against Ja’Nel. They have Thai cuisine. They have Kaffir Lime, Lemongrass, Mango, Coconut Milk and Jasmine Rice to work with. Susan chooses to go up against Zach. They have Japanese cuisine. They have Soy Sauce, Miso, Bok Choy, Daikon Radish and Ramen to work with. Cyndi is to go up against Anthony. They have Greek cuisine. They have Kalamata Olives, Yogurt, Pine Nuts, Feta Cheese and Grape Leaves to work with. They have 45 minutes to create a dish. They get to work in the kitchen and Susan doesn’t really know what she wants to do. Zach is confident despite not ever cooking it before. Mary burns the rice and at the last second, they manage to plate.

The time arrives for the taste test and Ramsay has Dana Bowen, executive editor of “Every Day With Rachael Ray” to help him judge the dishes. Mary & Jon come up and Mary is told it is beautifully done. Jon is told his dish is very tender and it is instantly Indian. Jon scores the point. Nedra & Ja’Nel come up and Nedra is told her dish it lacks flavor. Ja’Nel is told her dish is fantastic. Jan’Nel gets the point. Anthony & Cyndi and Cydni is told her dish is delicious. Anthony is told his dish is nicely cooked, but the plum is mudding the flavors. Cyndi gets the point. Zach & Susan come up and Susan is told her dish is fantastic. Zach is told his dish is home style and chicken is a little dry. They say it is more Chinese than Japanese. The Red Team wins again. For their reward, they get to go shopping. They get $500 each to go shopping with. They get to go to Mr. Chow’s. They also get an entire set of cookwear.

The Blue Team has to cut limes and unload a wine delivery. Nedra doesn’t pull her weight. The Red Team go shopping. Back in the kitchen, despite failing on the challenge, feels she needs to lecture the Blue Team. The Red Team continues to have a great time. They get back to the kitchen and Nedra is not happy about her prep station. Nedra is all over the place prior to dinner service. The chefs line up and Ramsay says there is no place to hide. Hell’s Kitchen opens and the Blue Team is determined to change things up. The Red Team works on their first order of appetizers. Susan messes up on the portion control. The Blue Team attempt to get their first dish up and Nedra is slow. Ramsay says the Risotto is too salty. They attempt to redeem themselves and they do. Back on the Red Team, Ja’Nel messes up on the Scallops. Ramsay asks them what is going on with their team. Ja’Nel attempts to show she can cook Scallops and the second attempt is good.

In the Blue kitchen, Nedra isn’t playing nice. Ramsay says someone needs to talk over the appetizers. The Blue Team yell at each other and despite Nedra’s mistakes, they push through the next ticket. The Red Team moves on to entrées. The Blue Team fails to complete appetizers and are kicked out of the kitchen. Ramsay pushes the Red Team to finish strong and Ja’Nel serves raw fish. He kicks the Red Team out of the kitchen. They shut down the kitchen. Ramsay calls both teams downstairs and he says they are going to have to come up with 1 person.

The Red Team talk and Ja’Nel says 1 dinner service doesn’t make her the weakest. She says Susan should go up before her. On the Blue Team, Zach says Nedra should go up. Nedra yells at Zach and says he is the weakest. Both teams go up to Ramsay and the Red Team has nominated Susan to go up. The Blue Team has decided to put up Nedra, despite her disagreeing. Ramsay doesn’t want to hear the arguing and calls Susan and Nedra to the front. Susan says she has come leaps and bounds and will be the best chef. Nedra says she has stepped up and wants to fight for her space. Ramsay decides to send home Nedra. Ramsay tells the teams they need to focus on getting one dinner service perfect.