7 Chefs Compete, Part 2 - Recap

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Picking up at the judgment of the last challenge, we have Jon and Cyndi waiting to hear which of them will be immune from the next elimination. Jon is relieved to find out that he beat the best cooked piece of halibut so far this competition.

Back in the dorm, Ja’nel is kicking herself because this is the second time that she’s been edged out by Jon in a competition. Even so, she keeps high spirited, unlike Zack. Zack complains about how disappointed he is because Chef Ramsey didn’t give him a chance.

Pre-service prep has more of Zack complaining about his dish until he walks out because he’s too emotional. In his private interview they show him crying because his dish didn’t get the chance it deserved. The red team is happy to see him leaving, but the blue team starts to fall apart. Jon drops some of his prep on the floor and starts a fire in the kitchen, not things they have time for with a man out of the kitchen.

Today’s dinner service has two actors at the chef’s tables. Jeremy Sisto and Maria Menounos. Ramsey decides to mess with Anthony by throwing new terminology at him, and then grilling him when he doesn’t get it. Otherwise, appetizers flow out pretty smoothly, with only Jon, Anthony, and Cyndi making small mistakes.

Zack and Anthony completely break down at the start of entrée’s. They can’t seem to communicate or cook. Anthony gets pulled into the storage closet to get scolded for his inconsistency. When Anthony is on point, Zack misses and vice versa. Things get so bad, possibly due him leaving during prep, that Zack runs out of beef Wellington. Chef Ramsey walks over to the red team to take some of their Wellingtons. After more failed communication and overcooked food, Chef Ramsey takes Zack’s station. More tears from Zack in his private interview, this time out of respect for Chef Ramsey. Red Team wins the service with a nearly flawless night.

Back in the dorms Jon has to talk to both Zack and Anthony to figure out which one he is going to put up for elimination, while the red team debates who should go over to the blue team. They easily chose Ja’nel, while Jon struggles with his decision. After talking to both Zack and Anthony, Chef Ramsey agrees with Jon and sends Anthony home. Ramsey speaks positively and tells Anthony to keep working and keep searching. Anthony’s parting words as he walked through the doors were “win Jon” showing no hard feelings for being put up. They end with Ja’nel being put on the blue team.