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6 Chefs Compete - Recap

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Before getting into the episode’s challenge, the focus was on Ja’nel being on the blue team. The blue team is excited and the red team is having second thoughts.

While introducing the challenge, Chef Ramsey stands between two jugglers tossing flaming batons and swords back and forth. The juggling duo, The Passing Zone, demonstrated teamwork which is the function and focus of today’s challenge. The challenge itself is the relay. It’s essentially a relay race to cook three different dishes from the main menu in half an hour. Each chef has five minutes to cook and fifteen seconds to communicate what’s going on to the next chef in line per turn.

Both teams start off slow and neither of the first chefs, Cyndi or Zach, leave their kitchens' in very good position.

With the minimal prep done, both Susan and Ja’nel spend too much time looking for supplies, leaving their pans to start fires. Chef Ramsey saves them, and gets splashed a little bit in putting the fires out.

Jon and Mary seem to be getting their kitchens in line when just before the switch Jon accidentally drops his chicken to the floor. Instead of listening to Jon during their communication time, Zach just goes on about what he’s going to do.

During the fourth exchange Zach fixes the chicken issues for the blue team while Cyndi burns the red team’s halibut.

During Susan and Ja’nel’s second run, the entire focus is that Cyndi forgot to tell Susan about the chicken.

The final run comes down to the wire. It shows both Mary and Jon pushing to finish cooking and plate all three dishes.

The first dish to be judged is the lamb. The red team’s lamb is cooked well, but the rest of the dish is not. The blue team has the opposite problem, raw lamb with solid garnish. No points for either team.

The second dish to be judged is the chicken dish. The red team didn’t get any of their chicken on the plate. Zach did save the chicken and the blue team’s chicken was successful. The score is 1-0 blue team.

The last dish to be judged is the halibut. The red team’s halibut looks messy and is burned. The blue team’s halibut was up to par, giving the blue team this challenge with a 2-0 score.

Their reward is a helicopter tour of Los Angeles, and lunch at the Gillette ranch, where they get to try over twenty thousand dollars of the best caviar in the world. The red team’s punishment is that they have to unload a truck full of potatoes and prep them to be sent to a mission. Cyndi has an asthma attack while unloading the truck, then they prep both kitchens for dinner service.

Dinner service starts off pretty well for the blue team. Ja’nel and Jon seem to be in perfect synch while Zach is too quiet and unresponsive. Cyndi and Zach both get in trouble over their entrées before appetizers are even done. Chef Ramsey surprises the red kitchen when he throws one of Cyndi’s overcooked lobster tails at the wall. The second attempt at the same dish fails again when Mary helps Cyndi produce raw lobster. Ramsey has enough and drags the entire team into the pantry.

Aside from being unresponsive and quiet, Zach holds up his end of the meat station and the service flows pretty nicely for both kitchens.

Chef Ramsey congratulates both teams on having good services, but then announces that he’s only giving out four black jackets and that he needs both teams to nominate their weakest links. The red team nominates Cyndi based on the idea that Mary and Susan have grown more and they are the most improved players. The blue team has it easy. Jon and Ja’nel, still in synch, see that Zach is their weak link. Chef Ramsey is surprised by the red teams nomination and immediately questions them on it. Cyndi nominates Mary. Mary nominates Susan. Susan finally nominates Cyndi. Ramsey with no idea what to do, calls on Ja’nel. Ja’nel breaks the red team’s tie by calling Susan the weakest chef. Without much more fanfare Ramsey sends Zach home and tells Susan to get back in line.