5 Chefs Compete, Part 2 of 3 - Recap

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The team of chefs being put against the black jacket chefs were:
Season 3 winner Rock
Season 4 winner Christina
Season 6 winner Dave
Season 8 winner Nona
Season 9 winner Paul.
This was the first time that a team of chefs cooking in Hell’s Kitchen is made up of entirely of previous winners.

The awestruck current contestants set up to figure out what they want to put on the menu against their newly found rivals. Immediately Susan’s ideas get shut down and a small rift is formed. The champions set up in a similar fashion with Nona and Christina butting heads. Both teams chose to do a duck entrée.

The chef’s offered their dishes to Chef Ramsey for confirmation but the contestants’ team was not ready. Susan’s constant complaining was correct and the duck confit did not have enough time to cook. Their tar tar recieved a pass, but Ramsey chastised them heavily for failing to do the confit. They did manage to redeem themselves with the second attempt, which pleased Ramsey. The champion team got both of their dishes passed with not even a hiccup during prep. Their only warning was that people in Los Angeles are finicky and do not like their meat too rare.

The appetizer service goes incredibly smooth, with only a couple small stalling moments. Susan and Ja’nel didn’t seem to be helping each other on the appetizers, even though they did not have any returns. Susan also got overwhelmed when Ramsey questioned her timing and she reverted back to her faulty timing over some capellini. The champions pushed through their appetizers even though Rock seemed lost, and Nona needed to make some adjustments to her risotto.

For the entrées Paul undercooked some lamb which Ramsey sent back as being too rare for L.A. After the refire got served, it came back from the dining room, as rare. The entrées got finished by the contestants without a single return until the last ticket. Even though Ramsey gave Cyndi’s lamb a pass, it came back from the dining room, stalling them at the finish line. In the time it took Cyndi to get the lamb done the champions finished their service. The champions won the race.

Ramsey explained that in his entire career he’d never seen an absolute perfect service. He pointed out that this was as close as he could have expected. The scorecards filled out by the customers gave the champions a score of 95%. The current contestants also scored very high, 93%. The great service did not keep them from having to put up two people for elimination.

In front of Ramsey Ja’nel explained that their nominations were Susan and Cyndi. Ramsey wasn’t sold, so he asked Cyndi who she thought were the two weakest. She called out Susan and Mary. Ramsey moved on to ask the same question of Susan, who called Mary and Cyndi out. As always, Chef Ramsey took statements from both chefs about why they should stay. After creating another tense moment, Ramsey sent them both back to the line.