5 Chefs Compete, Part 3 of 3 - Recap

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The challenge for this episode was to make a gourmet burger worth selling as a fine dining menu item. He brought out Jean Philippe as a judge, but then also filled the dining room with people in JP’s line of work. The chefs had to cook for the best Maitre D’s, General Managers, and Sommeliers in the country with just thirty minutes. The second part of the challenge was to get into the dining room and sell their burgers as if they were trying to sell a special on a menu.

Mary made a short rib burger with a pancetta Roquefort relish.

Cyndi made a burger out of American wagyu beef with bourbon glaze and cipollini onions.

Susan made a Mediterranean inspired burger with a Greek yogurt and feta cheese sauce.

Jon made a burger with a Caesar salad built in.

Ja’nel opted out of the beef, and chose to go with a salmon burger.

During results time, Chef Ramsey announced that Susan came in last place with her burger. Almost forty percent of the diners chose the winning burger, Jon’s. The prize was a spa day. Given the choice of one teammate to go with him, Jon chose Cyndi, claiming that she was “one of the guys”.

The punishment for the remaining three chefs was to prep the dining room for JP. As well as a couple extra tasks, including washing his car.

The dinner service was the first time that this team of five had to serve the entire dining room. The service started off well, including the unexpected appearance of the actor Antonio Sabato Jr. who was placed at the chef’s table. It was Ja’nel who started to fall apart first, failing on a risotto. She recovered on her risotto but Mary sent a slider without the meat. The mistake scrambles Mary and the kitchen came to a stop again.

Entrées started off rough, with Susan and Mary not being responsive and both failing to cook their food. Susan burned her garnish and Mary burned her fish. Things did not get better when Susan started firing tickets on her own. Chef Ramsey took his apron off, and took Sous Chef Andy with him, leaving Susan in charge. Chef Ramsey did not come back until the last table. He was incredibly disappointed by this performance, especially so, after the great service that they had before this one.

The nominees to go up were not fully agreed on. The decision to nominate Mary was unanimous, but they split on Susan and Ja’nel. Chef Ramsey pulled all three up to the front ultimately to send Susan home. Before sending her off, he warned her to keep working, because he might have a job for her later on.