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4 Chefs Compete - Recap

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Chef Ramsey brought the four chefs together for their daily challenge and immediately paired them up. He put Jon and Mary together against Ja’nel and Cyndi to do a large puzzle. The chefs knew that they were not doing the real challenge because it was too simple. Ja’nel and Cyndi struggled with teamwork while Mary and Jon worked together to beat their mini challenge.

There was no surprise that this victory didn’t come with a prize. That did not bother the chefs though, everyone seemed excited to get to do the “Taste it Now Make it“, challenge. This challenge required the chefs to taste a dish prepared by Chef Ramsey and then recreate it. The main components that they needed to figure out were a protein, a puree, and a vegetable that was diced into small pieces.

Jon’s guesses were beef for his protein, butternut squash for the puree, and celery root for the final vegetable.
Mary switched from bison to lamb at the last moment. Her final guesses were lamb, butternut squash puree, and parsnip for the final vegetable.
Ja’nel guessed venison, butternut squash puree, and parsnip for the final vegetable.
And Cyndi guessed venison, butternut squash puree, and turnip for the final vegetable.

The actual dish was venison, carrot puree, and turnip. Neither Mary or Jon got a single item correct. Ja’nel got the protein correct, as did Cyndi. Only Cyndi picked turnip for her diced vegetable, so Cyndi won the challenge, and two big prizes. She won a one thousand dollar shopping trip to Sur La Table, and a dinner with Chef Ramsey at his L.A restaurant, The Fat Cow. For losing, the remaining three chefs earned the punishment of having to clean out the dorms, and prep the kitchen.

The dinner service for this night was very big for the contestants. It gave each contestant a chance to run the pass, so that Chef Ramsey could get a good look at their leadership abilities. The second reason is that they all knew that two people would be sent home after this.

Gordon got things started by running the pass himself and making sure things were ready to be passed off. Cyndi took the pass first, but started off slow. Her initial ticket went to an unresponsive crew. She did find her voice but she missed the quality control test handed to her by Sous Chef Andy. Chef Andy used crab in her lobster risotto. Ramsey corrected her but things did not get out of hand.

Ja’nel got off to a similar start to Cyndi’s. Again she read off the ticket and got no response. Her situation was not helped when Cyndi brought up two pans of risotto that were bland. Chef Ramsey stepped in to help by correcting Cyndi, accusing her of sabotage. Ja’nel did catch Gordon’s sabotage though. He had Chef Andy replace halibut with cod and try to pass it off.

Jon’s time at the pass was next. Jon’s first mistake came when he read off his first ticket. Jean Phillipe ordered a custom beef Wellington, but they’re pre prepped and wasn’t possible. From there the communication broke down and the entire kitchen started working independently. There were a couple quality issues from Ja’nel and Mary, but he missed the sabotage from Andy. To trick him, she switched scallops for butterfish. They looked right, but he didn’t touch them, so they passed.

Mary went to the pass last. She had no issues with her confidence or being heard. She caught all the quality issues including Andy’s sabotage. Chef Andy tried to trick the butcher by switching out beef Wellington for lamb. By the end of her turn at the pass all three of the other chefs had applauded her and recognized that she was a leader.

In front of Chef Ramsey for the final cuts, all four chefs talked about why they should win. All four cited their growth and passion. All four made similar arguments. Ramsey did not play the games this time. He told them that he’s never had such a tough time picking the final two and sent Cyndi home. Before sending her out, he complimented her attitude and her pallet.

After sending Cyndi home Chef Ramsey dropped the projector curtains that he uses to show the winners. Ramsey announced that Mary is the first of the top two. He told her right out that he didn’t think she was going to make it through, but since then she’s grown and become a very strong chef. The two remaining contestants, Ja’nel and Jon, waited patiently this long. Just as Ramsey announces the winner the episode ends.