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Heroes: Don't Look Back

Hiro travels to New York while Peter and Nathan talk about Peter's fall. Claire's ability is at risk to be revealed to the entire school when she finds that the tape of her injury attempt is missing. Niki finds the dead thugs in her garage, but has no memory of the incident, leading her to think that she's going crazy. Meanwhile, policeman Matt Parkman realizes he can hear people's thoughts.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x2
Production Number: 102
Airdate: Monday October 02nd, 2006

Director: Allan Arkush
Writer: Tim Kring

Alternate Airdates:

AU (Seven) Feb 07, 2007
UK (BBC TWO) Feb 19, 2007
BE (VT4) Mar 05, 2007
NL (RTL 5) Jun 28, 2007
DE (RTL 2) Oct 10, 2007
FI (MTV3) Oct 24, 2007

Guest Stars
Clea DuVallClea DuVall
As FBI Agent Audrey Hanson
Cristine RoseCristine Rose
As Angela Petrelli
Danielle SavreDanielle Savre
As Jackie Wilcox
Deirdre QuinnDeirdre Quinn
As Texas Tina
Jack ColemanJack Coleman
As Mr. Bennet
James Kyson LeeJames Kyson Lee
As Ando Masahashi
Matt LanterMatt Lanter
As Brody
Nora ZehetnerNora Zehetner
As Eden McCain
Stacy HaidukStacy Haiduk
As FBI Agent Elisa Thayer
Thomas DekkerThomas Dekker
As Zach
Richard SteinmetzRichard Steinmetz
As Detective

Co-Guest Stars
Adair TishlerAdair Tishler
As Molly Walker
Brian TarantinaBrian Tarantina
As Weasel
Ian QuinnIan Quinn
As Officer Ramsford
Josh ClarkJosh Clark
As Sheriff Davidson
Karl T. WrightKarl T. Wright
As Prinicipal Marks
Carl CiarfalioCarl Ciarfalio
As Jumpsuit
Chung Wai HoChung Wai Ho
As Beat Cop
Tadao TomomatsuTadao Tomomatsu
As Detective Furokawa
Main Cast
Greg GrunbergGreg Grunberg
As Matt Parkman
Ali LarterAli Larter
As Niki/Jessica Sanders (S01-S02); Tracy Strauss (S03-)
Masi OkaMasi Oka
As Hiro Nakamura
Hayden PanettiereHayden Panettiere
As Claire Bennet
Adrian PasdarAdrian Pasdar
As Nathan Petrelli
Sendhil RamamurthySendhil Ramamurthy
As Mohinder Suresh
Milo VentimigliaMilo Ventimiglia
As Peter Petrelli
Noah Gray-CabeyNoah Gray-Cabey
As Micah Sanders
Tawny CypressTawny Cypress
As Simone Deveaux
Santiago CabreraSantiago Cabrera
As Isaac Mendez


Peter Petrelli falls to his death, but his brother Nathan flies up to catch him. However, Peter slips from his hands, begins to fall again… and wakes up in a hospital bed with Nathan at his side. Nathan explains that Peter tried to commit suicide but landed on a fire escape, knocking himself unconscious, and Nathan climbed up to rescue him...

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Episode Notes
Ratings: 12.57 million viewers.

The date on Hiro's watch while he is at the police station is October 2, which is the day that this episode aired.

Symbols: The symbol can be seen on the paintings in Isaac's studio; on the laptop screen and on a post-it note on Mohinder's map; and in the pool when the scene cuts to Matt.

When Hiro buys the comic book, he pays with a 1000 yen note. This translates into approximately $8.48 American. As the newsstand price for comics is usually about $4.50, the vendor actually got more than his money's worth.

According to Hiro's 9th Wonders!, Isaac's address is 215 Reed St. #7, New York, New York, 10010.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Panjabi MCJatt Ho Giya Sharabee 
Rogue WaveEyes 

Episode Quotes
Mohinder: (opening voiceover) We all imagine ourselves the agents of our destiny. Capable of determining our own fate. But have we truly any choice in when we rise or when we fall? Does a force larger than ourselves bid us our direction? Is it evolution that takes us by the hand? Does science point our way? Or is it God who intervenes? Keeping us safe.

Nathan: I what?
Peter: You flew up and you caught me.
Nathan: You jumped... Peter. Twenty five feet to a fire escape. I climbed up and carried you down, that's what happened. The rest is just crazy talk. You understand?

Claire: Dad, mind if I talk to you about something?
Bennet: You're pregnant?
Claire: What?! No!
Bennet: Doing drugs?
Claire: Dad!

Bennet: I don't mean this to be condescending -- even though you're gonna say I'm being condescending -- but I really do believe this is an adult decision.
Claire: Yeah, you're right. That is condescending.

Bennet: (to Claire) I just don't want you to be in such a hurry to grow up, okay? Trust me... I actually know a few things.

Bennet: Here's my advice, if you'll indulge me: just keep things light and fun as long as you can, like cheerleading.
Claire: Being a cheerleader is hard work: hard, treacherous work.

Jumpsuit: He is paranoid! I was just in there spraying bugs in his apartment, he came in and he freaked out!
Eden: If you're the exterminator, why do you have a gun holster?

Eden: He told me he was being watched. I thought he was just eccentric.
Mohinder: I like that you didn’t use the word “paranoid.”

Angela Petrelli: (to Peter) You were always my favorite. I cannot lose you.

Peter: Tell me what happened, Nathan. When I jumped. Tell me you flew. I want to hear you say, that you flew. Tell me or I jump again. Good luck on your campaign when I'm splattered all over the ground below.
Nathan: All right! You want the truth? (Peter nods) We both flew.

Detective Furokawa: He says he teleported himself here.
Detective: Teleported? What the hell is that?
Hiro: Like Star Trek!
Detective Furokawa: He says he can bend the space-time continuum.
Detective: Funny, I've seen all the Star Treks. I don't remember you from the show.
(Hiro does a Vulcan salute)

Mohinder: (closing voiceover) For all his bluster, it is the sad problems of man that he cannot choose his triumph. He can only choose how he will stand when the call of destiny comes, hoping that he'll have the courage to answer.

Episode Goofs
Detective Furokawa: He says he teleported himself here.
Detective: Teleported? What the hell is that?
Hiro: Like Star Trek!
Detective Furokawa: He says he can bend the space-time continuum.
Detective: Funny, I've seen all the Star Treks. I don't remember you from the show.

The detective claims to have seen all the Star Treks yet he did not know what teleporting was. Teleporting is regularly used on all the Star Trek shows/movies therefore he is contradicting himself as he should've known.

Hiro is a member of the Merry Marvel Marching Society. However, this society was discontinued in the 1970s.

The item found in the lizard tank is not a "portable hard drive," it is a portable USB flash drive.

The address on Niki's Cadillac registration is 37 Parker St., yet the street number on the curb in front of Niki's home is 9734.

During the scenes of Matt Parkman at the house, you can tell that some of the scenes are ones re-used from the un-aired pilot. You'll notice in some shots his hair is longer and styled different than in others, where it is noticeably shorter.

Abilities Development
Hiro Nakamura: Hiro can teleport himself into the future and back, as well as to other locations.
Matt Parkman: Matt read people's minds and hear their thoughts.
Niki Sanders: Niki has a separate personality, as made evident by her finding bodies in her garage, but having no recollection of how or why they got there.
Peter Petrelli: Peter has a power when he is near to someone with a power. In "Genesis", Peter was able to fly because he was near Nathan as he flew, and during this episode, Peter draws a picture of the future after being around Isaac.
Sylar: Abilities are unknown as of this episode, but he is believed to be "patient zero" according to Chandra Suresh.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorTim Kring
Executive ProducerTim Kring
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