Hiros - Recap

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Peter talks with the Future Hiro on the subway train, and is told that he must “save the cheerleader” and go to see Isaac. Future Hiro then tells Peter that when his present self calls, Peter needs to set up a meeting. Future Hiro then disappears and time catches up to normal.

Save the cheerleader, save the world!

In Odessa, Claire and Brody are brought into the emergency room. She’s already healed, although covered in blood. However, Brody is injured and taken away to another room.

In Las Vegas, Bennet and the Haitian take Nathan out through a parking lot. Bennet’s cell phone rings and Nathan manages to break away but ends up at a fence. Bennet and the Haitian catch up to him and the latter prepares to “put him down.” However, Nathan suddenly shoots straight up into the sky and then flies away.

Nathan’s campaign manager wakes Niki up and complains to Linderman’s manager of the hotel. Sakamoto, who set up the rendezvous between Niki and Nathan, denies doing anything to Niki who can’t remember anything. She does note they have a videotape of the encounter and offers to show it to the manager. She then tells Niki that her debt to Linderman is paid in full.

Peter tires to explain to Mohinder what happened but Mohinder is skeptical about stories of time stopping. Mohinder refuses to go see with Isaac with him and tells Peter to go home.

In LA, a frantic Janice Parkman is trying to locate her husband Matt only to find him on the couch. He thinks he came home drunk but she points out that he’s been gone for an entire day.

In Nevada, Hiro and Ando are tossed out of a truck they’ve been dumped onto by the thugs in Las Vegas. They go into the nearby diner for waffles and Hiro wonders if this is all his punishment for using his powers to make money. Ando is angry about the whole situation and goes outside, and Hiro sees Nathan fly down into the parking lot. Nathan comes inside to try and borrow a cell phone while Hiro looks on in awe.

All right, I get it. A guy in his pajamas, ha ha. Now, we can all stare and have a good laugh or one of you can lend me your cellphone.

Matt and his wife try to talk out their problems and he calls in sick and tells her they’re going out.

Hiro introduces himself to Nathan, who denies that he can fly. Nathan is skeptical that Hiro can teleport and see the future, but is impressed when Hiro says he’s seen a headline of Nathan winning the New York election. His limo arrives thanks to the cell phone call and he offers Hiro a ride.

Bennet goes to see Claire at the hospital, and Claire confesses that she crashed the car on purpose. She explains about Brody and his forcing himself on women and Bennet assures her that nobody will find out.

Peter gets to Isaac’s loft but the artist refuses to see him, knowing about his relationship with Simone. Isaac denies any ability to paint the future and Peter sees the painting of the cheerleader running away from an ominous shadow.

Nathan gets back to Las Vegas and lets Hiro out. However, although Hiro recovers his rental car he doesn’t know how to drive it. Nathan meets Niki at the hotel and she says that the person she was the previous night, wasn’t her. She warns Nathan that Sakamoto and Linderman have the videotape of the two of them together and will use it to blackmail him.

Matt uses his telepathy to give his wife the perfect day, determining exactly what she wants and giving it to her. In response she wonders if Matt is having an affair, but once he reassures her they start kissing.

Bennet visits Brody in his room and accuses him of trying to rape Claire. Brody denies it but Bennet doesn’t believe him, saying he knows Clair better than she does herself. He reveals that he’s brought the Haitian and orders him to hollow out Brody entirely and take everything.

Hollow him out. Take everything.

Peter assembles Isaac’s painting and realizes they tell a story, with everyone coming together to help the cheerleader. One painting is unfinished, one that explains the entire thing, and he tries to get Isaac to finish it. When the artist hits him up for drug money, Peter starts to concentrate and his eyes glaze over as he starts painting.

Claire goes to see Brody and apologize, but Brody doesn’t know who she is and doesn’t even remember her name.

Niki returns to her home where she finds the police looking for D.L., who was spotted at a nearby convenience store. D.L. managed to escape police custody by slipping out of his handcuffs. Niki denies any knowledge of him and asks for police protection. Someone approaches the back door and the police pull out their guns… and discover it’s Ando.

As Nathan checks out of the hotel, Sakamoto asks him if he’s all right. He asks for the tape and she says it’s a favor he’ll need to repay them for. In return Nathan demands $4 million from Linderman for his campaign, noting he must be worth at least twice as much as the $2 million originally negotiated if Linderman is going to such lengths to keep him on a tight leash.

After Janice and Matt finish making love, she notices again that he seems to know exactly what she wants. He goes to get some ice cream for her at a convenience store, but starts to get a headache. He hears the thoughts of a robber and convinces the man to give it up by telling him about all the people he cares about it, and it’s not worth it for a few dollars in the register. The man leaves but as Matt reassures the customers, he collapses, overwhelmed by their thoughts.

Ando talks to Niki, revealing he’s one of her customers and he tracked her down. Niki warns him she’s not the person she is on line and tells the police to let Ando go. He leaves but as she goes back into the house D.L. appears in the room behind her as if out of nowhere.

Ando gets back with Hiro at the rental car and suggests they try to get hold of Isaac.

Peter finishes the painting, which shows the cheerleader lying in a pool of blood with the top of her head missing. The shadowy figure appears to be Sylar. The phone rings and Isaac complains that some Japanese guy keeps bugging him. Realizing who it is, Peter takes the phone and tells Hiro that he has a message for him.

My name's Peter Petrelli. I have a message for you.